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March 12, 2005

Interview with "Primetime" Elix Skipper

Pictures from http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/

Quick Highlights

---Interview by Phone

---Debut 1999

---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1999-2001

---Total Non-stop Wrestling (TNA) 2002-2008

---Worked in All Japan Pro Wrestling

---Managed by Major Gunns

---Held the WCW Cruiserweight Title, The WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles, TNA Tag Titles (4x), TNA World Cup X

---#5 insane plan top 10 interviews

JM: What made you decide that Pro Wrestling is what you want to do with your life?

ES: I always wanted to do it. My Father & my grandfather and myself use to watch wrestling and at 17 years old I started weight lifting and kick boxing and study martial arts

JM: What is the best and the worst working for WCW?

ES: What do you mean Best match or.....

JM: Anything in general for working with WCW

ES: the best part working there was with Billy Kidman and Rey Mystrio they both are the best to work with and the both are on top of each other and I had some of my best matches with them

The worst part was when WCW hit it's financial problems

JM: Do you have any plans of making it to the WWE or is TNA home for you?

ES: I use to be in the WWE when they bought my contract and I trained for 9 months there and than I was Released, So I started working for Japan and my plans are, I would like to go back to Japan but we'll wait and see about the money issues and maybe if there is no problems with TNA in the future

JM: Now I did not see it but I read about it a lot

ES: Okay

JM: What was going through your mind when you did that crazy stunt on top of the 6 sided cage in TNA

ES: To be Honest I was Pissed, Once I got up to the cage I slipped and started to think what should I do, and all I heard was the fans screaming don't do it! don't Die! and than I decided don't look down don't look any where Just do it. And I did it!

JM: WOW! That's Crazy

JM: How was the WCW locker room during it's last days When Vince McMahon ran it to the ground.

ES: It was not so much Vince That Ran it to the ground, I remember us being a Family and us as a family we knew all the good times was going to end and even our worst times we were there for each other, we knew it would not be the same ever and I remember how depressed we all were

JM: When you got the Cruiserweight title in WCW were you disappointed that it was awarded to you by lance storm instead of fighting to win the title.

ES :I did not understand it either, I was kind of upset and they told me that I would be defending it every night and it would be a challenge to keep the title and prove I am worthy to defend the title. And it took me two people to beat me for the title, one was Kevin Nash and the other was umm Mike Sanders and it was a Three way for the Cruiserweight. I remember the match, it was a real good feeling and it was the first time that the Fans showed me support, It meant something

JM: I was at the indy show NWA-Pro wrestling Express, the 10 anniversary show which you competed at the event, what were your thoughts on the show?

ES: Umm I don't remember it, who did I wrestle?

JM: It was back in September and you Wrestled Frankie K-

ES: OHHHH Frankie Kazarian, Umm it was a little bit Different, I am not about which show is better and which show is worst as long as it is wrestling, I was in so much Pain with my back and I do remember Frankie of course working on my back in the match

JM: Yeah I have a Picture of you in pain holding your back

ES: Yeah, the match was good and the Fans were really live and into it

JM: Yeah they have a pretty strong fan based out in Mckeesport

ES: I do remember it being very Long for like 4 hours

JM: Yeah your right

ES: That's Crazy

JM: I only go to the Show once every couple months

ES: I don't Blame you, that four hours is Grueling WHEW!

JM: (Laughing)

JM: a Local Promoter has mentioned that there is going to be a match coming up between Crazii Shea and another local guy for the RCW World title and has said that the winner of that match will meet you in the next show for the title on a pole match. And of course I wanted to go to the main source and my question is, is this true?

ES: Umm I don't know, No one has told me about it what's the name of the promoter,

JM: umm I think Sean Levy,

ES: Um no Bill Bain does all my bookings up front and I have shows coming up with Pittsburgh and New Jersey

JM: This one I think is in Maryland

ES: No I have no shows coming up for Maryland, How did you hear about this?

JM: It was a press release on Trash Talking Radio

ES: Really?

JM: Yup

ES: Well, I do have a rope match coming up but not a title on a pole match.

JM: I figured that which is why I ask. I have no idea why they would say something like that on the show

ES: Yeah

JM: What is the most Painful Experience you had to go through in the Biz?

ES: At The PPV Me & Kid Romeo wrestled Rey Mystrio,and Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight Tag team titles and Rey flipped and Hit My Shoulder and it went Numb and it was the worst feeling and for Two years I finally did get some feeling back and still I have problems until this day And I told the doctor you better do something about this because I have a show to do the next night

JM: WOW That's Crazy, Whatever happened to your Development deal with the WWE?

ES: We were offered a contract and went to train for 9 months and they paid us a lot of money for training. it happened right after 911 and the fans were not coming to the shows and the crowd was not like it use to be and they started cutting people

JM: The Name Game: 10 guys I personally Know you have worked with in the past

Billy Kidman--- OH YES! When I first got in wrestling when I was training at the WCW Power Plant and than I wrestled him, it was like WOW a guy from TV. He is Nice and when we got in the ring, we tore it up, it was on! He is very Professional and genuine I had really good matches with him.

The Cat Ernest Miller: ---- HE IS FUNNY.... really he is, You think he is funny on TV you should see him in the locker room. And it was really good working with him because he had the Marital Arts Background and I also have the same thing, And it was fun working with him, After our Matches we would argue about what we did wrong and it would be funny, He is a Comedian inside and outside the ring

AJ Styles:---- AJ's fun, Every time I work with him it's always in a tag team match........... I would like to work with him more in singles competion. The PPV Tomorrow it won't be one on one but AJ Does it all and is a very good wrestler, I know he can tear it up

D Lo: I first met him back in the WWE when we were training and he came down to visit. He really takes Wrestling seriously he has the mind in the biz, very smart in and out of the ring

Jerry Lynn: ---------Jerry is one of the best, He always does things a million times and if it takes a million times, as long as the fans like it that's all it matter

JM: Which is Good he has the heart

ES: A lot of New guys will come in and say I want to do this off the top rope and stuff like that and Jerry makes sure he does it right for the fans and he has proved it many times

American Most Wanted :---

ES: Which one?

JM: The Tag Team in general,

ES: I don't Know, there OK Outside of the ring. I just want to beat them up, We have great Chemistry in the ring, I will leave it at that , When I get in the ring with them, it's on

Chris Candido: he is okay, I wrestled with him a couple times, I know he has had a lot of problems in the past, I know he is trying

JM: Yeah I heard that he and his wife were having a lot to deal with

ES: OH YEAH drama all the way, Have you met Tammy?

JM: No I never met her I Know who she is and I have seen a picture of her a while back and she did not look like a DIVA and don't get me wrong I am not saying that to be ignorant

ES: OH NO I know, hey your just telling it like it is, but I ran into her in New Jersey and she looks a lot better you should see her now, you would be so proud of both of them. they can say all they want about them but there trying

JM: wow that's good is there any question Tammy might join TNA--Do you know?

ES: umm I don't know, but in this sport Never say Never

Johnny B Badd: He is alright, I have not seen him in TNA for the past couple weeks but he is in Good Shape very Smart in TNA, He is a Nice Guy, He had to make a choice to come back to wrestling

JM: Yeah I know he took like 5 years off

ES: Yeah he did, he was like, it was killing him wrestling every day and than when he took those 5 years off it was killing him that he did not wrestle.

JM: Yeah he has the heart and passion for it and can't help himself

ES: Yeah your right what can I say he is a BADDDDDDDDD MAN!!!!!!!!!

Lance Storm: Lance, Lance, Lance I like Lance! Lance Lance Lance, Very Good Wrestler he reminds me of myself..... He can wrestle BIG or Small other than Rey mystrio, with Lance team Canada Wrestling came FIRST , I was happy he was happy, .and it really was good

JM: And Finally Vince Russo

ES: Um I like Vince I know a lot of People Hate him

JM: I know that why I was like huh? (Laughing)

ES: I love Vince, when us new guys trained at the WCW Power Plant he would come down to visit and talk to us and would be like what are you guys doing here you should be on TV you guys are really good, When we would work on TV he would pull us to the side and work with us. A lot of People point the finger at Vince Russo for the WCW going down but WCW was in financial dispute way before Vince got there. Vince Tried to make a few changes to help WCW but the people don't know and they blame him. but WCW was going down under way before Vince got there! The problem is WCW was throwing money Away but if WCW was still around today We Would be the future of WCW! I have nothing bad to say about Vince

JM: With whom have you had your best matches to date?

ES: Best Match in my Life was with Kidman on WCW Saturday night and Allen Funk he was known as Kee Wee in WCW

JM: Oh Okay I thought I heard right I was just making sure

ES: Yeah my best Matches with those two Guys

JM: As a young man myself, I dream of breaking into the biz and for all the other young men reading this interview what would your advice be for those and myself dreaming of a break in this sport?

ES: Right now it is a bad time to get in wrestling, I am not saying don't do it but right now it is bad timing. Vince McMahon is on Top of the game. I am not saying that as a bad thing but Vince basically has everything.
Before when WCW was around you have a choice which company to go too.
Like when there is McDonalds and Burger King. Well I want McDonalds today and I'll have Burger King tomorrow because it's still going to be there and that's a choice

JM: Yeah your right I remember as a kid during the Monday night wars that I would flip it back and forth and sometimes record the one and watch the other on TV.

ES: Yes because that's your choice and back than we had choices between the two, if the WWE was boring you, you ed WCW and the other way around and when you record you always can rewind if it does not interest you.

JM: That's Exactly Right

JM: Closing remarks or thoughts?

ES: I would say Wrestling is going thought a hard time right now

But if your not watching TNA, you better because TNA Will blow you away so pay attention because TNA will run neck in Neck with the WWE

JM: Yeah I know it's hard because TNA is on the Afternoon which is when I work but when I do watch it the X Division is Crazy

ES: Yeah which is why the WWE is being more serious about the cruiserweights

JM: I was Just about to say that I mean awhile ago they had Chavo's dad & Jacquelyn be a champion as some kind of joke and with the X Division, it's an Honor to hold the title

ES: Your Exactly right. that's what it means your somebody when you hold the title.

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