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Meltdown Index

[Meltdown begins with a bang! ]

{The scene opens to darkness. You can hear the cheers of the fans at the sold out Madison Square Gardens in New York, New York. Than you hear the theme song for Meltdown start to play. Suddenly pyros start to fly off in all directions as the titan tron light up showing pics of blowing lava. Numbers start to overlap the blowing lava 4Ö3Ö2Ö1Ö.Than there is a huge explosion as the lights turn abruptly on. The crowd goes wild as the camera circles the arena. The music dies down a little as the announcers make the introductions.}

Marty Miller: Welcome ladies and gentlemen as CNW presents Meltdown. I am Marty Miller.

Monty Clark: And I am Monty Clark. We would like to thank everyone who has tuned in on PPV. We know you get your moneys worth.

Marty Miller: Folks we have a great show for you tonight. Every title is on the line. Plus if that is not enough every match is a special match. There will be normal rules matches here tonight.

Monty Clark: Yes it should be a great card. However we are getting some feedback from the back. Lets take you there now.

{The titan tron lights up and you can see Dreamer and Iron Dix walking towards each other. They start to exchange punches. Dreamer gets the advantage and throws Dix into a garage door. Dix bounces back with a clothesline. He lifts Dreamer up and heaves him into a pile of wooden crates. Dreamer grabs one of the crates and chucks it at Dix, hitting him and knocking him down. Dreamer than grabs Dix and throws him through a door into another room. They move so fast that the camera lost them and the titan tron went black. The scene moves back to the ring where Dave Styles is making his way down to the ring. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.}

Dave Styles: Welcome to Meltdown!!![Crowd cheers]Now what I have here in my hand is the biggest set of pink slips I have ever had to give out at one time. This doesnít make me happy. I have seen that my previous pinks slips have not been enough. I have let people slide butÖNO MORE!! Those that are slacking will be history. Now onto other events. This concerns all you ladies. I have allowed you to enter and you have shown little progress. So you leave me no choice but to kiss the female roster goodbye. I strive for the best and will not be held back by slackers. I know you guys can't wait to get to the action so without further delay I give you the first match of Meltdown.

Marty Miller: I couldnít have said it better myself. Let the show begin!

Salted With Fire
M&M Express
--Tag Team Titles Match--

{Dave Styles grabs a chair and sets it up out side the ring. Then Salted With Fireís music plays and they make their way to the ring. They are soon follow by the tag champions M&M Express.}

* DING DING DING * Mike Meyhu gets Busta and Matt takes Machine to start the match off. Mike Meyhu does an arm drag take down, and then starts to punch Busta in the back repeatidly, until the ref brakes it up. Mike taunts as Busta gets up. Then, Mike kicks him, and hits a big piledriver on him. He goes for a quick cover early on: 1...2... Kick out by Busta! They both get to there feet, and Mike immediatly hits a scoop slam. Mike and Matt than switch and Mike and Machine take it to the outside. Matt lifts Busta up, but instead of a slam, Matt is put into a small package: 1...2... Kick out by Matt Meyhu!

Marty: It was almost over there!

Monty: Yeah, SWF almost picked up an upset win there.

Matt Meyhu springs to his feet, and clothes lines Busta. He lifts him, and whips him into the turnbuckle. Matt goes over, and kicks Busta in the stomach, but Machine jumps up on the apron and punches Matt in the face, and gets into the ring. Matt looks over at him, and then runs. They both hit a clothes line, and they both go down to the mat. After a couple seconds, both men stumble to there feet Mike than drags Busta out of the ring and throws him into the steel steps. Mike gets in ring and the Meyhus double team Machine. They hit a Double team Powerbomb!

Monty: WOW! Lets look at that again!

Instant Replay

Matt starts to get on the apron to go after Busta, as Mike scoops Machine up for the Dreamweaver. But Busta gets in from the other side and clips the leg of Mike Meyhu. Mike falls, and Matt get back in, and punches Busta to the mat. He kicks him over to the side of the ring, and then lifts him into a turnbuckle, and does a knife - edge chop to the chest. Mike recovers and whips Machine into the opposite turn buckle hard, and He steps out of the turnbuckle, holding his back. Matt Meyhu goes over, and Hits the M-100 on Machine forcing him to go through the ropes, to the outside of the ring. Busta runs out of the turnbuckle with a clothesline. But, Mike kicks him in the stomache and hits the Dreamweaver!!! He goes for the cover: 1...2...3!!! The Meyhuís keep their Tag Team titles. .

Marty: SWF never seemed to really get into that match!

Monty: Nope the Meyhus had their way with them tonight.

Marty: Hold that thought Monty we have more from the back!

[ The Brawl Continues! ]

{Just than the Titan Tron lights up yet again. It's Dix and Dreamer, but in the parking lot now! Somehow they've found the exit and gone out there! Dix and Dreamer now stand next to a bunch of cars. Dix has the upper hand on Dreamer! Dix jumps up for a roundhouse kick and nails it on Dreamer! Dreamer tries to shake it off but Dix grabs him for a running bulldog! Dreamer hit face first. Dix looks over to the cars. He pulls up Dreamer and rolls him on top of a black Diablo. Dix pulls up Dreamer on the front of the car and delivers a piledriver on top of the car! It's DENTED! Dreamer falls off the top of the car as Dix gets right off. He stands over Dreamer. Dreamer than pulls Dix's legs from under him and Dix hits with his back on the concrete!!! Dreamer looks over to the cars NOW! He picks up Dix over his shoulder and looks at the front of a Dodge Jeep. Dreamer places Dix on top of the hood of the car. He gives Dix a few punches! Dix is now just laying on top of the jeep. Dreamer sees the doors are open and he yanks the shift back to N and closes the doors. Dreamer then gets behind the jeep. He sees another car about 250 meters away facing the jeep. Dreamer begins to push the jeep! He begins to gain speed, and more speed, til it is moving pretty fast! The jeep closes in on the other car and both cars have a head on collision as Dix flies off the jeep and onto the next car and lands through the windshield. Than you suddenly see a ref walking out with the hardcore title. He walks up to Dreamer and says something we canít hear. Dreamer reaches through the windshield and places a hand on Dix. The ref counts three and gives the title to Dreamer. Dreamer walk away from the scene, as from out of the debris and the glass and some blood, comes Dix! He gets out of the mess and sees the ref. The ref the than tells him something and Dix gets an anger look on his face and begins to run after Dreamer! The Titan Tron shuts down again.}

Marty Miller: I canít believe those two just smashed up those three vehicles. Dave Styles is not going to be happy when he gets those bills.

Monty Clark: I want to know what is up with the ref given Dreamer the Hardcore title. Is Dreamer the new champ.

[ An Announcement! ]

{When the scene comes back Dave Styles walks over to Machine and puts a pink slip in his hand. He hops in the ring and does the same with Busta. He rolls Busta out of the ring and grabs a mic.

Dave Styles: Well I have some important announcements to make before we get on in our show. In case you havenít figured it out yet. The hardcore title match is going on. The last person to have the title at the end of the night is the champion. Also I am going to take this time to announce there will be no Thrashing this week. Some sort of after school special or something but Thrashing will be returning on the 1st of March with a card of some newcomers and your veterans. However enough talk and more action.

[ Does it ever end? ]

Just than the titan tron lights up again. There is a new change of scene now. It seems to be a type of lounge or coffee room. There is a bunch of coffee machines, tables, and chairs. A loud BANG resounds through the room as Dix pushes Dreamer into a wall. Dix looks over and sees a pot of hot coffee. He picks up the pot and cracks it on Dreamer head! Glass and hot coffee are all over Dreamerís face! He doesn't seem to like it either as he seems blinded for just a second with the black liquid. Dreamer regains his vision just in time to duck the next oncoming pot of coffee. Dreamer picks up Dix from behind for a backdrop onto a table which breaks it in half!!! Dreamer gets up as he looks around and sees a chair. He picks it up. Dix begins to get back up. Dreamer smacks Dix with the chair on his back! Dreamer looks and sees a soda machine now. He picks up Dix as he is about to whip him into it but Dix COUNTERS and he whips Dreamer RIGHT INTO THE SODA MACHINE!!! Sodas fly everywhere! Dreamer looks a bit dazed and he tries to walk out of it but Dix just dropkicks him right into the machine again! More sodas fly out! Dix than places his foot on Dreamer and the ref makes the 1Ö2Ö3. Dix grabs the belt and runs out of the room.

Monty Clark: Ok that explains a lot but who will be the champion. It has already switched twice.

Marty Miller: I donít know but here comes a man that wants to become a champion and we will know if he becomes one right now.


--European Title--

{Crow makes his way to the ring. He hops in the ring and waits for his opponent. Charger's music comes on has he makes his way to the ring.

They lock up. Charger with a headlock on Crow. Crow breaks free by pushing Charger into the ropes. Charger bounces back and slides between Crow's legs. He gets up and drop kicks him. He than picks up Crow and throws him to the corner. He goes up top and begins punching. 1... 2...3... 4... 5... Crow pushes him down before he could get to 10. Crow with a DDT followed by an arm bar. Charger breaks the hold by tossing Crow over his body by overpowering Crow armbar. The two get to there feet exchange punches than Charger hits a quick ddt on Crow. Back into the corner he goes up again. Charger goes up and begins punching again. 1...2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... Crow falls to the ground. Charger goes to the top rope and come off with a flying elbow but misses. Crow gets up and starts punching Charger in the face right left right left with an uppercut to take him off his feet. Crow than throws him to the ropes followed by a over the shoulder back toss. Crow than tries again to whip Charger into the ropes but Charger revereses and Crow is whip. Crow comes running back and Charger lifts him up heaves himover the top rope. However Crow lands on the apron and when Charger realizes Crow goes through the ropes with a shoulder. Crow still on the apron grabs Charger by the hair and runs down the apron, up the outside turnbuckle, and enters thering with a swinging neckbreaker on Charger

Marty Miller: Wow what a move!!

Monty Clark: That happened so fast Charger couldn't do nothing but feel is head almost come off!!

Crow gets back up and sets Charger up for the Crow Driver but he takes to long and Charger blocks it. The two exchange punches and the Charger comes from nowhere with a clothesline and both men are down. The two slowly get to there feet Charger runs at Crow but Crow hits him with a knee lift in the stomache and than quickly hits Charger with the Crow Driver. Crow is slow to get up but does and grabs Charger and whips him to the ropes on the return Crow side steps Charger and uses his motion to throw Charger over the top rope. but some how Charger held on to the top rope and pulls himself up Crow turns around and is furious. He runs at him with a clothesline but Charger just drops to the apron and pulls down the top rope. Crow loses his balance and flies over the top rope to the floor.

Marty Miller: Charger did it!!What a victory for the still European Champion

Monty Clark: Yes indeed. He finally got the best of Crow. Wait what is going on here!!!

The ref hands Charger his title and Crow enters the ring. Charger jumps up and gets in a fighting stance but all Crow does is extend his hand for a handshake. Charger looks at the crowd, thinks about it, than slowly reaches out and shakes Crow's hand. The two exchange a good match gestures and leave the ring.

[Still Going!!]

The Titan Tron lights up again. It's almost predictable now. It's the boilerroom. Dreamer kicks in the door to the boilerroom as he drops Dix on the floor. Dix gets up and charges at him. Dreamer counters into a hip toss as Dix falls. Dreamer picks up Dix but he counters with punches to the mid-section on Dreamer. Dreamer battles back and he scoop slams Dix down to the ground. Dreamer picks him up, tilt-a-whirl side slam! Dreamer than picks up Iron Dix and starts bouncing him off every hot water tank. Dreamer than sees a pile of wood for the furance. He pick a block of wood up and measures up Iron Dix. Just at the right time Dix ducks and Dreamer misses. Dreamer comes running at Dix. dix side steps Dreamer and send him sailing head first into the wood pile. Dix tha walks over to the ref and grabs his title and leaves.

Marty: I am so lost by now on what is going on, but I don't care anymore. They can kill themselves for all I care.

Miller:I know they are all beating the hell our of each other. Much like these next two are going to do.

The Doctor
Black Scorpion
--IC Title Match--

The PA system hits as The Doctor walks down the ramp.He slides into the ring and bounces off of the ropes stretching a little bit. Then the music changes as Black Scorpion comes out running down to the ring. Scorpion slides under the ropes and is met with hard stomps from The Doctorand the bell rings starting the match.

Marty: And we re under way!! This match is heating up already as these two superstars start the match off!

Monty: Out of these two my favorite is Black Scorpion! It s great that he left Bronx's shadow!! I don't think he deserve to be over shadowed by anyone!

The Doctor quickly scoops Scorpion up and hits a quick german suplez. The Doctor than slides out of the ring and pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring and climbs through the ropes behind Scorpion. Lance swings the kendo stick with all of his might cracking it over Scorpion's head knocking him down hard! The Doctor than returns outside and grabs a ladder. He reenters and sets the ladder up. He starts to climb but Scorpion gets up and dropkicks the ladder and The Doctor's throat comes down on the top rope!!

Marty: I can't believe he even try that!

Monty: Nice thought to try and win it early but you have to do more to Black Scorpion before you try that.

The Doctor rolls out of the ring. Scorpion rolls out of the ring after him and grabs The Doctor by the arm and throws him head first into the steel pole. Scorpion than picks up The Doctor and hits a quick and hard snap suplex on to the hard floor! Scorpion than scoops up The Doctor in a military press and drops him face first over the crowd barrier. Scorpion than enter the ring and sets the ladder up. He gets it set up and starts to climb. By this time The Doctor is moving and reaches under the ring for a second ladder. He stretches it into the ring and line it up with one of the other ladders legs. Than he pushes his ladder into the leg of the other ladder and knocks Scorpion off balance and Scorpion crashes to the mat. The Doctor than climbs into the ring and pulls Scorpion up. He whips him into the corner but Scorpion flies out of the corner and grabs The Doctor in a head sissors and slams him to the ground. Scorpion is slow to get up but does and starts to climb the ladder. The Doctor gets up and follows behind Scorpion. He reaches Scorpion and Scorpion tries to elbow him but misses and The Doctor hooks his arm, than the other and hit the Throwback from the middle of the ladder. Both men are down and not moving.

Marty: No!! No don t climb up there!!! I can t believe Boca isn t unconscious yet!!!

Monty: You have to hand it to Boca he is one merciless man!

Marty: He s definitely worthy of the title No Mercy Champion!

After a few moments the two start to move. The Doctor grabs on ladder and sets it up and starts climbing. Scorpion starts to climb the other side. They both start to race toward the title. Scorpion places one hand on the title, The Doctor has one hand on the title. Both look at each other, The Doctor puls back to punch Scorpion but Scorpion quickly reaches his other hand up grabs the title with both hands than jumps off the ladder backwards pushing the ladder with his feet and send both men crashing to the mat. The titles slips out of The Doctors hand and Scoprion comes down with it for the win!

Marty: MY GOD!!! These two men have been could have been kill here

Monty: Someone call the EMTs!!Check on both of these men!!!

Marty: The CNW might not have any wrestlers left for Meyhem!!!

Suddenly Iron Dix music hits the PA and he makes his way down to the ring. He walk past Black Scorpion and The Doctor being helped out. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Dix: Why hello New York. {crowd cheers}Its tough to believe I am here in the home of the New York Knicks[Crowd cheers some more]. Lakers in town though, tough match up. We will have to keep Kobe on lock down. Dreamer is a Laker fan I have been told. Speaking of Dreamer, where is that old beast?? Out attacking old ladies or raping sheep with Kobe Bryant. Oops wait it was "consensual" so the sheep would ask for it. {Suddenly Dreamerís music hits up and he comes out to the ramp.} Donít stop there come down here and lets finish this match once and for all.


Iron Dix
--Hardcore Title Match--

Dreamer comes down to the but stops just outside. Than from the crowd comes another masked man who looks an awful lot like Shocker. He grabs a chair and slides in the ring behind Iron Dix. Dreamer points him out and Iron Dix turns around and gets leveled with the chair. Not once but twice he is hit over the head before he falls to the mat. Dreamer than runs out of the ring he sets up a table he gets back in the ring and grabs Dix. Dreamer than brings him to the out side apron of the ring. He scoops him and does a POWERBOMB throw the table and to the floor, he holds for the pin! 1...2....3 !!!

Monty: I bet you anything that the othe masked man was Shocker.

Marty: I don't doubt it either but we have no prove. But take another look at this powerbomb.

Instant Replay

Monty: I don't care it should have never happened.

[ Recorded Moments Ago ]

The scene shifts to what looks like a backstage dressing room. In the bottom right of the screen, the words "Recorded Earlier" can be read. Stephen Styles is in the room with Salted With Fire, The Doctor, Lonewolf, and Jason Deathstar. They all are waving pinks slips and yelling at the same time.

Stephen: Don't worry about it. I have everything under control. Just sign these!

Just than Stephen notices the camera and yells for the guys to get them out of there. They do and you see a hand cover the lens and the camera man is shoved out of the room and the door slams.

Monty: What the hell was that all about. What is the son of the Dave Styles doing with those guys that Dave has already fired.

Marty: That is still a mystery, but lets solve one now and see who will be Heavyweight Champion..Wait I am getting some info to have the scene go to the back lets take a look.

[ One Last Attack ]

The scene flashes to the back where you see Dreamer and the other masked man getting into their vehicle. He starts it and starts to drive away when out of no where comes Synn pushing a dumpster. He shoves it right in front of Dreamer's car which smashes into it at a pretty good speed. Than Synn runs over to the vehicle opens the door pulls the masked man. The masked man starts to run but Synn hanks his arm back and slams him hard into the car. Synn than drags Dreamer out of the driver seat and powerbombs him onto the car. Iron Dix staggers out from a near by door and motions for the ref to come make the count as he pins Dreamer. The ref does and hand the title. Just than two men come flying out of nowhere. One nails Iron Dix and the other clips Synn. Than the two go to work on Synn. Synn trying to fight back but gets nailed with the chair three times for his efforts. The two then turn and walk away, but the camera can see they are wearing CNW shirts with the names Aero and The Beast on them.

Monty: Who were those guys?

Marty: Apparently newcomers who don't like Dix and Synn. We will have to find out. However two guys who we know all to well are the man in the ring, Pitbull and the man coming to the ring, Bronx

Monty: Yes we do and what a match this is going to be?

--Heavyweight Title Match--

{Bronx makes his way to the ring he has a bandage over his left eye from last Meyhem. He enters and imediately ducks a clothesline from Pitbull and turns and hits Pitbull with lefts and rights as the bell rings.}

Bronx than nails Pitbull with a huge clothesline and lets out yell

Marty: Bronx is really pumped tonight.

Monty: Well he should be but he shoudl also stay right on Pitbull and watch his back.

Pitbull slowly gets up. Bronx rolls out of the ring. He sees it's taking a bit of time for Pitbull to get up. He pulls a chair out of under the ring. He also pulls out a folded table. He holds up the chair now and looks into the ring, but he doesn't see Pitbull. He looks all around and sees Pitbull is perched on the top turnbuckle nearest to Bronx! Bronx has barely anytime to react but Pitbull jumps off for a flying clothesline but Bronx reacts in time and smacks Pitbull WITH THE CHAIR IN HIS FACE!!! The crowd reacts with an overwhelming "OOH". Pitbull is on the floor holding his face. Bronx picks up the table and slides it into the ring. He then picks up a trashcan from under the ring and throws it in as well. He then pulls out another table and slides it in as well. Bronx helps Pitbull up as he rolls him into the ring. Bronx picks up the first table and leaves it folded as he places it standing up in a corner. He pulls up Pitbull. He walks him over to the opposite corner and then whips Pitbull, Pitbull runs right into the table!!! He broke the table in half with his back! He stands as he holds his back.Bronx picks up the trashcan. He throws it at Pitbull, but Pitbull reacts quickly as he catches it and throws it back. Which was caught by Bronx, Pitbull than charges, he SPEARS Bronx RIGHT THROUGH THE TRASHCAN AND DOWN TO THE MAT!!! Both men are down!!! Pitbull is the first to get up. Pitbull is up, and he is unfolding the table in the middle of the ring. He looks over at Bronx and then at a corner. He pulls up Bronx. He places him on the top turnbuckle sitting down. Pitbull walks up to the top turnbuckle. He stands Bronx up.Pitbull tries to pull up Bronx, Bronx counters and he picks up Pitbull and jumps off a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX THAT SENDS Pitbull THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Bronx is down! Pitbull is down! Debris all over the ring!!

Marty: What a move by the heavyweight champion!!!

Monty: Yeah but that hurt him as well.

Bronx gets up and is taking a breather. Pitbull is slowly getting up. Pitbull gets up and is hit with a spear. Bronx jumps up for a dropkick but Pitbull moves out of the way in time! Bronx lands on his back. Pitbull than scoops Bronx up for a body slam and than a nice standing suplex. Pitbull than slides out of the ring.Pitbull is looking under the ring for some weapons! He picks out a kendo stick. He slides it into the ring. He sees another table and slides it in as well. He looks down again and sees... a WATERMELON?

Marty: What the hell is a whole watermelon doing underneath the damn ring?

Monty: Maybe it's evil watermelon. It must, if Pitbull personally picked it up.

Pitbull slides the whole watermelon into the ring. Pitbull slides back in and picks up the kendo stick. Bronx gets up and Pitbull kisses Bronx's back with the sweet sound of the kendo stick! And another! And one more! Bronx is holding his back, but he just turns around and looks like he is asking for more. Pitbull hits him on the head and Bronx turns around and walks in a circle and just comes back and is dropkicked by Pitbull. Pitbull pulls up Bronx and they begin going at it with punches. Bronx ducks one of Pitbulls punches and grabs him from behind for a reverse DDT! Pitbull holds his head! Bronx gets up and sees the table. He unfolds it in a corner and then sees the watermelon! Pitbull is getting up though. Bronx tries to hit Pitbull on the head but Pitbull dodges as he picks up Bronx for a side suplex!! Pitbull gets back up as he pulls up Bronx. Pitbull than rips Bronx bandage of and tries to punch him right in the wounded spot. However Bronx ducks and Pitbull hits the ref. Pitbull turns around and Bronx hits him with a spine buster. Bronx rolls out of the ring and looks for one more weapon from under the ring. But when he lifts the apron he is sent flying back. Than you see the same mystery man that has been helping Pitbull climb out from under the ring. He roll Bronx back in the ring and you can see Bronx is busted open. Pitbull and the ref stagger to their feet not knowing what just happened and Pitbull hits the Dog Bite on Bronx. That is when the ref notices Bronx is bleeding and calls for the bell.

Marty: Well folks like it or not Pitbull is the new Champion. What a rotten way for Bronx to lose it.

Monty: Looks like they aren't through yet.

The Mystery Man climbs into the ring with a mic. He than removes his mask to reveal that he is none other than....DAVE STYLES.

Dave: That's right folks it is me. I have worked to hard in this business to let guys like Bronx come in and tell me how things are going to run. I came to Bronx just before he won the title and told him I could make him the greatest champion ever. Than he refused my help and said he could do it on his own. Bronx than brushed by me like I was nothing. So I went to Pitbull, who was already robbed that not by Bronx and gave him the same deal. He agreed to come under my wing. I am a man of my word and thanks to me Pitbull is now the heavyweight champ just like I promised. Bronx you may be a good wrestler but I don't want the champion of CNW to be a guy like you. So because you broke the rules and didn't listen to me you are now....FIRED!!!!!!

Dave throws a pink slip on Bronx chest and motion for Dave to roll him out of the ring. Staff come and help Bronx towards the back. When strange music plays over the PA system and Stephen Styles comes out followed by Salted with Fire Jason Deathstar and Lonewolf.

[ CNW Melts Down ]

Steve: You know dad I think these people have heard enough from you tonight. So I am going to say a few things myself. As you know dad I am the vice president and we have ran this company together for a long time. However you haven't been too successful. As I see it you are on the verge of ruining this place again. I mean come on dad you just fired Bronx.

Dave: I fired Bronx for a damn good reason. He lacks discipline and he is to cocky for his own good. Just like those four behind you that shouldn't be here anymore either.

Steve: Oh please you fired them cause they wouldn't be your little puppets. And guess what I am not going to be anymore either. I am here to announce I am taking over Sunday Night Meyhem

Dave: Like hell you are.

Steve: I figured you would say that so as soon as I found out about your little mystery man stunt. I went and had the legal document drawn up that state that when I turned eighteen you and I each hold 50% of this company as long as it remained open.

Dave: So you may have pulled a fast one but you are you going to get to wrestler for you. What the four guys behind you...don't make me laugh.

Steve: Oh don't worry dad you won't be laughing in a minute. Let me tell you who I have wrestling for me. I have the four gentlemen behind me. I also have these two gentleman

Steve turns and motions towards the back out come Dreamer and Shocker.

Dave: Wait they are signed with me. They have contracts.

Steve: Dreamer and Shocker may have but ...Nightmare and The Living Highlight don't

The two remove there masked to reveal that they are infact the two Dave fired on the first live CNW show.

Dave: Still you have a bunch of my rejects. Who do you have that will carry CNW gold.

Steve: Funny you should ask because I hold here a contract for a man that has held the CNW heavyweight title infact he came in here wearing it.

Steve holds out the contract and a pen to Bronx. Bronx looks at the crowd shakes his head and signs.

Dave: I will never allow Bronx to carry this heavyweight title again.

Steve: You are so predictable. That is why I have had five new titles made up just for the members of Meyhem roster.

Dave: Wow you are quick but still you only have 7 wrestlers.

Steve: Well I figured I would start with ten and take it from there. However let me ask you a question who will fill your heavyweight champion slot.

Dave: What are you talking about I have the greatest champion already. I have made the greatest champion out of Pitbull.

Steve: I thought you would say that but lets see what he has to say when he see who my next wrestler is who you also fired.

From behind the curtains out walks Pitbull's partner in crime The Doctor. Pitbull's eyes widen and you can tell he is really mad. Pitbull give Dave a evil look and then motions for a mic

Dave: Pitbull I can explain. He is holding you down. He is...

Pitbull: MY PARTNER!! He is my partner. I can take your critism and your remarks about how you made me but than you go and fire my partner. You know what you didn't make me anything that I can't make myself.

Pitbull throws the title at Dave's feet and walks out the ring. Dave is left standing alone in the ring

Dave: You know what that is fine you go to that weak roster and are not worthy of my help anyway. And has for you Steve I knew you were up to something too. So I have the rest of my roster on stand by. Come out boys!!

One by one Black Scorpion, Crow, Charger, Iron Dix, Synn, M&M Express, and Rich and Wyck-ed file to the ring through the crowd.

Dave: Well what are you guys scared of come get a piece of some real talent.

Steve moves is guys forward down the ramp and Daves guys wait at ring side.

Dave: Wait I almost forgot to introduce my new additions everyone meet Aero and The Beast.

The two guys we saw early come flying out the back and clothesline Steve on their way to clashing with Steve's roster. Dave's roster fly up the ramp and the two roster's collide. Steve makes his way back to his feet as a huge monster at least 7 foot tall enters the ring behind Dave.

Steve: I am real surprised you never asked you my tenth guy was. Turn around and meet Krug.

Dave turns around and is almost broken in half by a monsterous powerbomb. Both rosters brawl to the ring and as bodies fly everywhere.

Marty: All hell has broke lose this is a try meltdown. But we are out of time. Tune into meyhem for more on this new development. I am Marty Miller.

Monty: And I am Monty Clark saying so long from the Madsen Square Garden.