JULY 1995

July 14, 1995

I'm so moody! ahhh... Is it perpetual PMS.

Glad you got the package. I'm trying to send one to each important person. (Mom, Dad, Robb, You). At this rate I'll accomplish this goal with no time to spare. (been here 11 months and have done you and Robb). Mom's next.

I don't think I'm going to Mali. I am applying for law school. 4 applications at $50 a piece = $200 And I have to take the LSAT - $100 AND they don't give the test in the Gambia so I'll have to travel where they give it. I only have $450 so... no money for Mai.

So anyway, yes I'm going to law school. I'm applying to Case Western, Cleveland State, and 2 others. I haven't chose yet.

I want to be the family court judge of our county so I have to start down the long road that heads towards that goal.

After Law School I want to buy my Dad's house. (I'm praying he moves to California or has a heart attack). I could rent it from him or inherit it.

So that's my life. Spend the whole thing trying to leave and now working hard to stay. Crazy!

Since this is my goal Iíve got to stay away from men. No man that I meet at this point will want to settle in our county! I have to wait until I get home and find a man already there.

Now, I joined the Peace Corps to buy time. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Now I know and I'm anxious to start DOING it. Law School is around $19,000 a year! I want to come home and start working full time to save money. What do you think? I don't know! I'm so restless.

I can't wait to go back to school! I don't know why I want to get out of here so bad. Why do I always want to shake my life up? I think I'll make it through October. I guess I'll make it the whole way. I'm just a dork. I always want to drop out, cause a big stir, shake up my life! Why?

Abhijit and I spent 3 days together talking about our differences. In the end it was a no-go but we'd had 2 nights of unprotected sex. But he "pulled out" So now I await my period. It's due any day now.

But you don't have to worry because if you're reading this letter and you haven't heard from me - I'm OK. If we're pregnant we're flown out in 24 hours. The medicine I'm on for malaria ill deform a baby. So we've gotta get outta here and off the medicine. So if I'm not home, I'm OK! I'm 90% sure I'm OK.

I don't know what else to say at the moment.

I've moved to Kombo for the summer and my friend Tanya will probably be home in 2 months time. She can't handle it here.

Also, there's a COS party this Saturday. COS means Close of Service. It's for all the volunteers leaving. They go home in September but we have to party before July because then it's too busy with the new recruits here.

And, any volunteers leave early. 2 have left and 2 more are leaving Friday. The thing is, you are not allowed to leave early. If you so it is as Early Termination not a COS. I don't know how important the distinction is. The ting is, they will not let you leave early for graduate school.

Our COS date is Sept 17. School starts before that. If we leave early (say 3 weeks) to get ready for school, we get an ET not a COS. So if you already KNOW you're getting an ET for 3 weeks, why not leave 9 months early! It's the same result. Which is why I want to leave soon and come home and work. Because I'll have to leave early in August anyway!

But the party should be fun!

Last Wednesday I was on the last ferry traveling Down Country & I met this Englishman Adam. He's backpacking through W Africa. 6 months. I invited him to the house and he's crashing here. He's OK but I have no sex interest now. I don't now if I told you but during the 1 week after Abhijit and I broke up, 4 people tried to bed me! People bug me!

I think I'm in a sad mood. I'd call you right now but Iíd have to travel to the Gamtel and I don't wanna leave the house.

So I'm ending this letter. Not much else to say.

Write soon
Geez, I guess I never mailed this! Well today is July 14.

What to tell you? Abhijit is on vacation in India. And my Down Country House was broken into They got our stereo and $200. Sucks. I'm moving to a nicer one with a guard.

I'm still confused about my future. I'm takin the LSAT on Sept 30. That's all I know. I don't know if I'm going to school or if I'm staying in Ohio. I'm still thinking about my Dad's house. Sounds like you're life is on track. I can't believe you graduate soon! Amazing!

July 16, 1995

Hey Peggy,
Hey lady, what's up? This must be the longest letter... what, over 2 monthís time... sorry. ANYWAYS, listen, I've got a plan, tell me what you think. I decided on the perfect occupation for me.
HOW'S THAT SOUND? WHAT IS IT YOU ASK... WELL, remember how you were saying that you were going to buy your parents hose because where we live is so beautiful and I feel the same way, right? So I was thinking of starting a tour business. I have lots of ideas and of course I sill start out small, but if it gets successful, it has lots of room to grow.

People now always are interested in MORE, more than your average vacation. Vacations have themes and such. People want to see the real PEOPLE of a land, the real culture, like I do here in the Gambia. You'd be surprised at all the young backpackers in search of REAL life.

So, I was thinking, tours of our area, for, Europeans let's say, or the Asians. You probably know this but Americans are NOT the richest people on earth. The British, the Japanese, they're money goes a lot farther than ours. Vacationing in America is cheap to them, like us vacationing in Jamaica or Africa.

But you don't get to know AMERICA by seeing the Statue of Liberty and Disneyland, you got to go INSIDE. That's where I come in. (Or Heartland Tours I should say).; We book group flights to Cleveland. I pick them up there on a rented bus. (by the way if you remember my mom's friend *** owns ******* bus line. Maybe I could strike a good deal.)

Anyways, There is tons to see and do in Northern Ohio. Cedar Point, the Amish markets, museums, parks, Sea World, the Flats. I figured I could plan trips around events like the air show or the rib burn off, or the international food festival, fourth of July, major concert events, famous lectures at the universities. One or Two fun packed weeks.. oh don't forget the LAKE, water skiing, fishing, jet skis. PLUS, I could make deals with small shops, small restaurants, people trying to get their little businesses off the ground. I could make deals and take the tours there. I would be helping local small business and cutting myself a deal.

I figured if it worked out I could move into themes like gay and lesbian tours. There are homosexuals in every country but when they come here, do they know where to go? No, but we can do. think about the gays from all countries meeting the gay population in Cleveland. I definitely think it has potential. Or Family Tours, young couples with babies who still like to travel A tour with a baby-sitting service so that couples can go see the sights and not leave their children way across the ocean. Bring your children. There will be children activities, like the zoo, child's museum, etc, and some days of baby sitting so the parents can go out on their own. (That is just one idea). And further more, if I make enough, eventually I could expand to taking Americans to The Gambia for the same type of thing. Not a superficial beach tour, but into the country. A tour for the 20's crowd. The adventurous, rough it type. (and if I'm still with Abhijit the, we could do INDIA).

Why do I think this is an excellent idea? First of all, one thing is for sure. You don't get very far in life if you don't take risks. Every millionaire had to start somewhere. People find a niche and they go for it. Do you think the guy who invented Rubic's Cube realized what would happen? That he would sell a BILLION! No. And I'm certainly not going to become a millionaire working for someone else. There's only 2 ways to do it and I don't THINK I'm going to win the lottery anytime soon.

Why else? I don't have to work for anyone but myself. And eventually people will be working for me.

As business expands I'll be traveling (excellent!) Plus My job will be to chaperon at Cedar Point, the beach,, etc... hard work... maybe, but also lot's of fun.

I love our area and showing it to people. Being a tour guide is like being a teacher. You are showing people things that have never seen before. It's the perfect job for me. I'm a good teacher. I love traveling around OHIO.
I don't think it will cost too much to start up. I can find out how much it will cost and charge more. After I get the money from the travelers I will buy the tickets, bus, etc... It will take a little investment but not TOO much. Ya think? Initial costs would be advertising in foreign papers, a 1-800 number for reservations and information, and a cellular phone for on the job emergencies. Eventually I would purchase a computer and other gear. But initially... I don't think it will take too much, you learn as you go, ya know?

I guess that's all I can think of right now. I may look into going to school to become a TRAVEL AGENT. They have dumb classes for that and it will probably be useful. I'm still lookin into law, looking into TOURISM LAW. It does exist but I don't know if I want to spend that much money and time for school. Sometimes you gotta just go for it. I can always go to school later.

So, that's basically it. I'm so excited. And every time I know what I wanna do with the future, I wanna come home and get started. So I WANA COME HOME!!!

Tell me what you think? GOOD idea? If this becomes my reality I will definitely look into buying my Dad's house.

Other news is really boring to go into. I take the LSAT on September 30. Abhijit is in India for 1 month. We are still together and no one knows what the future may bring. I've got an infection on each hand. I got robbed AGAIN. They took my American cash and the house stereo. I miss you and America and really all I can think about is my business idea. I hope in 4 months time I still love the idea. I know I change like the god damn tides. I can't believe your almost out of school. AMAZING! and my brother is like totally serious about his chick Jen, I think he's looking long term here. What are we? a bunch of grown ups? (OK actually what are YOU guys... a bunch of grownups? I haven't really done anything mature yet!) But if I start a business that's mature! (I think)

so, gotta go!
luv ya sister,
Ps. did ya get the birthday card?

July sometime

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't written is in so long. There's just a lot going on. I've included a copy of the latest EDUCATOR. I work on that a lot. Plus I'm on the scholarship committee. We shuffle through student applications and give scholarships. And I'm on the liaison committee. We're a link between the volunteers and staff.

The trainees are here. 41 of them. There were 45 but 4 went home. All girls.
My site mate is Jeremy. He is only 20. He's real nice though. And Abhijit got a girl at his site. Her name is Carrie. They don't swear in until Sept 15. I'm in charge of planning it. I hope it's great! We're having it at a hotel and Beth & I (she's planning it with me) we get a free room and breakfast.

However, lot's is going on in the government. Not really good. The military runs the government and sometimes it's not good. Peace Corps is actually offering us an early leave in October. I'm thinking about taking it. I get all the Peace Corps bonuses" Preferential hire, letters of recommendation, etc... There's no difference except I could come home and I really would like to come home. Sometimes the stress really gets to me. Plus I've got my future all planned and I'm excited to get started. I'll have a little less money to start than I thought but it might be worth it. I've got some plans for the next 2 months. We'll see what happens. I just want you to be prepared in case I come home early. And to let you know I've got plans. I'm gonna get a used car & I think I may move in with Peg. I'm not gonna live with you or dad. I'm set. I know where I'm going.

I hope I see you in October & I'll try and write soon.

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