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E-Wrestling Terms

Your application will be judged on many things, the overall effort put into your application, the overall quality of writing on your application (your history, sample rp, general character stats) Think of it this way, would you go into a workplace and give them a half assed CV? NO, so don't give us an application with bits missing out, and if they are missing there must be a good reason, as to us it will be tossed if you have missed bits out.

Handler Information

Your Name:
Where are you from?: (UK, America, Canada... etc.)
Email Address:
AOL S/n:
Previous Federations Handled In:
Current Federations Handled In:

Character Information

Character Name:
Status (ie Heel/Face):

Gimmick or Personality:

Finishing Move/Hold Name:
Finisher Description:



Piece of Sample Writing:

Theme Music

Why Should We Hire You?:

Why are you applying?:

Idea for starting angle? (You MUST fill this in with a decent response. "Gimme someone to work with and I'll sort it out" will get you no where):

When finished this, email it ALL in FULL to dawholefukkenshow@hotmail.com