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Handler Information
Your Name:Rick Monette
Age: 21
Where are you from?: Canada
Email Address: iewwrestling@hotmail.com
Rickymaverick69 Previous Federations Handled In: RS Pacific Coast, GCW, IXF, UEF, ICWF, NWA, UWA, ICWF,NXWA, SEW, SWA to name a few
Current Federations Handled In:
RS Pacific Coast, IEW

Character Information

Character Name:
Brutus Gender: Male
18 August 1978
265 pounds
6 Feet 5 Inches
High Flyer Status: Heel
Gimmick or Personality:
Brutus is basically a pro Canadian Wrestler. He comes into the ring with a Canadian Flag. Not many crowds like him except in Canada. He is also very Cocky. Doesn't respect many people.
Finishing Move:
Finisher Description:
Bulldog off The Top Rope
Brutus always wears black leather pants with a canada flag on the back of his pants. He has his head shaved bald and most of the time comes down to the ring in with a Ottawa Senators hat on backwards. He also usually has a slight stubble. Always has his flag with him. He also tapes his wrists with black tape.
Biography: Brutus started his career back in 1993. He began his career in the UEF-Ultimate E-Fed. At the time it was one of the top federations around. E-wrestling magazines were always talking about this fed. Brutus began in the fed as a Jobber pretty much, only wrestling in dark matches every week. He slowly gained respect of many wrestlers in the league such as "Rogue Ryan, Weasel Santana, Buzzard, Ripper, Torch, MUFSTA, Predator". Brutus eventually caught a break in the UEF when he joined the stable know as HELL. While with this stable Brutus was able to win the Tag Team Titles with his partner "Annihilator". He also won the hardcore and US belts. He was the longest hardcore champion in the history of the federation, holding that title for over six months. But Brutus wasn't satisfied with just the UEF, he joined the IXF as well. He had a rough start in the IXF but once again slowly worked his way up the ladder and at one point even became King of the Ring, after beating over 15 other competitors in a two month tournament. Once the IXF closed down Brutus also ventured into such other feds as the GCW and the ICWF. In both feds he was a hit. In the ICWF at the first pay per view he won the World Title and the Tag Team Titles. And in the GCW Brutus had a historic feud with Darkman until the fed was forced to close down. His legacy ran on in many feds until he decided to retire. Yet as time passed by slowly, in late 2003 Brutus decided to come out of retirement...and who knows whats in store for the wrestling world this time....