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This is John Lennon. He was on the greatest musicians of all time. Now all my fellow Beatle fans and I can remember him by is his wonderful music, terrific lyrics and great stories written on him.

Hey everyone. If you like this site, let me reccomned a few others to you. First is My Models Site. Here is a site that was pointed out to me by my friend Mike. It is funny, so check it out. This is some dancing dude. Next I am urging you if you want to laugh to check out Steves site.
5-26-02 Adding a George Harrison and John Lennon section... in remembrance of the 2 lost Beatles... check out Georges
5-25-02 1st update in a while... Now I'm putting some serious work into this, and am getting it out to search engines... Check back for updates!
3-15-02 My friend has requested that I "remove" my Bin Laden section. No names will be mentioned. Since I like him, I will listen. Also I have a new "Secret Spot" on my page... It is hard to find... I'll give you a hint. It is not on the 1st page. The "Secret Spot" Will talk about my life right now.
3-14-02 I made a Beatles "Avi". It's more like a picture show. So, here it is for you. Beatles Avi
3-13-02 No new updates... I was on for like 2 minutes.
3-12-02 Six months to the day yesterday, we were attacked by assholes. I have no respect for anyone who would do that, and I enjoy hearing of their deaths. Anyways, I'm making some updates... I think I'm gonna add a "Bin Laden" section. It will show Americans hatred toward him. Also I am making a link to Mike's bands site "A Day Late."
11-27-01 Todays update was relatively small. I added one picture to my new Revolver Pictures page. It's cool.
11-24-01 Today is Saturday after Thanksgiving. Although there hasn't been any notified updates, I changed around some stuff.But after the re-opening of 11 toes, I have decides to notify you, and will work on this as much as possible. There are a few new updates, new favorite website, my models site.
7-25-01 Well It's been a while since I updated just becuase I'm lazy, and because it's summer. Well I just want to let anyone know, that heard about death rumors of George Harrison, that they are fake.
6-29-01 Good ol' forgeting about your page! Sorry about the lack of updates, I'll try to work more on it!
5-24-01 I added a new "rolling stones" cover section to the page. be sure to check it out.!
5-22-01 Sorry about my lack of updates, I have been on very few times recently. I added a Let It Be section to the pictures so check that out.
5-19-01 COMPLETELY new pictures setup. It's not complete yet but I will finish it quickly I hope..
5-18-01 I added a new "links" menu. It navigates you through my site. I also organized my pictures more carefully.
5-17-01 I was only on for like 10 min. I made a new title to my Beatle links page. Look at it!
5-16-01 Hey I'm making a whole bunch of new stuff. Give me some time though!New setup for the pictures page. Check it out!
5-14-01 Thanks to my friend Nate I know how to make tables. I will be updating frequently so check back


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