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Look for the Eagle Wing Quadrille Team--Jeremy & Flash, Jessi & Oscar, Ruth & George, and Megan & Chief at the KDA Dressage at the Kentucky Horse Park Show! We'll be performing Introductary Quadrille test 1 on September 9... Be sure to come cheer us on! The quadrille team may undergo some changes afterwards, as we wish Ruth the best of luck in her Freshman year at college! Look for more updates, photos, and oportunities to watch the EWQT in action on this page coming soon!

The Eagle Wing Quadrille Team

In July of 1999, the PWET decided it was missing something. Sure, we had event riders at all levels, a world-class instructor, great facilities, and western, hunter, saddleseat, and dressage riders to boot, but we needed something else. That same month, we found it.

Between our monthly events, the "kids" at PWET were looking for some fun. After all, who can stand dressage 6 days a week? Then we decided: A quadrille team. "But what is a 'quadrille team'?" we asked.

Quadrille is dressage ridden by four people simoultaneously. They ride a set pattern together and are judge on compulsory movements, much like regular dressage. In other sports, this would be called a "drill team". Even more than that, a quadrille team is a way for four riders and horses (seen above) as different as night and day to become one mass of beautiful, flowing partnership (seen below)!

Not long after the EWQT (Eagle Wing Quadrille Team) was created, we had filled all the riding spots. Our team members are (from left to right in above photo):

      ~Megan Moore: 16 years old, Preliminary eventer. Rides Chief Executive Officer, a 16 year old chestnut thoroughbred gelding. Co-Choreographer.

      ~Jeremy Vance: 16 years old, Beginner Novice eventer. Rides Picture Perfect, a chestnut quarter horse gelding. Co-Choreographer.

      ~Jessi Briland: 13 years old, Beginner Novice eventer. Rides Oscar Meyer, a 16 year old roan appaloosa gelding. Co-Choreographer.

      ~Ruth Briland: 18 years old, Beginner Novice eventer. Rides George, a roan appaloosa gelding. Co-Choreographer.

And, of course, we cannot forget our wonderful "support team", without whom this team would not be possible:

      ~Pam Watts: Movements coach & Co-Choreographer.

      ~Belinda Vance: Co-Choreographer, sponsor, & photographer.

      ~Howard Moore: Horse & Rider Transport, sponsor, & photographer.

      ~Kent Briland: Transport & sponsor.

Together, we soon fused into one during a 4-minute Training Level Quadrille pattern. Look for us to begin competition in 2000! Thanks to everyone who is helping to make the EWQT a reality!

Action photos coming soon! Questions? Comments? Want to learn more about the Quadrille team? Email us!

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