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Descendants of William Shields

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 SHIELDS was born 1765, and died December 24, 1840. He married HANNAH CLARKE, daughter of JONATHAN CLARKE and HANNAH GLOYD. She was born May 13, 1785.

Children of WILLIAM SHIELDS and HANNAH CLARKE are: i. MARY2 SHIELDS, b. 1804. 2. ii. JOHN SHIELDS, b. 1805; d. December 21, 1859. iii. JANE SHIELDS, b. 1806. iv. THOMAS SHIELDS, b. 1808. v. ELIZABETH SHIELDS, b. 1809. vi. WILLIAM SHIELDS, b. 1810. vii. MARY SHIELDS, b. 1815. viii. CHRISTINA SHIELDS, b. 1816.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 SHIELDS (WILLIAM1) was born 1805, and died December 21, 1859. He married MARIA ADAMS, daughter of JOHN ADAMS and LOUISA JOHNSON. She died February 12, 1899.

Children of JOHN SHIELDS and MARIA ADAMS are: i. WILLIAM3 SHIELDS, b. August 31, 1830. ii. CATHERINE SHIELDS, b. August 27, 1832. iii. HARRIETT M. SHIELDS, b. April 27, 1834. iv. MARY J. SHIELDS, b. December 05, 1836. v. THOMAS SHIELDS, b. July 06, 1839. 3. vi. JOHN SHIELDS, b. January 06, 1840; d. September 12, 1933. vii. GEORGE NELSON SHIELDS, b. February 22, 1845. viii. ALICE L. SHIELDS, b. September 12, 1846. ix. HENRY C. SHIELDS, b. April 22, 1851.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN3 SHIELDS (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born January 06, 1840, and died September 12, 1933. He married MARY A. DONNELLY January 26, 1861. She was born 1834, and died November 08, 1906.

Children of JOHN SHIELDS and MARY DONNELLY are: i. ALICE L.4 SHIELDS, b. 1864. ii. JOHN E. SHIELDS, b. 1866. 4. iii. MARY T. SHIELDS, b. August 02, 1867; d. July 14, 1944. iv. HARRIETT J. SHIELDS, b. 1868.

Generation No. 4

4. MARY T.4 SHIELDS (JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born August 02, 1867, and died July 14, 1944. She married JOHN A. DILLON September 12, 1892. He was born May 13, 1861, and died July 04, 1954.

Children of MARY SHIELDS and JOHN DILLON are: 5. i. MURIEL ANN5 DILLON, b. March 16, 1894; d. January 26, 1939. 6. ii. HOWARD A. DILLON, b. July 10, 1895; d. December 23, 1984. iii. JOHN SHIELDS DILLON., b. December 21, 1903; m. LUCILLE RENNER. 7. iv. ELWYN GERALD DILLON, b. April 23, 1907, Boston,Mass; d. September 22, 1967, Lakeville,Mass Plymouth Co..

Generation No. 5

5. MURIEL ANN5 DILLON (MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born March 16, 1894, and died January 26, 1939. She married FRANCIS C. HENRY June 21, 1918.

Child of MURIEL DILLON and FRANCIS HENRY is: i. FRANCES JEAN6 HENRY, b. November 23, 1922.

6. HOWARD A.5 DILLON (MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born July 10, 1895, and died December 23, 1984. He married MARGARET WATERS November 14, 1921. She died June 11, 1947.

Children of HOWARD DILLON and MARGARET WATERS are: 8. i. HOWARD A.6 DILLON, b. January 16, 1923, Boston ,Mass. ii. ROBERT E. DILLON, b. June 14, 1927. iii. JOHN DILLON, b. March 13, 1934.

7. ELWYN GERALD5 DILLON (MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born April 23, 1907 in Boston,Mass, and died September 22, 1967 in Lakeville,Mass Plymouth Co.. He married MARGARET ELIZABETH DOOLAN April 23, 1932 in Boston,Mass., daughter of JAMES DOOLAN and HELEN DONAHUE. She was born April 18, 1908 in Boston,Mass., and died December 05, 1989 in Middleboro, Mass plymouth Co..

Children of ELWYN DILLON and MARGARET DOOLAN are: 9. i. ELWYN GARARD6 DILLON, b. August 07, 1934, Boston,Mass.; d. May 07, 2001, Oak Hill Nursing Home ,Middleboro,Ma. Plymouth Co.. ii. MUEIEL ANN DILLON, b. August 20, 1940; d. 1962, Lakeville,Mass. Plymouth Co..

Generation No. 6

8. HOWARD A.6 DILLON (HOWARD A.5, MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born January 16, 1923 in Boston ,Mass. He married PHILLIS SCHARAGGS September 25, 1949 in Deham, Mass. She was born January 25, 1928 in Deham, Mass, and died in Boston, Mass.

Children of HOWARD DILLON and PHILLIS SCHARAGGS are: i. PAUL7 DILLON. ii. HOWARD ROBERT DILLON, b. March 17, 1952. iii. LINDA MARIE DILLON, b. June 16, 1954. iv. RUSSELL JAMES DILLON, b. July 12, 1955. v. LAURIE JEAN DILLON, b. July 06, 1958. vi. PATRICIA MARGARET DILLON, b. June 10, 1961.

9. ELWYN GARARD6 DILLON (ELWYN GERALD5, MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born August 07, 1934 in Boston,Mass., and died May 07, 2001 in Oak Hill Nursing Home ,Middleboro,Ma. Plymouth Co.. He married (1) JOAN CUMMINGS 1961 in Hingham , Mass.. He married (2) BRENDA JOYCE BENNETT-COLLINS January 14, 1990 in Alexandra, NH, daughter of ERVIN COLLINS and ZELMA GODFREY. She was born December 26, 1944 in Richwood, Nicholas, WV, USA.

Notes for ELWYN GARARD DILLON: Jerry was a kind and gentle man. He had three children by a first marriage to Joan Cummings. They divorced and he moved in with his mother in Lakeville ,Mass. About a year after the divorce he was called to the Hingham PD to pick up the children who had been abandoned by thier mother. Jerry and his mother sought custody of the three children and raised them together. The children were Mareen Elizabeth, Sherri Susanne, Michael Howard.

The week before Christmas 2000 Jerry was dianosed with 4th stage lung cancer. The doctor told us the cancer was so far advanced that any treatment would be useless. We tried to give him the best Xmas we could figuring to make the last weeks of his life as comfortable as possible. He was given less than 4 months to live. January 7, 2001 Jerry had a major stroke at home and wasn't expected to live through the night but he fooled them all. He was transported to OakHill Nursing home where with the wonderful care provided he lived until May 7 2001. The stroke left Jerry w/o being able to speak, his right side was gone and, but his appitite was good until about a week or so before death. He enjoyed the visits from the grandchildren. Jerry smoked the adverage of 21/2 packs of cigaretts per day before the stroke. After the stroke I had the patch placed on him. He did fine but the craving never went away. My son Ron went to visit him and he tried to grag the cigaretts from Ron's pocket.

Children of ELWYN DILLON and JOAN CUMMINGS are: 10. i. SHERRI SUSANNE7 DILLON, b. May 1964, Brocton,Mass. ii. MICHAEL HOWARD DILLON, b. May 1966, Brocton,Mass. 11. iii. MAUREEN ELIZABETH DILLON, b. January 22, 1962, Weymouth,Mass.

Second wife: BRENDA SAMPSON married 1/14/1990

Generation No. 7

10. SHERRI SUSANNE7 DILLON (ELWYN GARARD6, ELWYN GERALD5, MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born May 1964 in Brocton,Mass. She married (1) JOHN GISETTO in Middleboro Mass Plymouth Co.. She married (2) JOHN GONZALES 1999.


Child of SHERRI DILLON and JOHN GONZALES is: i. HUNTER8, b. June 2000.

11. MAUREEN ELIZABETH7 DILLON (ELWYN GARARD6, ELWYN GERALD5, MARY T.4 SHIELDS, JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born January 22, 1962 in Weymouth,Mass. She married WAYNE MCKECHNIE October 18, 1991 in Lynn, Mass. He was born in Lynn,Mass.