JUNE 1995

June 5, 1995

Hey Baby, what be happening? Hey there. I got your letter today. It was the best letter so far! I laughed. that picture of me. Hilarious!

It's hard to write right now. I'm sitting in the dark watching "In The Name Of The Father". But I'm eating homemade CC cookies and Carmel candy that my friend Scott D got in the mail.

So I'm coming home for a visit I guess. To take the LSAT Sept 14ish. The test is Sept 30. I'm gonna take it at Robb's school - Miami. I'm not sure how I feel about coming home. There's nothing for me to do. But stuff a bag with goodies and haul it here. So send me your phone# at Billy's.

There is no political unrest. It's a peaceful country. You should visit! :) Come during the holidays or somethin! I've told my dad I want to buy the house but it's still a long way off. I got 3 years of law school. I'm looking at Widener U. in Chester PA. But it's cool to think someday we'll be together on ***** ***.

I'm glad things are great between you and Bear-dog. Abhijit and I are back together. Take it one day at a time.

Next Day

I've called my Mom. I'm flying into NYC Sept 23 and I'll be in Ohio on the 24th. For a month. I guess I'm excited. My mom wants me to apply to teaching jobs too. I guess I will. We'll see. But I want to go to school.

It's hard to think what to write because I'm nervous about coming home and the test and the future and buying the house and being neighbors "forever". To answer your question I've written my Dad about the house but we'll talk about it when I get home. How is Bill? What's he doing? Where will you're parents live if you buy the house?

Dude it's June 13. I'm mailing this off but I'm startin another letter today. OK!?

June21, 1995

Birthday Wishes

I figured it was a perfect time to write you. After all I'm sitting listening to the tape you sent me & eating the Twix bar! Awesome package Peg. (Even if I get it on YOUR birthday, not MINE!) Are you 22? I would find that impossible to believe. How can YOU be 22? I guess when I could SEE you, you seemed the right age. But sitting here imaging a 22 year old, It can't be you!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On the romance front, me & Abhijit are one again. But we have no future plans. HOWEVER, things are much more great now. We have so much more fun. We're just happy to be together. Speaking of happy, we had a great moment Friday. It rained. First rain since October, It was amazing. the wind whipped up so fast and these bright brown clouds came from Nowhere. It was a dust storm, everyone had to run inside. I was covered with grit. And then it poured. Abhijit & I played cards on the bed, enjoyed the coolness, the sound, just watching it we were just happy.

I won't be so happy when he leaves for India on July 7. For a whole month. It also marks one full year we've been here!

Back to my package. I loved it. except for the floss :) Actually we get floss from the nurse. But everything, especially the Combos & chocolate & tape. Thanx man!

Now, about my future. I'M SO CONFUSED! I'm pretty sure I'll end up in Lake County & almost as sure about Dad's house. But 1st, I gotta figure out if I['m going to school or what. I'm looking at Widener U in PA. But it is a 6 year program & real hard to get in to. So what, I'll be settling down at age 30! Ahh!
Who knows!
I'll write again soon!
Love ya sister
Happy Birthday & Thanks for the kick butt package!

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