Prayers and Blessings of Odinism

  When partaking of food and drink outdoors, in particular in mountains, forests, or along a shore it is proper to make a prayer to the Earth Mother. Either before or after, whenever it seems appropriate, go to a small bush and sprinkle a few crumbs of food and a few drops of drink at it's base:

Hail Earth Mother of All!
May your fields increase and flourish,
Your forests grow and spread,
And your waters run pure and free.
Accept my offering, O Earth Mother.
Bring forth that which is good, and sustaining
For every living thing.

If you are about to go into a particularly dangerous or stressful situation one might be inclined to speak the words:

Odin, far-wanderer, grant me wisdom,
Courage, and victory.
Friend Thor, grant me your strength.
And both be with me.

If one wishes to bless a departing friend, raise your right hand before him/her and speak the words:

May Odin give you knowledge on your path,
May Thor grant you strength and courage on your way,
And may Loki give you laughter as you go.

If so inclined, upon viewing a beautiful woman, a man may touch his lips and speak:

The Lady Freya shines through you,
May her blessing go with you, lovely one.

And too with a woman viewing a handsome man:

The Lord Odin is within you,
May his blessings be with you, O handsome one.

NOTE: The gods and goddesses may be changed to suit what you feel would be more appropriate for the time.

When a child of our folk is born, one would bless he/she in saying:

May great Thor protect you
With his strong arm and mighty hammer,
May the good Mother Holle
Hold and comfort you,
And may all blessings be upon you,
Small and Holy one!

Before each meal of the family it is proper to speak the following prayer:

Lord Odin and lady Freya,
We give our greetings to thee.
Please Bless this bounty set here before us
And enjoy this good food with us
As we do enjoy it.
Hail and love to Thee.
ALL: Hail and love toThee..

To Ask For Protection against Thurses (like robbers and Dangerous Intolerant Kristjans):

Hail to The Red ThorR
The Mighty Enemy of Hvitakrist!!!

To well-wish a friend:

May thou be feasting and drinking
In Valhalla for a full night
Before the Kristjan God
Knows that thou art dead.

May thou livest to be a hundred and ten.
And may mine be the last voice
That thou hearest.

NOTE: This particular blessing had a line pertaining to the Christian God. This stemmed from the time when the Christian faith was spreading throughout the North. The Odinist of the time were feeling threatened by this and thus added the line in defiance of Christianity. If this does not suit your beliefs, then by all means feel free to leave it out.

It is proper, even when drinking a casual beer to give a salutation such as "Hail Odin", or "Odin Bless".

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