Historic Old Mill Rt 32, Cannan Valley
A scenic drive through the beautiful mountains of West Virginia will produce memories to last a life time. Land unchanged for centuries greets you as you make your way up historic Rt. 32, home of the Dry Fork Mill, left. Majestic rivers wind there way through deep valleys on the way to the sea. Wild animals, from Large Black Bear to White Tail Deer brings a since of tranquillity among the hills, but a short drive is just the beginning. West Virginia offers more for those wishing to do more than just site see. A stay at one of the ski resorts will get the juices pumping for even the most courageous, as they race down 1000 foot vertical slopes. Or try your hand at white water rafting, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. While the adventure seeker may take in the activities during the day the night lights up with excitement. While you may believe I am talking about after sunset, West Virginia gives you the opportunity to try your hand at some of the most challenging caves in the world. Known all over the world for its caves, the state attracts people from all walks of life to get a little dirty in one of the worlds oldest grandeurís. With over 10,000 caves, each offers unique opportunities for the beginner to the most advanced, but if you are the type that does not wish to get their feet wet try staying in West Virginiaís five star resort The Greenbrier. With the amenities fit for a king, everything from dinning to playing are pleasurable. For that sports enthusiast lets not forget about the WVU Mountaineers and the Marshall Thundering Herd. So come and see what West Virginia truly has to offer.
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Elkins firefighters work quickly to control blaze.
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  • At right a Elkins firefighter battles his way into the burning shed, before the flames reach the propane tank on the grill. The fire accidently started as gasoline was being poured into a lawn mower. Only three minutes later when firefighters arrived the fire had completely engulfed the structure. While nobody wants to have this happen, accidents happen. The pictures in the firefighting and wreck sections, are offered for the chance to see these brave people at work and to display some of the pictures I have taken. I hope this gives you the chance to see into thier lives and the risk they take eveyday to ensure we live safer lives.
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