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Travis Piccard Wrestling 2002 State Biography

As Coach Tom Krepps would say, It is with great pleasure that I write this snapshot of Travis' wrestling career. Travis would have great difficulty writing his accomplishments on this web site, due to the fact that he hates to boast. However, I don't feel this is boasting, but instead, I feel it is giving an accurate account of the years of dedication and sacrifice that Travis has invested in his sport. If by chance someone is inspired to pursue the sport of wrestling because of this web site...then it was all worth it. I want to share a quote that I had heard years ago. I wish I could remember who the author was. Regardless, it puts into a nutshell what the sport of wrestling is all about.

"Any wrestler, anywhere, anytime, who steps onto a mat, is showing a special and enviable brand of courage and he's putting it display for all to see....If only someone would take the time to look."

So please take the time to look.

Travis has been wrestling since the second grade. His experience includes both Folkstyle and Freestyle and yearly he has attended many nationally renowned camps, including Martin's Granby Camp and Dan Gable's intensity camp. Travis has wrestled and won at the National level as well as the State level. Travis' early years were spent primarily wrestling freestyle with an occasional folkstyle tournament. Upon completion of the 8th grade, Travis had a perfect junior high record and a second place at USA Wrestling's Kids National Folkstyle Championships. He was on a roll and his freshman year in high school looked very promising . He was the odds on favorite to place very high that year and then the wheels came off. Travis failed to make weight at Individual Districts and withdrew from the tournament.

With a bitter taste in his mouth and a feeling that he had something to prove, Travis set out and went undefeated until his "war" with 3X State Champ and senior Rick Mena, late in his sophmore season. Travis ended up losing a very close match, but showed that he was for real. From that match on, Travis would not lose another match in high school. Travis went on to win 3 state Championships and a NHSCA National Championship. Upon leaving the medals stand at the NHSCA National Open Wrestling Championships, he was met by Coach Rob Hjerling of The Citadel and decided then and there that he wanted to attend The Citadel.

I want to also share a letter written by a great coach and tremendous person, GVSU Head Coach Tom Krepps. Coach Krepps had a lot to do with Travis' development his last 2 years in high school and wrote this letter. Thanks for everything Coach Krepps.

Start of letter...


June 19, 2001


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter for Travis Piccard.

I have known Travis only two years, but I have had the privilege to work and train with him and his teammates at Allendale High School. I have coached wrestling on the high school and collegiate level, and I have only observed a limited number of wrestlers that have the skills, work ethic, and motivation that Travis possesses. He is by far one of the most talented and gifted wrestlers I have ever seen.

Travis is a two time State Champion, losing only one match the past two seasons. Travis wrestles the toughest competition that is scheduled for him. Travis is a two sport athlete, competing in cross country in addition to wrestling. Travis is a student of the sport of wrestling, and wrestles year round. He is outstanding on his feet, and can score from top or bottom. A majority of his matches are either major decisions or technical falls. Travis has tremendous mat sense, and maintains excellent position whether on his feet or on the mat. Travis is one of the most coachable wrestlers I have had the privilege to work with.

Travis has good leadership abilities, with the potential to become better. He is known throughout the school, community, and state for his wrestling ability and personal qualities. He is respectful of authority, and commands respect of others. He has pride in his achievements and abilities, but is humble about his success. He is a model young man Travis is active in the community and his school. He volunteers time to the youth wrestling program and serves as the "falcon mascot" for the High School.

In all, Travis Piccard has all the tools to be a Division I athlete. He is gifted, focused, and tough. Travis Piccard will be a success in any college program he joins. I recommend Travis Piccard very highly.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas E. Krepps
Grand Valley State University Wrestling Club
2001 NCWA National Wrestling Champions

...End of letter

Special thanks goes out to coaches,

Duane Watson
Dan Reatini
Wayne Fuller
Who all had a part of helping Travis achieve his goals.

Thanks for taking the time to look.