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Book Malia Hosaka for your show

Name or ring name:
Malia Hosaka

E-mail Address:



Honolulu, HI

How long in the Biz:
23 years

Trained where:
Killer Kowalski in Glens Falls, NY @ Misty Blue's School

Past or current Promotions worked for:
WCW, WWE, WLW, WWOW, LPWA, FMW, Peach State Wrestling, NWA, AWA-FL, Slammin' Ladies, IWA, WWA, IWWA, Babes of Wrestling, FCW, CFW, LLPW, IWF, NWA-Mid-Atlantic, WXW, Turnbuckle Entertainment, etc.

Wrestling style:
Old school based with psycology

Metal Maniac, Turnbuckle's Gold Dust


Title Wins:
WLW, Fl Jr Hvywt, IWA, NWA, Peachstate Tag Champ, WWA, CWF, FCW, IWWA

Worked with the Biggest Names in the Sport:
Lelani Kai, Debbie Combs, Judy Martin, Luna Vachon, Molly Holly (before she was Molly Holly), Chyna (before she was Chyna), Gail Kim, Nidia, Lexie Fyfe, Brandi Wine, Brandi Alexander, Ivory, Nicole Bass, Sherri Martel, Madusa, Akira Hokuto, Chigusa Nyguya, Wendi Richter

Favorite Type of Match
any and all, I just love to wrestle


Tag Team Partner:
Bambi & Syren

Evil Zebra

Personal notes (if any):
I want to help the future of women's wrestling by working with and helping the younger girls learn and grow

Interview with Insane Plan

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