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Welcome to the Methods Of Mayhem Home Page. If your not from around Central Iowa then youve probably never heard of the Big J and The Pitbull, well we are The Methods Of Mayhem, no were not the musical group, but were just as hardcore!! This Methods of Mayhem group is two of the greatest pro wrestlers from the state of Iowa, and when were oughta college we would like to get signed to a Indy Fed and one day make it to the big three!!! So if your someone looking at this site that has some kind of connections please contact us for more information.

This site contains pictures from many of the Methods of Mayhems Matches to the two of us training. Thanks for your time and remember with out you guys (the fans) were nothing!!

Right now the Methods of Mayhem have been working on a new set up move for there deadly finisher (The Madness). Very few details are known on our new set up move, but we will keep you updated in the news section. All that we can reaveal to the fans is that right now the move is going to debut in our match against the Jobber Squad and you will be shocked at the pure site and swiftness of it!!

*Note* This page is still under heavy, heave construction so please be patient!!


<--Jon "Big J" & Paul "The Pitbull"-->

(The left is Big J getting whacked and the right is Pitbull posing)

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