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Word Study On 'Mashiach' And 'Shaliach'


(shah-LEE-akh) n. Messenger; Delegate. Emissary. A person sent forth as an agent to perform a task for a Principal. In Jewish understanding the identity of the agent becomes that of the Principal when the agent performs the task given to him by the Principal. Plural form is Sh’lichim.

Shaliach Tzibbur

(shah-LEE-akh tseeb-BOOR) n. Prayer leader;. Traditionally, a Jewish prayer service is chanted. The shaliach tzibbur functions as the representative of the community who recites the prayers on behalf of the people. Some prayers are said by everyone, and some are recited aloud by the shaliach tzibbur, to which the congregation responds "Amen" (the chazzan (cantor) is specially trained in the Jewish music (cantillation) and liturgy for this role).

Also Cf.


(mah-SHEE-akh) n. Messiah; The Anointed. Yahshua ben Yahsef is the promised Mashiach of Yisryl.

Mashiach Ben David

(mah-SHEE-akh ben dah-VEED) n. Mashiach ben David. The final deliverer of the Yahdahim (Jews). Descendant of King David, of the tribe of Yahdah. Yahshua the Messiah in His second coming.

Mashiach Ben Yahsef

(mah-SHEE-akh ben yah-SAYF) n. The Messiah from the house of Yahseph. One of two Messianic figures which are described in the written and oral traditions of Judaism. Mashiach ben Yosef is considered to be a forerunner and harbinger of the final deliverer, Mashiach ben David. Christians see Yahshua as the fulfillment of both portraits of Messiah in the Tanakh and the oral tradition. Yahshua the Messiah in His first coming as suffering Servant.


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