NO! You must first pass this quiz...
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You have to be officially declared a Drunken Bastard before you enter the kingdom...

Take this quick Questionnaire

1. Do you drink to excess:
a. often
b. seldom
c. rarely
d. shove it pal and pass the bourbon

2. Have you ever passed out from drinking:
a. once or twice
b. several times
c. least once a week
d. Huh? What? You say something?

3. If you're having guests over and you're worried about dinner, you:
a. call a caterer and have them do it
b. order lots of pizza with extra toppings
c. tell them plans changed and go to a bar & grill
d. throw a Blitzkrieg Ball before they show up and ask them to help unload the 20 kegs

4. Your ideal vacation spot is:
a. Hawaii, where the sun is
b. Europe, where the culture is
c. China, where the intrigue is
d. Costa Rica, where you can get a 40 oz of beer for a quarter and hard for a buck fifty.

5. Did you:
a. Answer all of the questions truthfully?
b. Answer some of the questions truthfully?
c. Answer none of the questions truthfully?
d. Ignored the whole thing and went hunting for a bottle of Jack instead?

If you answered d to any of the questions, or in fact stuck around long enough to see the end of this message, you are either a REAL loser or a drunk bastard.

Welcome to the group!

Quiz obtained without permission from Alt.Drunken.Bastards