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Russian Dwarf Hamsters

Two types of Russian Dwarf Hamsters exist:

Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamsters These are the most common type of dwarf hamster kept as pets. They are about 2-3 inches in length when full grown. An interesting characteristic about the dwarf hamsters is that, unlike the Syrians, they have fur on their feet and tails. Their original wild coloring is the "normal" brown/grey with black dorsal stripe. Many color mutations have occurred since these hamsters were brought into captivity and there is now a variety of colors to choose from!


Click here to see more Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster Colors

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters These hamsters are not as common as the Campbell's but are very similar in many ways. They are also about 2-3 inches when full grown, and they come in the normal agouti coloring and a few other colors are now available. As the name suggests, these hamsters turn white in the winter. They usually will not breed while in this white coat.

A big THANK YOU to Linda Price for the use of these pictures!

Both types of dwarf hamsters are very social among their own kind and can be kept in same-sex or mixed-sex pairs or groups, if they are introduced at an early age. However, the two types should not be kept or bred together because it is unnatural for them. Their life span is about 2 years.

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