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Rukhsati is the last thing that takes place in the bride's family. After the Nikah (vowels) and the mendhi. The bride's parents call all their relatives and friends to the reception. Which could be as much as 1000 people.


They celebrate the marriage of their daughter. When the reception is over the closest family and friends return to the brides' house. Yes of course the groom and his family also go to the brides house this is when Rukhsati is done Rukhsati means the parent, elder sisters or brothers give the blessings to the bride and wish that she lives happily married. They also say there good bye's and that they have forgiven her for any mistakes she might have made and that she treats her husband's family like she has treated he own family with love and care. Before the bride leaves her house with the groom she is told to throw three handfuls of rice over her head. The first handful one means she is asking forgiveness for her mistakes and also is forgive anyone who may have hurt her.
The second handful means may all you blessing come true which she had received from her family. And the last handful means I'm leaving my family to become a part of another and I'll love and care for them as I have my own family. After that the groom's family take the bride home.
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last updated 26 October,1999