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Welcome to 34th & Vine .

You never need a reason to send a special someone a fabulous gift! Or perhaps you just need a little special treatment yourself?

At 34th & Vine, we strive to create the most wonderful bath and body products you can find. We offer individualized ordering for any of our products, plus gift baskets, gift certificates, and now, we can even help you send a fresh bouquet of long lasting flowers direct from the grower! Go to our Products page to find out how!


We are expanding!

We have expanded our products to include gourmet gift baskets for those special people on your list with a taste for the finer things in life! Visit our Baskets page to find out more!




*Jack Frost (super cool peppermint!)

*Early Harvest (smells like the last weekend of Summer!)

*Pomegranate (It's Winter through & through!)

*Misty Woodlands (Remember when you couldn't keep your hands off him???)

Our new shopping cart is up & running and easier to use than I would have dreamed! We can now accept your credit card payment without going through PayPal, of course, you still have that option! You may also print your order and mail it in with check, money order, or cashier's check. And remember, you can always call in your order at 608-781-1767.


We Proudly Accept


Don't want to use your credit card online? Call us for phone orders!


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