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Sally Seaman-Williams Home Page



Sally Seaman-Williams, P O Box 1035, North Highlands, CA 95660-1035

Welcome!! The purpose of this homepage is to provide helpful information to genealogical researchers who research Yancey Co., NC; research Wyoming Co., WV; who may connect my own lineage or other lines I have researched.
(1) If you research Yancey Co., NC please click Page 2 here. This county was created in 1833 from portions of both Buncombe and Burke Co., NC. It once included what is now Avery, Madison, Mitchell, Watauga, present Yancey and portions of old Buncombe and Burke County. In 1983, Yancey Co. had no genealogical society. So for the past 15 years, I have published numerous Yancey Co., NC records such as census and deeds as well as the quarterly, "Families of Yancey Co., NC". Researchers across the nation have sent their ancestor charts, Bible records, family group sheets, free queries, photo's, etc. to be included in each issue of the quarterly. To possibly connect your family, please see my pages on Yancey Co., NC.
(2) Are you researching Wyoming Co., WV? Please click Page 3 here. This county, previously known as Wyoming Co., VA was taken from Logan Co., VA in 1850 but became Wyoming Co., WV in 1863 when West Virginia became a State. Since there was neither a genealogical nor a historical society for this county, 12 years ago I began publishing census records for this area as well as the quarterly, "Families of Wyoming Co., WV". The quarterly contains my personal research and that of many descendants from the area. Most researchers find they descend from the first settlers, John COOKE and Ralph STEWART. However, many of the families who settled here came from Yancey Co., NC and the 2 quarterlies often contain the same families. To possibly connect your family, please click above to view my page on Wyoming Co., WV.
(3) To view my own lineage on another site, please click here . To see more detailed information on my own lineage, among these pages, please click Page 4 here. My paternal lineage (from Germany) includes the surnames BERG, BRAUNS, GRELLE, HAUPRICHS, MASSEM and THAUREN. Some of the surnames in my maternal lines are BEEBE, BILLINGS, CHAPDELAINE, ELDRED, HAKES, LOUCKS, MAYER, PECK, REIS and REMINGTON.
(4) Please click here to see other lines I have researched. These include *AMSBAUGH, EDWARDS, *FOX, KNEPPER, *LOTT, SEAMAN, TRIGG and WILLIAMS, just to name a few. For the lineage of the surnames AMSBAUGH, KNEPPER, SEAMAN and TRIGG, click here to see my Family Tree Maker pages. I have such extensive records on those marked * that I have published them in numerous issues of surname booklets.
Good luck in your research!! Any additions and/or corrections would be greatly appreciated. For further information contact Sally Seaman, P. O. Box 1035, North Highlands, CA 95660-1035. Last updated 05 Nov 2001.
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