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"If you have no class, then kiss my ass!"-Alexander Worthington III
"Wrestling is a Religion, Bow to Your Gods"-The Damned
Match Results

    Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME 3/15/02

    New England Title- El Tornado beat Johnny Curtis

    Hardcore Title- Chris Venom beat Louie Barboza

    Three Way Match-Chi Chi Cruz beat Super Hentai and Orion

    Hair vs. Hair- Damian Houston beat Stephan Q. Ramsey

    KL Murphy beat "Flash" Nick McKenna

    Grudge Match- Adam Hastey beat Larry Huntley by D.Q.

    Tag Team Title-The Egomaniacs win

    Blindfold match- Brian Black beat Alexander Worthington III

    Heavyweight Title- Adam Booker beat Dr. Heresy and Frankie Armadillo

    Auburn Middle School,
    Auburn, ME,February 22, 2002

    Hardcore Title Match-Louis Barboza pinned Frankie Armadillo

    Johnny Curtis beat Adam Hastey

    The Damned defeated Larry Huntley and Flash McKenna

    Adam Booker beat Chris Venom

    New England Title Gauntlet Match- El Tornado beat Stephan Ramsey, K.L. Murphy , Stephan Ramsey, and Brian Black

    Heavyweight Title- Dr. Heresy beat Damian Houston

    New England College,
    Henniker, NH 2/16/02

    New England Title- El Tornado beat Stefan Q. Ramsey

    The Damned beat Elements of Suicide and Larry Huntley and Chris Venom

    EWA Hardcore Title- Frankie Armadillo beat Brian Black

    Adam Hastey defeated Chi Chi Cruz

    EWA Heavyweight Title- Dr. Heresy beat Damian Houston

    Johnny Curtis and Mike Torres beat Kid Krazy and Poet 4:20

    C.W. Anderson beat Adam Booker

    Poet 4:20 won a Battle Royal

    Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME 2/15/02

    -First round Tag Team Title tournament matches-

    The Damned beat Flash McKenna and Chris Venom

    Dominik and Stefan Q. Ramsey beat The Power Company

    Egomaniacs beat Damian Houston and Brian Black

    Elements of Suicide beat Adam Hastey and Larry Huntley

    -Non-tournament- matches

    Chi Chi Cruz beat Johnny Curtis
    EWA Heavyweight Title- Dr. Heresy pinned EWA New England Champion El Tornado

    EWA Hardcore Title-Frankie Armadillo defeated Adam Booker in a Ladder match

    Dartmouth College,
    Hanover, NH 2/8/02

    Alex Arion beat Brian Black

    Tag Team Title- The Egomaniacs beat The Damned

    EWA Hardcore Title- Adam Booker beat Chris Venom

    New England Title- El Tornado beat Chi Chi Cruz and K.L. Murphy

    Rick Fuller beat Alex Arion

    EWA Heavyweight Title- Dr. Heresy defeated Damian Houston

    Larry Huntley, Kid Krazy and BesThinGoing beat Frankie Armadillo, Johnny Curtis and The Cold Warrior

    Doink the Clown beat Stefan Ramsey

    Lewiston, ME 1/26/02

    NEW ENGLAND TITLE-El Tornado defeated Stephan Q. Ramsey

    Chris Venom defeated K.L. Murphy

    ‘Big League’ Brian Black defeated ‘Alpha Male’ Justin Powers

    Frankie Armadillo, ‘Flash’ Nick McKenna, and Alex Arion defeated Adam Hastey, Larry Huntley, and Louis Barboza

    Damian Houston defeated Johnny Curtis

    TAG TEAM TITLE-The Damned defeated Stephan Q. Ramsey and Dominic

    HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE-Dr. Heresy defeated Adam Booker

    $5,000 BATTLE ROYAL- Louis Barboza


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