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Volume 261
Number 115
75 cents

Early Edition
Today: Partly sunny, chance of rain
Tomorrow: Whatever you make it to be


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*Switchblade is God!

Too Many Titles?

Article by Erik Dean

Too many titles, right now in Strike Fantasy Tower’s 6 singles titles, and 2 team titles, A total of 8 titles.

Right now in SFT, there are 31 wrestlers. But not many of the Role-play now do they. And I am not just talking about the DEVELOPMENTAL Contracts. I am talking about the roster it self. But then again, 11 out of the 31 wrestlers are Dev. Contracts. And there are a hell of a lot of them that don’t RP. Which upsets me, why join a fed, when you don’t RP?
Now with so many people not Rping, the ones that do get all the title shots, sense there are not a lot of people that RP, that leads me to believe we have to many titles. Look at the world title; it has lost its image as the best because every one else wants a different title. Right now in my eyes, the IC title has a better Image then the world title does.

Why is that? Because not a lot of people have held the IC title because of the US title, so the IC title has a better Image. But because the IC title has a better Image, the World title has lost it a lot. Why? Because with 3 top titles. And the world title always is changing hands. Makes is harder to keep the best one, the best one.

Did I lose you yet?

To the lower titles, The Hardcore, The Lightweight, and the TV. Right now…hell all these titles suck.

Why? Because they have no fucking image, every one that has had one of these titles, moved up the dam ladder so quick they left those bitches high and dry. ..........................

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Bermuda Triangle

Article by Shadow.

 I SFT is now being referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of the Internet. People have disappeared here, never to be seen or heard from again. Anyone heard a peep of Hendrix? Fireball? those are the most noticeable ones, but there are hundreds of others.
     Not just missing people but also computers mysteriously failing when they enter ...
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