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Hamster Links

The Complete Hamster Site - Very informative hamster site.

The River Road Hamstery - Breeder in Michigan, specializing in Syrian genetics.

Minx Hamstery - Breeders in the UK with wonderful pictures and stories about their hamsters!

The Dynamic Dwarf Hamster Site - Information on dwarf hamsters and great pictures too!

Hamster Tales - Information on Syrian and dwarf hamsters.

Happy Hamstery - A great dwarf hamster page run by Ashley in Northern California.

The Hamster Homecage - Good info, cute pictures, and fun stuff too!

Petite Paws Exotics - Breeder of small exotics... I think they are in Canada. Lots of great info and nice pics!

Lucinda Hamsters - Swedish hamster page with great pics of unique colors and coat types!

Hamsters Galore - MSN Group with pictures, info, and breeder list.

Hammies 'R Us Hamster Mailing List - A great hamster e-mail list.

HamsterBreeders - A great Yahoo group for hamster breeders or potential breeders.

Wodent Wheels - Wheels for hamsters and other small pets.

The Ferret Store - Great online pet store with terrific prices! (They're not just for ferrets!)

The Hamster Dance - This is very cute and entertaining!

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