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    Pam Watts Event Team

    PWET 2000 Event Updates!

    Team Challenge HT: We fielded two teams and one individual at the MSCTDA Team Challenge Horse Trials October 20-22, 2000!

Training Team

    1) Pam Watts on Get a Life--6th
    2) Alicia Watts on Easy Spirit--21st
    3) Sara Hubbard on Special Edition--22nd

Novice Team

    1) Jessi Briland on Oscar--21st
    2) Jeremy Vance on Picture Perfect--23rd
    3) Kent Briland on Airielle--25th
    4) Megan Moore on Options Open--8th


    1) Megan Moore on Hail to the Chief--No XC Penalties all phases

Jumpstart HT: Alicia Watts and Easy Spirit pull it off again... At only their third Training Level event, Alicia ran a double-clean Cross-Country round and then a clean stadium round with 2.25 time faults to finish 5th in her class of Sr. Training Riders! Sara Hubbard and Special Edition proved that they also have what it takes to be a successful Training Level pair as they ran double-clean XC and picked up only a single time fault in Stadium to finish 4th in her Open Training class of 20! Megan Moore and Options Open finished the weekend in 7th place after picking up 1.8 speed tickets on Cross Country, but then rallied after a double-clean stadium round! Congrats to all competitors!

KY Classic HT: Congrats to Alicia Watts on Easy Spririt for placing third in the Open Novice division after two clean jumping rounds!! Ditto to Pam Watts, who made a dramatic bid for 6th place on her new mount, Get a Life. Pam's mount More to Life finished 16th.

Wayne Advanced Championships:Pam & Streetlife just received 2nd at the Advanced level at Wayne HT in Area IV! COngratulations!!

Champagne Run at the Park HT: hat a weekend!! At the Champagne Run HT July 20-23, PWET brought home some great ribbons... Alicia Watts and Easy Spirit scored a 26.5 in dressage to sit pretty in 2nd for Sr Novice Rider B, then ran a clean stadium to remain in 2nd. Her brave, double clear XC round assured her the red ribbon, and she finished on her dressage score! Sara Hubbard and Apache were tied for 2nd after dressage in Sr Novice Rider A, but dropped to 3rd after .5 time on Stadium despite their 0 jumping faults. They rebounded in the placings by turning in a beautiful, clean XC round on the difficult novice course to win their division! Megan Moore on Hail to the Chief sat in 5th in JYOP-A after dressage, then moved to 2nd after their clean XC. Two rails in a difficult staium course meant they finished back in 5th out of 20 starters. Megan on Chief Executive Officer took 3rd in Dressage in JYOP-B, and stayed their after a clean XC. Having one of the few prelim clean stadiums, they moved into the lead to win the class. Pam schooled More to Life to 20th in dressage out of 30 horses in the Open Training, then ran the course with only one stop to move to 22nd. More to Life redeemed herself in stadium, turning in a beautiful, clean round. Congratulations to all riders! It was an awesome weekend!

Foxhall CCI***: Pam & Streetlife finished Dressage standing in 59th place on a score of 85.8. Saturday's Cross Country proved no match for their talents, as the pair blew the CCI*** course away incurring only 9.2 time penalties in Phase D! Standing 39th after the Endurance test, the pair advanced to Stadium where they pulled a single rail on a course that saw many top riders with 3 or 4. Pam & Streetlife finished their first CCI*** in 34th place! Look for the pair at Advanced level at Wayne HT as they prepare for next year's Rolex CCI****!

Hearthstone HT:Also congratulations to the riders just back from the Hearthstone Horse Trials! Alicia Watts on Easy Spirit stood second after dressage in a tough class of 19, then turned it a beautiful stadium to remain in that place. XC was awesome & fast, though the pair had one refusal. Megan Johnson also stood 7th after dressage & a great stadium, but Oscar's appiness shone through as he refused to go any further and retired on course. Megan Moore on Options Open completed their second novice in 6th place after two clean jumping rounds.

Planning on going somewhere in today's event world? Check out Pam Watt's Event Team! Based in Huntington, WV, Pam has competed through CCI*** and looks to the Olympics in the upcoming years! All of us here at Eagle Wing Farm adore Pam and her teaching... Wouldn't you like to enjoy PWET, too? Plus, we now host West Virginia's only Mini-Trial!! Click here for more information!!

a few of PWET's riders

The 2000 Season has seen the following awards for PWET riders:

    *1st at Champagne Run @ the Park HT at Novice
    *1st at Champagne Run @ the Park HT at Prelim
    *2nd at Wayne Advanced Championships at Advanced
    *2nd at Champagne Run @ the Park HT at Novice
    *2nd at Champagne Run MT at Novice
    *5th at Paul Frazier CT at Beginner Novice
    *5th at Mayfest HT at Training
    *6th at Spring Run HT at Training
    *6th at Mayfest HT at Novice
    *6th at Hearthstone HT at Novice

In 1999, PWET riders recieved:

    *1st at MSCTDA Year End YR Prelim CT
    *1st at MSCTDA Year End YR Prelim HT
    *3rd at MSCTDA Year End Senior Novice
    *3rd at MSCTDA Year End Junior Training
    *Young Rider of the Year MSCTDA
    *1st at Heartstone HT at Novice
    *1st at Champagne Run HT at Preliminary
    *1st at Sayre School CT at Preliminary
    *2nd at Kentucky Classic HT at Preliminary
    *2nd at Kentucky Classic HT at Novice
    *2nd at Hearthstone HT at Novice
    *2nd at Gemwood HT at Novice
    *3nd at Gemwood HT at Novice
    *3rd at Mayfest HT at Training
    *5th at Kentucky Classic at Novice
    *5th at Spring Run HT at Preliminary
    *7th at Spring Run MT at Beginner Novice

Situated on 300 breathtaking acres of West Virginia hills, Eagle Wing Farm offers the ultimate training for horse and rider. We offer a 72x150 foot indoor arena, lighted all-weather outdoor arena, Cross Country jumps (including a water complex), and extensive trails. We have two barns and 26 stalls as well as 6 paddocks, an all-weather longing pen, and white board fence for safety.

Pam Watts on Apache

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Why go for PW's Event Team??

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