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Welcome, everyone, to the new site. The links don't work or anything, but this is a general layout. As you can see I put links to two new things, WWE reviews and message boards. Me and Mike are thinking about putting reviews up here for Raw and Smackdown just for the hell of it to give us something to do. Max or Jacob you can if you want to also. Justin and Sean I assume you don't want to. I am also thinking about putting a message board on here, possibly replacing the guestbook.

One issue I have is where will I put the move picture. On the old site the MPBW logo changed into the move when the viewed looked at it. Where will I put it here? Also, since this is a table instead of frames, the user will have to reload the whole table every time they click a link. This is probably okay but I just wanted to run everything by. To see what I mean by this, click the WWE reviews link.

Keep in mind this is only an idea. Please give me your comments and suggestions.

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Disclaimer: We do not take credit for the names of any move or wrestler that is used by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. We also do not take any credit for any song used on this website or in any of the videos.