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Interview with Lady Vendetta

February 15, 2010

Picture from Evil Zebra

Quick Highlights

---Debut 1992

--Has worked with Luna Vachon, Angel, Sensational Sherri, Malia Hosake, Debbie Combs, Candie Devine

JM: Who were some of your favorites growing up watching wrestling?

LV: Bulldog Bob Brown, Rick Flair, Luna Vachon, Sherrie Martel, Madusa

JM: Do you remember your Your first bout and who was it with?

LV: Candie Divine in Flora, Illinois 1992

JM: What are your interests outside of wrestling?

LV: Reading, I love to plant trees and flowers all over my yard, ATV riding, picking up neat things at antique malls and thrift stores!!!

JM: In a interview you did with me years and years ago, you stated your greatest highlight was wrestling Candie Devine in a thumbtack match that got Ian Rotten to tell all the boys in the locker-room you have more balls than any of them put together, would you say this is the most hard-core you have ever done in your career?

LV: No, I actually did a match in New Jersey where Ian Rotten entered the ring and powerbombed me into a pit of glass. I have also done thumbtack matches with Angel (who formerly worked for ECW) in Cleveland, and crowd brings the weapons matches in both Louisville, KY and Memphis, TN. ROUGH STUFF!!!

JM: Who would you like to mix it up with a WWE Diva or a TNA Knock-out?

LV: Neither. Give me a REAL wrestler off the independent circut any day!!!

JM: Any interesting locker-room or road stories you can share with the readers?

LV: While doing a show in Detroit, Dan Sevren just happened to be on the card as well. When he walke into the dressing room I jumped up and held out my hand to shake his and gushed "Oh, Mr. Shamrock I'm so happy to meet you...you're one of my favorites!" He promptly shoved me over a bench!!! LOL! (Of course, we had met before and he knew I was messing with him, but no one else in the dressing room had so everyone was stunned!)

JM: Name Association Game:

Mad Man Pondo - Ex Husband...learned a lot from him and we are still on good terms.

Candie Devine- First Match...worked with Candie for YEARS! Miss her!

Ian Rotten- Gave me my first real shot at hardcore work and helped me find I had a knack for it!

Malia Hosaka- Tough opponent, blatently honest and wouldn't have her any other way!

Luna Vachon- Super tough opponent, love working with this lady!!!

Angel (ECW) - Had some ROUGH matches together...can't believe I didn't end up bald!

Sensational Sherri- Legend...Fantastic lady, fantastic to work with...she was taken way before her time.

Debbie Combs- Pro all the way!

Jacquelyn- ? What CAN I say???

Evil Zebra- Mind blowingly EVIL!!!

King Kong Bundy- WOW! I never saw a guy throw his food on his head to impress a girl until I met him! LOL!

Honky Tonk Man- Worked with him several times, great guy, REAL pro! (Oh, and he knows how wickely EVIL EZ is too!!! We had a long discussion on the subject.)

JM: Do you have any up coming shows you want to plug?

LV: March 13, 2010 I'm wrestling in a Steel Cage match against Hailey Hatred and Becky Lee in Evansville, Indiana for New Focus Wrestling for the vacant womens title. I'm thinking this is going to be BRUTAL & INSANE!!!

JM: Any advice for young fans who dream of getting into wrestling?

LV: Find a good trainer, study hard, and STICK WITH IT! Those who go to a few training sessions then think they know it all end up getting hurt or worse!!! (My oldest daughter who is currently 17 already has the ball rolling to train in Japan after she graduates High School. I'm SUPER proud of her!!!)

JM: Closing Thoughts?

LV: Regardless of your attitude when your in the ring, it's all about the FANS....ALWAYS. Without them you are nothing.......

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