Ultimate Wrestling Federation - The Ultimate E-Wrestling Experience
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About The UWF

The idea of the Ultimate Wrestling Federation was thought of by Stephen Carroll, involved in E-Wrestling for rougly 9 Months and Matt Fryer, who has been involved in E-Wrestling for over two years. Matt Fryer built the site, while all graphics were made by Stephen Carroll. Up until a few days ago, they didnt have a Commissioner, something they thought could be essential to the livelihood of the UWF. So, they called upon a good friend of both Matt's and Stephen's, Ryan Freeman, who has been involved in E-Wrestling for about the same amount of time as Matt has.They aim to make UWF live up to its name, as The Ultimate E-Wrestling Experience in the world today.This is going to be hard, but with Freeman's and Fryer's experience, and Carroll's brilliant Wrestling mind from a promoter and Booker's point of view, they just might be able to pull it off