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Peace Proposal Consensus

Now the real work begins!

But don't worry.
You are now an expert in your area and have developed some beliefs to share with your delegation.

You will have to work with each other to come to consensus on a workable peace proposal for the subcontinent.

Oh, no! What in the world are you being asked to do now?

You are to combine what each of you has discovered into a peace proposal.

This is not easy because each of you feels that you have the best solution based upon your research.

But problems come up:

What is good for the army may not be good for the nuclear non-proliferationist
or the human rights activist;
What is good for U.S. foreign policy may not please Pakistan or India;
What the Muslim Kashmiris want may not be what the Hindu Kashmiris want.

Get the idea?

What will you do?

You will examine and organize your information and dig deeper to agree on a compromise plan that will combine what you all think is important.

Consider the following questions as you organize your thoughts:

  1. What are the similarities and differences in your viewpoints?

  2. Can you separate fact from opinion?

  3. What assumptions or conclusions can be made?

  4. What relationships are found between the various viewpoints?

  5. What do you propose as an alternative to war?

Yes, you're right!

This is not easy; but, that's because the situation and the quest(ions) are real.

Once you have discussed these questions and arrived at a good solution (because you are the experts), you will be ready to tell the world!

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