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Summer of 2001

April 19th, 2002
April 20th, 2002
May 31st, 2002 page 1
May 31st, 2002 page 2
June 8th 2002
June 10th 2002
June 14th 2002
July 27th 2002 page 1
July 27th 2002 page 2
Thanks For Giving Slams
November 26th 2002
January 25th 2003

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Justin Parmley

Before Justin won his championship he was paranoid that others wanted his fame that he was already receiving. But now that he is the champ he know that, whatever he does or wherever he goes he know he needs to watch his back. The price for fame and fortune.

Weight: 150
Height: 5'9"
Age: 19
Location: Alton, IL

Theme: Come to me by Puffy Combs

Finisher: Omega, Omega Submission

Trademark: Kryptonite Krunch, Texas cloverleaf

Justin has recently took control of training the new members. Last year he started to training Brian. this year he taking double duty of training the Snyder brother's Jason and Ryan.