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News & Updates

Catch up on what you missed...

Saturday September 24th:
We had an action packed show tonight. We started off watching Crazy Skillz take on LiveWire for the Light Heavyweight championship belt. It was a very close match, but Skillz prevailed. Making him our new light-weight champion. Who will be brave enough to face him next?

Next, we saw new coming tag-team 420 and Grey Cheery slaughter Skyfire and Stardust. Well actually, just Stardust seeing as Skyfire was "saving himself for the main event". Secretly I think he was just to chicken.

Rocc-o-Rock made a fool of himself when he took on Destany Payne in a "Loser-wears-a-dress-match". Destany won and...let's just say Rocco would make such a pretty girl.

Next, Billy Lane took another shot at the Heavy-Weight championship against The Miami Thug. Yet again, he cheated. And yet again, he was shot down. The man just won't learn when enough is enough. Or has he? He claims after one more round with The Thug, he is leaving the world of professional wrestling...for good.

Mean Mike Woods spared no exspense when he took on BoBo Brazil Jr. for the Mid-American title. This one was a battle of the chops. And noone can "Chop 'em like he stole somethin" harder than Bo.
Mike obviosly can't fight his own battles because the tag-team 420 and Grey Cheery ran in and jumped BoBo when he least expected it. But they all cleared out in the blink of an eye when Big Daddy Slash came to Bo's side. Be sure we will see more of this on-going war between BoBo and Mike Woods.

Last, Methods of Mayheim; The Amazing Pooky and Christian Skyfire were escorted to the ring by Rocc-O-Rock to try another attempt at winning the tag-team belts from Cousin Cooter and Big Daddy Slash. There was a lot of back and forth chaos, but Slash and Cooter won, as well expected. Skyfire then got into a pushing contest with Pooky blaming him for the lose. Rocco watched for a minute befor him and Pooky jumped Skyfire beating him nearly to death with a kindu stick and a steel chair. Will he be returning? We he want revenge? Guess you'll have to come to the next show to find out!

See you there

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