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General Rules

1. Do Not Bitch If you lose. We at UWF cannot say this enough. If you lose and bitch and piss and moan, and there is cause for complaint, we will have a DAMN good reason you lost.If your just pissing and moaning for the sake of it, we will Show you the Door

2. Winners of each match are based upon roleplays unless under extenuating circumstances. If you roleplay when you don't have a match, as well as when you have a match, it is more likely that you will succeed more than someone who just roleplays when they have a match. Rarely, we choose winners for feuds and angles.

3. UWF is a roleplay federation, so you must roleplay.

4. No racial slurs allowed, this includes ropleplays

5. No insulting on the Out Of Character Board.

6. Act your alignment, heels hate fans, fans hate heels, faces love fans, fans love faces, etc.

7. All deadlines are Australian Eastern Standard time unless otherwise noted

8. All wrestlers upon contract acceptance become the intellectual property of the UWF. Whereas if your character leaves the federation, we observe the right to retain the character to be used to finish an angle and or a farewell match, if you will. In addition to this rule, there is something called the Showtime clause: Essentially, If you leave, these things happen, and good luck. But if you insist on making a pissy rant prior to your leaving, your character will be seized and paraded around like a complete moron.

9.We are Not a Zero-Tolerance e-fed. We use the 3-Strikes System, outlined below:

One missed match-Warning Two Missed matches-Warning, Title may be stripped if you have one Three Missed Matches-Youre Out (Fired)

This is only if you miss all three within 2 weeks of eachother, eg:
Week One-You dont roleplay
Week Three-You dont roleplay
Week 6-You dont roleplay
The above is safe

Week One-You dont roleplay
Week Three-You dont roleplay
Week 5-You dont roleplay
The above is seen as grounds to fire you, and possibly put you on the UWF Blacklist

10.All reasons for not roleplaying are heard, if you give us notice of you not roleplaying before the deadline, we will be much more lenient than if you dont give us a reason.