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Book Logan Chase for your show

Name or ring name:
Logan Chase

E-mail Address:>



Dalton, GA

How long in the Biz:
7 yrs

Trained where or by who:
TWA, trained by Mad Jack Costello

Past or current Promotions worked for:
TWA(Dalton, GA), ASW(Etowah, TN), All-Star Championship Wrestling(Dalton, GA)

Wrestling style:

Past Clients:
Hans Kreiger, Toy Dodson, Hot Rod Roberts, Johnny Blaze, Johnny Quaz, Keith Hart, Adam Young, Daniel Gunner, Fantasy/Amy Young, Drew Myers, Maximus,Dino Dupree, Evan Turner, Peggy Lee Lether, David Young, Elix Skipper, Dr. Tom Prichard, Abyss,Ron Davis, DC Vital

old school manager, stylist

Booking Cost:

Web sites:

Worked with the Biggest Names in the sport:
David Young, Peggy Lee Lether, Dr. Tom Prichard, Elix Skipper, Abyss, Keith Hart, Johnny Blaze

Finisher (explain how it is performed):
Fashion Plate( opponent setting on top rope, and I do a hand stand from the bottom and wrap my legs around them and send them tumbling to the mat.)


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