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Interview with Vyper

February 4, 2010

Picture fom Vyper's personal myspace

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2007

---Managed Raven, Goldust, Dudley Boyz, Maven, D-LO Brown

---has appeared in Axis Magazine, Bayou Vixen Magazine, Fitness Model Magazine, FHM, Hellions Magazine, Hollywood Model Magazine, Indy Circuit Pulse, Model Vanity Magazine, Naked Paper 7, Piledriver Magazine, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Real Gainz Fitness Magazine, VBlazin Magazine, Wrestling Time Magazine and Zoo Weekly

---Was offered to appear in Maxim & Playboy

JM: You were a fan of pro wrestling growing up, who were some of your favorites?

V: George the Animal Steel, Hulk Hogan, & Fabulous Moolah

JM: You started pro wrestling in Backyard wrestling for a year, not a lot of women in the biz that I know of have started in backyard wrestling and worked up from there, considering the controversy backyard wrestling has had in the biz, what are your thoughts on backyard wrestling?

V: That's an odd question. I never did backyard wrestling in my life. I watched some tapes of it. But never took place in any events. My thoughts are, you need to start somewhere.

JM: Your first Professional Wrestling Match was against Angel Orsini, what are your memories from wrestling her?

V: Angel was a very tough big competitor. But she is like a sister to me

JM: Your also an accomplish model, what are some of your highlights in that part of your career?

V: I was the Centerfold for FSM Magazine 2 years ago

JM: Do you prefer wrestling or Modeling first in your career?

V: Wrestling, I'd rather be in the ring, then be in front of a camera posing any day

JM: Will we see you in the WWE or TNA in the near future?

V: That's up to WWE or TNA. only time can tell

JM: is it true you turned down a spread in Playboy Magazine? if so, will we ever see you grace the pages in the magazine?

V: I did, I never say never. So, again. Only time will tell

JM: What are some of your greatest Highlights in wrestling?

V: Working with Goldust, Dudley Boys

JM: Your thoughts on the current crop of WWE divas or TNA Knock-outs? which would you prefer to square off against?

V: They are awesome, Any girl that gets into this business and doesn't quit right away, I give a lot to credit too. Victoria (Tara) I love her. I'd love to work a show with her

JM: Name Association game?

Jimmy Snuka- Soft Spoken

The Dudley Boyz- Funny

Raven- eyeliner

Dustin Rhoads- tall

Sabu- bald

Maven- great eyebrows

Show time JB Cool- sweetheart

Jerry Lynn- curly

Bobbi Billard- beautiful

JM: Any interesting Locker room stories?

V: Got a lot, but they remain in the locker room :)

JM: Any regrets?

V: Never, everything happens for a reason. Even the bad, good stuff always comes out in the end

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dreams of becoming a professional wrestler or a professional Model?

V: NEVER quit. Never give up the idea of your dream because it might be harder than you thought.

JM: Closing Thoughts?

V: Thanks for having me and I look forward to coming back!

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