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Auguest 1, 2007

Book D.V.S for your show

Name or ring name:
"The Body of Desire" Dirty Dante D.V.S

E-mail Address:

Height: 5ft 7in

238 LBS

Purgatory via Chicago IL.

How long in the Biz:
11 years

Trained where or by who:
Trained in PWI/PCW...Trained by Sonny Rogers, Jimmy Blaze, John Burke, also trained in IWC with the Perez brothers Luis and William from Puerto Rico.

Past or current Promotions worked for:
P.W.I./P.C.W- Pro Wrestling International/Pro Championship Wrestling P.H.C.W: Powerhouse Championship Wrestling I.C.W.F. Illinois Championship Wrestling Federation C.D.P.W Cintron David Pro Wrestling I.W.C. International Wrestling Council M.W.A. Midwest Wrestling Alliance E.C.P.W. Evolution Championship Pro Wrestling A.R.W. Adrenaline Rush Wrestling N.C.W. New Championship Wrestling A.W.A Chicago-American Wrestling Association AWA-BCW Brew City Wrestling C.M.L.L. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre F.M.L.L. Fuerza Mexicana de Lucha Libre C.W.A. Cintron Wrestling Association WCPW Windy City Pro Wrestling (Current), C.A.S.W-Chicago All Star Wrestling(Current) and U.W.C-Unified Wrestling Conglomerate(Current)

Profiles of Managers/Valets: Name your Past Clients:
Devine (Valet in I.W.C in 2003) Don T.Trust (in A.W.A Legal Advisor in 2005) and Van(Lucha Libre shows) late 2005 early 2006, Beauty-Current Valet

Wrestling style:

There are 2 personas the first Dirty Dante DVS: The Scavenger is an all out super heel small in stature but big in the ways of cheating to win,smart and extremely crafty. the 2nd is the "Body of Desire"Dante DVS Which is more of a delusional self adored heel thats convinced im sexy and my body is the most desired to the point where im willing to put my muscle Less body against a muscle bounds freak in a super posedown. its a comedic gimmick mainly playing the crowd.

Booking Cost:
Will negotiate

Wrestled The Feature Presentation Will Martel in the Congress theatre in a sold out crowd of 4,850 people in November of 2005

Web sites:

Titles (If Any):
ECPW U.S. Champion in 2004/2005 & C.A.S.W Tag Team Champion April 2008(Current)

Favorite type of match:
lumberjack match and Cage match

As Dirty Dante DVS: Dante's Inferno(Reverse DDT Drop) As B.O.D. Dante DVS :The Desired Effect"(Full Nelson Camel Clutch)

Tag Team Partner (if any)
"The Feature Presentation" Will Martel as the "DVS Presentation" we are the current C.A.S.W Tag Team Champions. 2008.

Personal Notes (If Any):
i can do very well both heel or face,however i personally feel that as a heel im 10 times more versatile and even as a face Dante DVS is a heel anyway its just who i am (Food for thought) ...


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