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Pitch Black

Name: David
Age: 15
Nationality: American
Email Address: stunned_2005@hotmail.com
AOL S/N: Nnd4nm4m
Name:Pitch Black
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 4th September 1979
Weight: 236 pounds
Height: 6'2"
Style:Brawler - Hardcore
Status: Heel
Gimmick:A Thug from Los Angeles
Finishing Move: Lights Out Finisher Description:Styles Clash
Appearance: Looks like 50 Cent
Theme Music:50 Cent-If I Cant
Biography:Pitch Black grew up in LA living with his mom,and he had to fight from a young age and move up in the streets of LA heirachy. This got him involved in gangs, until someone convinced him to levae all that and come to Wrestling so he did and he has won many World titles since then. Now he comes to the UWF, can he repeat that success?