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Name: Matt Fryer
Age: 16
Nationality: Australian
Email Address: dawholefukkenshow@hotmail.com
AOL S/N: Frya420
Name:The Hitman
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 16th December 1977
Weight: 250 pounds
Height: 6'2"
Style:Powerful - Daredevil
Status: Neutral
Gimmick:Ex-Sharpshooter turned Mafia Hitman Always on the run from the Authorities and now the Mafia
Finishing Move: The Headshot Finisher Description:Tajiri Style Martial Arts Kick
Appearance: Tanked up, wrestles in Loose black leather pants.
Biography: A Man who lived life on the edge. A mass murderer, who was praised for his work. Where did it all go wrong?
Hitman's alter-ego, Matt O'Connor, was a SWAT Sharphooter. He could shoot an apple from 500 meters away, without the aid of a scope. Before is SWAT days he used this extremely rare gift of extremely good eyesight for all the wrong reasons, mainly for his own pleasure (Using his eyesight to look through women's windows and such) After the police force saw he had too much agression in him, he was referred to the army, and became a sniper. He was decorated with being the most accurate shooter from 1 kilometer away. From this, the police took him back, and put him into the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT). Many hostage situations were saved by Matt O'Connor. Then, for no apparent reason, in a hostage situation involving a high ranking member of the Sicilian Mafia as the gunman, he shot all 4 hostages, all police officers, and then shot two co-workers, and again, was on the run from the Authorities. Now, Matt O'Connor, only known as Hitman, works directly for Tony Botciarelli, the Don of the Mafia in New York. After again venting out his pent up agression, he shot Botciarelli's Mother Wife Sister and Son, the only relatives Tony had.
Now, Matt Fryer and Stephen Carroll invite Hitman to join them, as they try to tame the wild beast.