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Book Troy Daniels for your show

Name or ring name:
"Old School" Troy Daniels

E-mail Address:



Louisville, Kentucky

How long in the Biz:
11 Years

Trained where or by who:
Louisville, KY. by Big Daddy Slash

Past or current Promotions worked for:
Power Wrestling Alliance - Ran by "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibease

Big Clifty Brutal Wrestling - Western KY.

All Championship Wrestling - Louisville, KY. & Southern IN.

Hardcore Championship Wrestling - Eastern KY.

World Wrestling Alliance - Southern IN.

Commonwealth Championship Wrestling - Southern IN.

Metro Wrestling Alliance - Louisville, KY. & Southern IN.

Midwest Professional Wrestling - Louisville, KY. & Southern IN.

Pro Championship Wrestling - Wayne County, West Virginia

Wrestling style:
Brawler & Chain

Tim the Baker(former), Dr. Proctor(former)

Booking Cost:
In state KY $15-$25, Out of Kentucky $25-$40

Web sites:
Troy's Official Web Site

Title Wins:
Current CCW Tag Champ, Former WWA World Champion

Worked with the Biggest Names in the sport:
Ted Debiase, Greg Valentine, Road Warriors (Animal & Hawk), Buff Bagwell, Ricky Morton, 2 Tuff Tony.

Favorite type of match:
"OLD SCHOOL" of course!

"SCHOOL'S OUT" (Chokeslam)& "OLD SCHOOL'S SPECIAL" (Reverse DDT Neckbreaker) & The Bus Wreck (Suplex into Stunner)

Tag Team Partner:
The Miami Thug, Big Daddy Slash, Rocco Andretti, Tommy Chronic all past or present in diffrent feds.


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