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  • [ Backstage #1 ] - Pitbull and Doctor Attack Bronx
  • [ Backstage #2 ] - Bronx and Scorpion Talk
  • [ Backstage #3 ] Bronx's Handicap Challenge
  • [ Backstage #4 ] - Dave Styles confronts Charger and Crow
    ::Scene:: 2/6/07 4:00 PM
    Backstage CNW

    Bronx is seen finishing up an interview with a CNW reporter. Pitbull rounds the corner. Bronx spots him and walks up to him.

    ::Bronx:: Hope you don't think you are going to get off scott free after last night.

    ::Pitbull:: You are talking might big for being all by yourself.

    ::Bronx:: I don't need anyone or anything for that matter to beat you. I am not like you.

    ::Pitbull:: Well lets see what you got tough guy.

    ::Bronx:: You know what you are not even worth it yet. Wait til Thursday.

    Bronx starts to turn and walk away but when he does The Doctor is standing behind him and hits him with a pipe in the stomache. Pitbull joins and sweeps Bronx's legs out from under him. The Doctor hits him again with the pipe and Pitbull stomps him.

    ::Pitbull:: If you had better partners maybe this would have never happened to you.

    ::The Doctor:: Yeah so you better hope your partners are there for you Thursday because this is just the beginning for you.

    Pitbull and The Doctor laugh and then turn and walk away.. Bronx rolls around on the ground in pain than screams and punches the floor in fustration as the scene fades.

    ::Scene:: 2/8/07 7:10 PM
    Backstage CNW after Six Man Tag

    The cameras scan the backstage area, While scanning they see Bronx and Black Scorpion standing close to one another, We can see they are laughing. The camera zooms into the two superstars.

    ::Black Scoprion:: So we're going to the gym tomorrow right?

    ::Bronx:: Yeah.

    ::Black Scorpion:: What are we going to do about Crow.

    ::Bronx:: What about him? I will see you tomorrow.

    ::Black Scorpion:: Yeah see ya than.

    Bronx grabs his stuff and walks away and Black Scoprion thinks for a minute and than does the same as the scene fades.

    ::Scene:: 2/15/07 7:36 PM
    Backstage CNW after Two on Three Handicapped Match

    The cameras catch up with Bronx and Scorpion yelling at each other in a hallway backstage after Thrashing.

    ::Black Scoprion:: You got what you deserved and besides I saved your ass once tonight?

    ::Bronx:: What?

    ::Black Scorpion:: If I didn't make that pin you would have blew it for us. I saved you from a sure loss.

    ::Bronx:: You know what you are full of it and I will prove it. Next Sunday on Meyhem you sit ringside and watch me beat Pitbull and The Doctor in at the same time in a one on two handicap match.

    ::Black Scorpion:: Yeah we'll see about that.

    ::Bronx:: We will and don't think I am through with you yet. I will deal with you later.

    Bronx walks by Black Scorpion and the two bump shoulders and give each other dirty looks and than walk away in seperate directions and the scene fades.

    ::Scene:: 2/15/07 7:45 PM
    Locker room CNW

    Crow is seen getting ready to leave when suddenly Charger comes busting into the locker room.

    ::Charger:: Hope you don't think you are going to get away with that win tonight.

    ::Crow:: News flash I already have.

    ::Charger:: Well I am going to talk to the prez and get a rematch.

    ::Crow:: You know what you can have your silly rematch and I will beat you again. Further more when I do I want a title shot.

    ::Charger:: No problem lets do this right now.

    Other wrestlers around the locker room grab Charger and some grab Crow. Dave Styles was walking by when he heard the ruckus and enter the locker room.

    ::Dave:: What's going on in here?

    ::Crow:: Charger here wants a rematch and I want a shot at the European Title.

    ::Dave:: Well seems you two are ready to duke it out right here so lets make the match offical. On Sunday Night Meyhem you two will fight in a tables match. If Crow wins he gets a shot at the title on Meltdown. Done deal fellas?

    They both agree and Charger storms out of the locker room and the scene fades.