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Real Name: Jon O.

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 220 lbs

Hometown: Ellsworth, IA

Single Finishing Move: Don't Cross The Boss (Pump Handle Slam)

Influence(s): The Undertaker, Steve Corino, RVD

Big J is the self proclaimed darkside of the Methods Of Mayhem. With his demonic in ring presence opponents quiver in fear at the pure site of Big J, at 220 lbs and 5'11'' he towers over most competitors that challenge him or the Methods of Mayhem. Big J has wrestled in two backyard wrestling federations (EEGW, ECBW), one of which Big J owned thus the name of his finishing move. His titles that he has held during his infamous backyard career go on go on and on. With Big J has the strong man of the Methods of Mayhem they are untouchable and unbeatable at that!!