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Mid-championship Internationl Wrestling is an Indepedent wrestling federation. This fed is built around old legends, and the future legends of Professional Wrestling.
M.C.I.W is a traveling fed so check the show times and 'upcoming events' schedule for the closest venue near your home town.

Also feel free to leave any messages or comments you'd like on our message board.

October, 2005 Upcoming shows
Scottsburg, Indiana

No new shows as of right now, stay posted and I'll let you know when you can see these boys next.

Come on out and see what these guys are made of. $6.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door.

Saturday September 24th:
We had an action packed show tonight. We started off watching Crazy Skills take on LiveWire for the Light-weight championship belt. It was a very close match, but Skillz prevailed. Making him our new light-weight champion. Who will be brave enough to face him next?

Next, we saw new coming tag-team 420 and Grey Cheery slaughter Skyfire and Stardust. Well actually, just Stardust seeing as Skyfire...

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Who do you want to see try their luck against Crazy Skillz for the Light Heavyweight belt?

I think LiveWire deserves another shot.
The Amazing Pooky could take him.
I bet Rocc-O-Rock would look nice with that belt, instead of a skirt.
Christian Skyfire could take the title, if he recovers fast enough.

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