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Welcome to the best of picture of the week! Archiving every picture was getting unwieldy, so in an effort to streamline the site, (and to keep angelfire from shutting me down for exceeding my bandwith) I've consolidated down to just the best pictures. Now, you may ask what makes a picture one of the best. Well, it's my site, so it's up to my own discretion. I hope you like the pictures that remain. Also, if you've missed the pic of the week for a few weeks new pictures will stay here for at least 4 weeks before I decide if they stay or go.

Picture of the Week
Week 357

Right next to Arena Mexico, there's a restaurant called "Rudos y Tecnicos" and it's awesome! Here's a picture of me enjoying the decor.

Week 356

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Mexico City, and of course one of the things I HAD to do was see a CMLL show at Arena Mexico!

Week 355

What's better than pictures of a match? How about a video? Now, this isn't the whole match, it's more like a music video, but it's still pretty cool!

Week 354

Last week you saw me softening up Sassi's leg. Here I'm working on her leg with my version of the indian deathlock!

Week 353

Last week I was caught in a boston crab by Liz Sassi, but as I said before, it wasn't always like that. Here I'm practicing the very technical greco-roman back stand on her!

Week 352

Sheesh, you take a year off from the ring, and look what happens! I made my return to the ring last tuesday for Impact Zone Wrestling in Tempe, AZ. Here I'm trapped in a Boston Crab. But, it wasn't always that way...

Week 351

I was recently chosen to get a makeover as part of a local contest. There are a lot of "before" pics here on the site, so here's the "after". The biggest change is my hair, but they also picked out the outfit, did my nails, eyebrows, makeup, even tinted my eyelashes.

Week 350

When you last saw me, I was getting thrown into the ropes, courtesy of Erica D'Erica, but I had a surprise for her! When I bounced back, instead of getting hit by the clothesline she had in mind, I hit her with a low dropkick to the knee!

Week 349

More action this week...this time from sunny AZ. In January I stepped in the ring against Erica D'erica. Here she thinks she's in control, but I have a little trick in mind...

Week 348

The last time you saw me in action, I had Alere Little Feather well in hand with the garvin stomp, but shortly after that she trapped me in this headscissors, and it wasn't long after that that I managed to once again steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

Week 346

After working on Alere's legs for a while, I moved to the Garvin Stomp to try and soften her up even more!

Week 345

At last! A new picture of the week. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated, I know the site was even down there for a few weeks. I can't promise I'll update every week (in fact I'll be away next week, so can pretty much say that it won't get updated next week), but I'll try to update more than once every 2 months!

Anyway, the action between Alere and I continues this week, as I have her legs tied up and I'm about to use all my weight to wrench that left leg back and also come down across her back!

Week 344

Last week, I was firmly in control of Alere Little Feather's arm, but let me tell you, she knows how to punish an arm as well! Here she has me nearly forced down to the mat with the pressure she's pouring on!

Week 343

With my match with Lucious Latasha in the record books, my next WWW challenge was against Alere Little Feather.
Early in the contest I went to work on her arm...

Best of pic of the week

Week 342

Just when I thought I had Latsha where I wanted her with the figure four, Jana appeared at ringside and distracted me. When I turned around, everything went black and the match was over! I saw later that Latasha had used Jana's signature chain on me!

Week 341

Now, where was I? Oh yeah! Latasha...well, she withstood the stump puller, but I kept the pressure on and locked in the Figure Four!

Week 340

I know, I know, there's no picture, and there is more with my match with Latasha to come, but this week, since it is so close to Christmas, I couldn't resist the opportunity to elf myself! And, I must say, my elf self is a pretty good dancer! Click here to check me out! And, while you're there, maybe you'd like to elf yourself!

Week 339

I got back in control in my match with Latsha, and locked in the stump puller!

Week 338

Latasha managed to survive the Garvin Stomp, then she went to work on me in the corner!

Also, I have moved to Arizona, and changed e-mail addresses. My new one is, so if you've e-mailed me in the past week or so and I haven't responded, it's very likely that I didn't get it, so please resend!

Week 337

After slamming Latsha to the mat, I kept on her with the Garvin Stomp!

Week 336

Now back to action between Lucious Latasha and I! I caught my breath after the choking she gave me, then rallied back with a big body slam. You can tell by the look on her face that she's not looking forward to the landing!

Week 334

After my match with Jana, my next match for WWW was with Luscious Latasha. She went right for throat...literaly! Here she has all her weight pressing against my back, as I gasp for air against the ropes!

Week 333

After getting my head slammed into the turnbuckle, Jana picked me up and slammed the rest of me to the canvas with this body slam. Unfortunately this was near the end for me, and I ended up with my shoulders on the mat for a count of 3 on that day, but I guess you can't win 'em all.

Best of pic of the week

Week 332

Let's see...where was I? Oh yeah! I had just given Jana a big flying clothesline, and ran her into the corner, but she sidestepped my charge, sending me slamming headfirst into the turnbuckle, as you see here.

Week 331

There's more action from my match with Jana to come, but I wanted to put up this picture of me against Tanya Lee to let you know that this week's show features me against Tanya Lee in it's opening contest.

Week 330

Last week,you saw me going for a Victory Roll on Jana...after getting her off her feet with that move, I picked her up and knocked her back down with this flying clothesline!

Week 329

Last week, Jana had me in a precarious position during our WWW show, but I rallied back and went for a pin with a victory roll!

Week 328

Not to long ago, I stepped into a WWW ring to take on Jana, for the second time. I was hoping to get some pay back from the last time, when she hit me with a chain, but things didn't go too well for me at first. Here she has my legs pinned behind me, while she pulls up on my chin. As you can tell from my face, it was not the most comfortable position for me!

Week 327

About a month ago, I took a little trip south of the border to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to relax and soak up some I hadn't had too much sun when this picture was taken, but I hope you enjoy it!

Week 326

Action with Deanna Deville continues here on the floor! I had gone out of the ring to make sure the photographer had enought film to capture the action, and she attacked me! Next thing I knew the bell was ringing and the match was over, so I hope we meet in the ring again soon!

Week 325

After Deanna hit me with that big bodyslam, I managed to get back on top, and went straight back to work on her back... this time tying up her legs and pulling back on her neck!

Last week, I thought I was gonna smush Deanna Deville in to the turnbuckle, but she managed to get her boot up into my face, then she capitalized with this body slam!

Week 323

For the past few weeks, you've seen me in control in my match with Deanna Deville, so I slung her into the corner, but she had more energy than I thought left, because she managed to get her leg up and right into my face!

Week 322

Deanna Deville managed to kick out after my clothesline and leg drop combo, but I kept at her with a backbreaker and then stretched her out over my knee to continue the punishment!

Best of pic of the week

Week 321

After knocking Deanna Deville down with a clothesline, I followed up with this big leg drop!

Week 320

Shortly after my match with Malia Hosaka, I traveled to Saugus, MA to take on relative new comer Deanna Deville. Here I'm taking her down with a clothesline!

Week 318

In the past few action pictures of my match with Malia, I was in control, but it didn't last, and when the match was over, I ended up looking like this!

Week 316

Last week, I had Malia Hosaka in a full nelson, this week I continue to pour on the pressure by yanking both her arms behind her, while driving my knee into her spine...but don't feel too sorry for Malia yet...

Week 315

Last week I was in trouble during my WWW match with Malia Hosaka, but it wasn't always that way. Here I have her in a full nelson, going for a submission of my own!

Picture of the Week
Week 314

My next opponent for WWW was none other than Malia Hosaka. She's a 20 plus year veteran, so it was a tough one for me! Here she is getting ready to turn me over into a boston crab, and as you can tell by the look on my face, I know I'm in trouble!

Week 313

Last week you saw me suplexing Tanya Lee during our WWWmatch...and now this! Well, her manager Sean Gorman popped up on the ring apron, taking my attention away from Tanya for just a second, but that was all she needed to get the pin and retain the WWW title...for now!

Week 312

After wrenching on Tayna Lee's back during our WWW match, I poured on the punishment with this bridging suplex!

Week 311

Of course, in my WWW match with Tanya Lee, she didn't always have the upper hand. Here I'm wrenching her back and neck, while making her fight out from under my weight.

Week 310

The last few weeks I've been showing you pictures from the WWW battle royal, which I did win and went on to face Tanya Lee for the WWW championship! I didn't even have a second to enjoy winning the battle royal though, before Tanya attacked me, thinking she could get the advantage while I was still tired!

Week 309

Prior to the last WWW show, we had a meet and eat with the fans, and I happened to mention that I had never faced Malia Hosaka in a match. Well...that's all about to change, because this Sunday, April 22, I'm scheduled to step in the ring with Malia for the first time ever!

Week 308

Of course, I didn't spend the entireWWW battle royal standing in the corner! Here Cha Cha, Ariel and I try to eliminate Della Morte!


Week 307

Last week, I told you about the WWW battle royal I participated in. Well, this wasn't my first battle royal, so I knew to pace myself in the corner when I had the chance!

Week 306

Yesterday, I competed in a battle royal for WWW, and went on to win it to compete against Tanya Lee for the championship! I'll have more action pics in the coming weeks, but for now here's a picture from February's WWW event, with me showing off in front of the video screens.

A few weeks ago, I stepped into an EPW ring for the first time in a while, where I faced Lexxus. The match is available to watch online at It's the second match on episode 43, (after Antonio Thomas (one half of former WWE and TNA tag team the Heartbreakers) against Kevin Landry), just click on the "Get it" link, and enjoy! Oh, and those of you that watch it will probably notice that this picture is not actually from that match, but it IS from the last time I stepped into an EPW ring, so it's still kind of relevant. ;)

Week 304

Once Mistress Belmont got a hold of me during our Princess of Darkness match, she held on... here she's about to give me a blindfolded snap mare!

Week 303

Of course things didn't go all my way in the "Princess of Darkness" match (what ever does?!) Here Mistress Belmont has me caught up in a sideslam, about to knock the wind out of me (which won't come back easily with my whole face covered like that!)

Week 302

Now, back to the blindfold match pitting me against Mistress Belmont. The fans helped me out by cheering as I pointed in different directions around the ring so, with their help, I was able to corner Mistress Belmont. This photo was followed shortly by a snap mare out of the corner for that blue haired freak!

Week 301

This week, I interrupt the coverage of the match between Mistress Belmont and I to bring you this picture of me at Trafalgar Square, from a trip to England I made a few years back. During that trip I faced Riptide in a match, which you can now view at youtube, just by clicking here!

Week 300

Last time, I showed you the what happened when Mistress Belmont and I met in a WWW ring at the end of last year...I was sprayed in the eyes with hairspray and momentarily disabled. That led into this match from January...a blindfold match, which WWW called a "Pricess of Darkness" match!

Week 299

For the last few weeks, I've had pictures of my WWW show with Mistress Belmont. Well, it all ended, when she sprayed me in the eyes with something in a hairspray bottle. Here you see the aftermath of that... me down on the mat about to lose the battle...but NOT the war!

Week 298

Sorry about the long time between updates. When we last met, Mistress Belmont had the upper hand in our WWW match. But, that didn't last for long. Here I have her tied up in a body scissors, squeezing the air out of her!

Week 297

Here's some more action from WWW! I was distracted by Della Morte at ringside, so Mistress Belmont got the jump on me, and started working on me with some chops, but I didn't take that for long...

Week 296

This past Sunday, for WWW, I faced Mistress Belmont in a grudge I am making my way to the ring. As you can probably tell by my face, I was ready for a fight!

Week 295

Last week, you saw me challenging the blue haired freak, who I've found out is called Mistress Belmont to come to the ring at the last WWW show. This week, I skip ahead to the end of our you can see I have her laid out, when Della Morte rushed to the ring to attack me. I know I usually don't jump ahead like this, but I did it to explain why I'll be facing Mistress Belmont again this coming Sunday!

Week 294

If you remember, at the last WWW show, I was attacked by a blue haired freak. Well, I didn't want to wait to meet her in the ring, so at last weekend's WWW show, I demanded that she come to the ring...

Week 293

Get your cameras ready! This weekend, I will be appearing in Syracuse for 2CW on Saturday night, then in Somerville, MA for WWW on Sunday afternoon! Anyone with pictures,(especially from Syracuse) please e-mail me!

Week 292

Last week I was about to ascend the ropes to try and finish off Mia Love, but I was attacked by this blue haired freak before I could!

Week 291

Of course things in our WWW match didn't always go Mia Love's way. Here I've got her down and am about to head to the top to finish her off, when...

Week 290
Best of pic of the week

Week 290

Last week, you saw Mia Love on the mat, after I had knocked her down with a reverse elbow...but she didn't stay down. Here she's got a handful of my hair and is preparing to toss me across the ring by it!

Week 289

Now on to more recent WWW action. Here I've just knocked down Mia Love with a back elbow, and am about to start pounding away on her with the Garvin stomp!

Week 288

More action this week from my match with Jana, here I've recovered from the eye gouge and continue to work on her head and neck!

Week 287

I was able to rally in my match against Della Morte, so I moved on in the tournament to face Jana. Here she's managed to loosen up a headscissors... by sticking her thumb in my eye.

Week 286

My match with Della Morte at WWW show didn't start out too well for me, as she used her size advantage to back me into the corner, and then used her shoulder to throw me back against the buckles...

Best of pic of the week

Week 285

Last Sunday at the WWW show, there was a 4 woman tournament, with the winner receiving a future title shot for the WWW title. In the first round, I faced Della we are just about to start the action!

Week 284

A few weeks ago, I had a posed picture from after a match, so here's another posed picture with a little different feel to it!

Week 283

At the most recent ECCW show, I was informed that in September (date tba) I would have to face Della Morte. Here I am explaining to Johnny Fabulous and his daughter why that's fine with me!

Week 282

Here's a posed picture from about a year ago, just hanging out after my match.

Week 281

I recently posted a gallery of photos featuring me facing Nikki Roxx. Well, this particular one didn't make it, because I didn't think it showed me very well, but I came across it again today and said to myself...she was BITING me! And, here's the proof!

Week 280

To continue the theme I've had here the last few weeks, here's a peek of me posing backstage with Amber!

Week 279

One of the best thing about being a wrestler is all the great people you meet. Last week you saw me hanging out with Nikki Roxx, here I am posing with Irish star, Rebecca Knox!

Week 278

Lately on this site you've seen a lot of me in action, including a whole new gallery of me and Nikki Roxx, but here's a different look at Nikki and I hanging out with the fans at a recent NECW show.

Week 277

I know a lot of you have seen pictures from this match over at, but they're a bit dark, so here's a little brighter view of my match with Amber. Here, she's caught upside down in the corner, and I'm admiring my boot!

Week 276

This week, I'm about to introduce Cindy Rogers's face to the turnbuckle!

Week 275

As you may have heard, the match between Cindy Rogers and I was a very back and forth match, so the past few weeks you've seen me in control but, of course, I wasn't always in control. Here Cindy Rogers has both my legs, and as I recall I was just seconds away from a boot to the solar plexus!
Speaking of back and forth matches, though...a few weeks ago I promised you a gallery of photos from my match against Nikki Roxx for the NECW ladies championship. And, I've used my long weekend to make good on that promise, so Click here to go to Action Gallery IX!

Week 274

Last week, you saw me about to hit Cindy Rogers with a legdrop, during our WWW number one contender's match. Well, she kicked out of it, so I figured she needed a little more softening up. Here I have both her arms wrenched behind her back, while I add to the pressure by pressing my knee against her spine!

Week 273

This week, it's action from the recent WWW event, where I took on Cindy Rogers for a number one contender's spot. Here, Cindy is about to receive a big leg drop, courtesy of me!

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Week 272

Well, I know you've been enjoying the pictures of the match between Nikki Roxx and I, so I'm working on getting a gallery of pictures up from that match. So, in the meantime, here's a picture of me from earlier this year when I was NECW ladies champion.

Week 271

Last week, you saw me going to work on Nikki Roxx's arm, and those of you who have seen her wrestle knows she can give as good as she gets, so here she's got my arm and is really putting on the pressure!

Week 270

This week, here's some action from the opening moments of my challenge to Nikki Roxx for the NECW ladies championship. I went right to work on her arm, and you can tell by her expression, I was really wrenching it!

Picture of the Week
Week 269

Of course, the WWW match didn't go all my way. Here, I'm covering Nikki Roxx after hitting a second rope elbow drop, but as you can see, the third participant in the match, Mercedes Martinez is coming in to break it up. 2 brainbusters later I was no longer the NECW ladies champion, but I do get a chance to regain it this Friday, April 22 in Framingham against current champ, Nikki Roxx.

Week 268

Last week, I had Nikki Roxx trapped in a combination body scissors/abdominal stretch, but don't think that I forgot about Mercedes Martinez in the WWW match for the NECW ladies title. Here Mercedes is about 1/2 second from receiving an elbow across the chest courtesy of yours truly!

Week 267

From singles action featuring Nikki Roxx and I to action from WWW's inagural show for the NECW ladies championship. Here I have Nikki Roxx locked into a body scissors, while I also have her caught in an abdominal stretch!

Week 266

Well, as I hoped, I didn't get too many complaints about last week's picture of the week, but I haven't got any pictures from the WWW show yet, so here's some action featuring Nikki Roxx and I in singles competition from late last year in NECW. Here I have her legs tied up behind her while I wrench back on her head and neck!

Week 265

I was hoping I'd have some photos from last week's WWW show for you this week (in which, if you haven't heard already I did lose the NECW ladies championship), but I haven't received any yet, so we'll just have to make due with this posed picture, and hopefully I'll have some action for you next week. Hope nobody minds!

Picture of the Week

I've had a lot of people request some posed pictures on here as a break from the in ring action so, since Valentine's day is just a few weeks past, here I am hanging out with my Valentine!

But, even though I'm just hanging out here, don't think that I'm not training for the WWW show next Sunday, March 5th. In fact, you can hear some words from me on that very match right now at

Week 262

Last week, you saw me getting side slammed by Nikki Roxx, but don't fear, I wasn't beat yet. Tanya Lee stepped in and knocked down Nikki, and then I swooped in on Tayna, locked in the claw and the win!

Week 261

Last week, you saw me in control of Nikki Roxx's arm but, as you know if you've ever seen Nikki Roxx, she's not to be taken lightly. Even with the work I had done on her arm, she was able to get me up in this side slam.

Week 261

After breaking up Nikki's pin attempt on Tanya Lee in our triple threat match, it was clear to me that she needed to be softened up some I went after her arm, as you see here.

Week 260

OK, I admit this one is a bit grainy, even a little blurry, but I just had to put it up. You see, after all my softening up of Tanya Lee in the corner that you saw last week, what happens? Nikki Roxx goes for the pin. As you can tell from my reaction, I was a bit...surprised, but I guess that's what happens in a triple threat. Which reminds me, I'll be defending the NECW ladies title on March 5th in Somerville, MA at the inaugural WWW show, against not only Nikki Roxx, who we see here, but also former champion Mercedes Martinez!

Week 259

This week, as promised, here's action from the NECW triple threat match for my ladies title. Here you can see Nikki Roxx recovering in the background, while I go to work on Tanya Lee. This picture was taken just after AND just before a knee to the midsection.

Week 258

Of course, the thing about winning a title is that soon afterwards, you have to defend it. Many of you saw my first title defense on, and soon after that, I had to defend it in a triple threat match against Nikki Roxx and Tanya Lee. I'll have action from that match in the coming weeks, but here I am making my entrance as the proud champ!

Week 257

When we last saw me in the ring, Natalia had the upper hand in our NECW ladies title match. She went for her finisher, the Overdrive, but I pulled out, and got her in an Oklahoma roll...and here you see the result. A NEW CHAMPION!!

Week 256

This week I interrupt the action to wish everyone out there a very happy, healty 2006!

Week 255

More from the NECW ladies title match... I was in trouble after missing that dropkick, and Natalia followed up with this body slam, then took a hold of my head and flipped herself over me, snapping my neck forward!

Picture of the Week
Week 254

This week the NECW ladies title match continues... I got the upperhand for a moment with a hiptoss, but when I tried to follow up with a dropkick, Natalia backed up just enough that I missed it, and...

Week 253

The action in the NECW NECW started out cautious, as we felt each other out by exchanging arm wringers...

Week 252
Last time, I showed you my pin on Amber in the NECW Fatal Four Way match, featuring Amber and I, along with Irish star Rebecca Knox and Miss Della Morte. Well, that match, earned me a shot at Natalia's NECW ladies title the next night. Most of you already know the income, but at this point, the action was just about to start!

Week 251

The fatal four way I've been chronicling over the past few weeks came down to me and Amber, and here you see the winning pin, which earned me a shot at Natalia's NECW ladies championship!

Week 250

Last week you saw me trapped in the corner by Amber...well, after that, Miss Della Morte took over, but I was able to turn the tables on her! When she whipped me in the corner I got out of the way and started taking over myself!

Week 249

This week, more action from the fatal 4 way, featuring myself, Amber, Miss Della Morte and Rebecca Knox. While Della and Rebecca pounded on each other, Amber got out of the chinlock I had had her in, and started firing chops at me!

Week 248

OK, OK, I hear you, enough of the triple threat match which I...didn't's time to talk about my recent success, so here'e a picture from a match I DID win! It was for NECW, and featured me, international star Rebecca Knox, Amber, and Delle Morte in a match where the winner earned a title shot against Natalia the following night! Here I have Amber under control, while Della Morte and Rebecca Knox battle it out in the corner.

Week 247

Now back to our regularly scheduled pic of the week...I was battling Mercedes Martinez and Della Morte in a triple threat match, but still managed to catch Mercedes with this bulldog. Things were looking good for me then, but with Della Morte in the ring too, I had my work cut out for me.

Week 246

I had planned on bringing you more action from the Triple Threat match, featuring Mercedes Martinez, Miss Della Morte and myself this week, but in view of recent developments...I bring you the NEW NECW ladies champion!!
I won a fatal four way against international star, Rebecca Knox, Miss Della Morte and Amber friday night to earn a title shot against Natalia Saturday night, and I made the most of it! I'll have action from both those matches coming soon!

Week 245

This week, it's more action from the triple threat at NECW's birthday bash! I had Mercedes Martinez on the ropes in the corner, but made the mistake of taking my eyes off of Miss Della Morte, who came up from behind, knocked me down, and then the 2 on 1 odds started to take their toll...

Week 244

Shortly after my singles match with Miss Della Morte for Revival Championship, I stepped in the ring with her again for NECW, this time in a triple threat match, with Mercedes Martinez also in the ring. I had a little equalizer though, Natalia was the special guest referee. I went on the offense early, hitting both Mercedes and Della Morte with this clothesline!
Best of pic of the week

Week 243

Last week, you saw Beth choking me in the corner, during my match with Miss Della Morte, but she wasn't the only one to get in on the act. Finally, after so much outside interference, the referee was forced to call the match, and disqualify Della Morte. I won the match, but the war's not over...

Week 242

When you last saw me in the ring, I was clamping a sleeper hold on Miss Della Morte! I thought it was a pretty good idea at the time, but unfortunately she backed me into the corner and left me there for her henchwoman, Beth, to do some damage on me with a choke of her own!

Week 241

I interrupt the action photos this week to bring you a previously unseen posed photo from this past summer's SuperSlam! It's the picture of the week, because later this month, NECW will be presenting SuperSlam 2, and also, because it's a week for celebrating. And just what am I celebrating? Why, my birthday, of course!

Week 240
For the last week (ok for the past 2 weeks), you've seen action from the NECW 6 girl elimination match, and heard about how Miss Della Morte cost me that match, well, the very next day I entered the ring with Miss Morte one on one for Revival Pro Wrestling. Here, you see me wearing her down with a sleeper hold.

Week 239
Here's some more action from the 6 girl elimination match at last month's NECW show. Here Mercedes Martinez has me in trouble with a big high vertical suplex, while Cindy Rogers looks on. It wasn't long before I was back on top though, and things were going my way, until Della Morte stuck her nose in where it didn't belong, costing me the match! But, I didn't let her get away with that for long...

Week 238
With NECW's birthday bash coming up this weekend, I thought I'd show you some action from the 6 woman elimination match last month. I've just dropkicked Mercedes Martinez, while my partner, Jade, is in mid-dropkick on Luscious Lilly, and when Cindy Rogers gets to her feet, my other partner, Natalia, is ready to put her back on the mat with another drop kick.

Week 237
Even after all my classic greco-roman grappling you saw last week, Jamie West still had some fight in she has me about to go for a ride in a catapult!

Best of pic of the week

Week 236

Now, after last weeks cake picture a few people actually suggested that I might have deserved a cake to the face, but I don't see how that's possible. I mean here's some action from the match with Jamie West, all of if strictly by the book, of course!

Week 235

You know, you bring someone a nice chocolate cake for their retirement, and just see how they treat you!

Week 234
For the past week (ok, so 2 weeks) you've had a photo of Gordy chopping me in the UWA tag team titles tournament. Well, I didn't appreciate the chop to much, so when he turned around to celebrate it, I reached down and got a little equalizer!

Week 233
For those fans of mixed action, who've been clamoring for more from the UWA tag team titles tournament, here's a little more. 3 weeks ago or so I had a picture of me unleashing a big kick on Gordy...well, he retaliated by getting me in the corner and hitting me with a big chop!

Week 232
Here's more from the NECW ladies title tournament. The finals saw Mercedes Martinez take on Nikki Roxx. Nikki fell prey to Mercedes when Della Morte distracted her from ringside, then Mercedes and Della Morte attacked Nikki, that's when I ran off to chase them away. I mean, it's bad enough they had to steal the victory, they didn't have to add insult to injury!

Week 231
Last week, I showed you some action from the second round of the NECW ladies championship tournament. This week, I'm going back in time a bit, to bring you action from the first round, where I faced newcomer, Jade!

Week 230
I know many of you enjoyed last weeks picture, and there is still more to come from those matches, but today I wanted to bring you action from the recently completed NECW Ladies Championship Tournament! If you don't know by now, Mercedes Martinez ended up going all the way, I was eliminated in the second round by current PGWA Champion, and international star, Nikki Roxx. Here Roxx has me trapped in a headlock, while I grimace in pain!

Week 229
A few weeks back I showed you all a picture of me and my tag partner, J.D. Love making our entrance for the UWA tag team title tournament. Now, on to some action! The first tag team we faced was the team of Gordy and Tony Zucco, J.D. started off the action with Gordy, then tagged me in, where I took over on Gordy with this kick!

Week 228
As many of you know, not too long ago, a little show called "Wrestlemania 21" took place in Los Angeles. Well, here's a picture of me outside the Staples Center, waiting for it to kick off. All the way out there I was most excited to see Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle, and I wasn't disappointed by their match! I do have to admit, though, that the highlight of the show for me was seeing the one and only Hulk Hogan in the ring again!

Week 227
For the past few weeks, you've seen me in action against Mercedes Martinez.'s the eventual outcome of the match...I don't know what the ref was looking at, but I KNOW, (and this picture proves) my shoulder was up! I'm not sure where we stand in the brackets, but if I face her on June 5 in the NECW title tournament, I'm hoping for a different referee and a different outcome!

Week 226
Before you feel too bad for Mercedes Martinez, take a look at some of the tactics she used on me!

Week 225
After the fish-hooking and choking, it was time to get was off with the jacket, and to work on the arm.

Week 224
Since the referee wasn't having the fish-hooking, I decided to switch gears, and do some greco roman choking.

Week 223
If you remember from 2 weeks ago, Mercedes Martinez hit me with a kick to the back while I still had my jacket on. I didn't take to kindly to that, so I retaliated with a snap mare of my own, then a little friendly fish-hooking. For some reason the ref didn't like that too much, so...

Week 222
For the last few weeks I've been showing you action from NECW, and there's plenty more coming too, but before I get to far ahead of myself, here's a look at a recent UWA show, where me and my tag parner, J.D. Love entered a tournament for the UWA tag team titles!

Week 221
Now onto action from the NECW show in Plainfield, CT. The action started before I even got my jacket off, as you can see here as Mercedes is about to connect with a kick to my back.

Week 220
I went right from one match with Mercedes Martinez to another, and I'll have action from that match, but first off, a little warm up!
Also, a big Happy Easter to all my Christian fans!

Week 219
Last week, you saw Mercedes hit her shoulder on the ring post, this week, my follow up to that mistake! I went right to work on her arm, of course.
For more action from this match, check out my new Action Gallery!

Week 218
Now, to some NECW action! Mercedes started the match out strong, but made a critical mistake, when she came running at me in the corner, I quickly hopped out of the way, and, as you can see here, her shoulder slammed into the ring post. Of course I took advantage of it...

Week 217
Last week, you saw me posing with my self-bought NECW championship. This week, you see me in the ring, and for some reason, the fans in Framingham weren't too impressed with my strap, which didn't make me too happy, as you can see by my expression!

Week 216
Here I am posing at the latest NECW show with my belt, which I had to get myself, since Sheldon Goldberg won't recognize me as the ladies champion! For those of you with a fast enough connection (or a few hours to spare), check me out in action for NECW at!

Week 215
For the past few weeks, you've been seeing Jade get the better of me, but don't worry, I rallied back with this suplex, on my way to the pin!

Week 214
Last week, Jade was choking me in the corner, after that she bealed me by the hair into the center of the ring, but she wasn't done with her underhanded tactics yet! She pulled me up by the hair, then threw me back down, as you see here!

Week 213
Last week, you saw me lifting Jade up for a big slam, but don't feel to bad for her...she got her share of punishment in on me, and she didn't seem to mind too much whether her moves were scrictly within the rules either!

Week 212
A few weeks back I wrestled a newcomer to the sport for Everett Championship Wrestling. Her name is Jade and she's a former boxer...I bet she never experienced anything like this slam in a boxing ring though!

Week 211
After a few weeks of posed pictures, back to action, this time the Framingham three way for NECW a few months back. Here you see Ariel and Hayley Skye flagrantly double teaming me to throw me from the ring, and the aftermath.

Week 210
I know it was a few months ago, but I finally got my film developed from Halloween, so here's a look at me in my Halloween costume from the annual UWA costume battle royal. Here I am as the one and only "Capper" Captain Lou!

Picture of the Week
Week 209
A lot of you have been asking for pictures of my new valet for the UWA. Well, here she is, pictured with me backstage at the last UWA show. For those of you in Syracuse, you can see us in action this Saturday, the 15th of January at the UWA Madhouse!

Best of pic of the week

Week 208
Last week you saw me with the upper hand on Hayley Skye, but it wasn't long before she used her dirty tricks on me and starting pulling my hair!

Week 207
This week it's more action from the triple threat match in Framingham for NECW! Here, I've got the upper hand on Hayley Skye, but...

Week 206
Here's an action shot from last weekend's Triple Threat match in Framingham featuring myself, Hayley Skye and Ariel! As a special holiday gift to all of you, this match is now available to view online as part of the weekly NECW tv show at NECW.TV!

Week 205
This week, more action from the NECW elimination 4 way in Framingham, Nov 20. Here I was wearing down Hayley Skye, by sitting on her back and wrenching back on her head, but the referee kept giving me a hassle...first I couldn't pull her hair, then I couldn't stick my fingers in her eyes, then I couldn't pull on the edges of her mouth. Now, I ask you, what can I do?

Week 204
This week, it's action from the NECW elimination 4 way in Framingham, Nov 20. Here both Sarah Sullivan and I are about to land after I delivered a flying clothesline!

Picture of the Week
Week 203
Here's a behind the scenes shot from the taping. If you look carefully on my right side you'll notice a scar which is residue of my last match with Mercedes Martinez. This weekend, I'll be facing her in three way competition, and maybe I'll give her one to match!

Week 202
This week, it's more action from NECW, featuring me against Mercedes Martinez. Check out my new action gallery featuring 16 more pictures from this match!

Week 201
This picture somehow got left out of my Hayley Skye action gallery, but I thought it was too good to be missed, as I come crashing down on the back of her head! If you missed this match, don't worry, you can still catch the rematch this Saturday, Nov 20 at the Framingham Civic League! For more information check out! Also, the first NECW.TV taping is in the can, check out the special preview episode starting Tuesday, the 16th!

Week 200
This week, in honor of the 200th picture of the week, it's a special shot of Voula and I in China!! And, in honor of the 200th picture of the week, I've resurrected the Merchandise page! There's a video tape now available, which features action between Voula and I, and much, much more!
Also, you can check out a new interview with yours truly over at (on the Women of Wrestling interviews page).

Week 199
The reason for this week's picture is two fold. First, it's a warm up for Halloween, and it's also to let you know that there are now exclusive pictures of me up and for sale at!

Week 198
Voula thought she'd get the advantage of surprise, by attacking from behind, but I quickly got on top. She managed to reverse it though, so I said the heck with this and got out of there!

Week 197
If you remember from last week, I was slated to face Suzy Zucco at the last UWA show. But, she came out crying about how I sprained her ankle in our confrontation the month before (a highly dubious claim, since I hit her in the head...not the leg), so I decided that if she wanted to cry, as my father always used to say, I'd give her something to cry about! I kicked the ankle out from under her, and twisted it over the rope, but as you can see behind me Voula, who we haven't seen hide nor hair of in almost a year, decided to take that opportunity for a sneak attack!

Week 196
A big thanks to Brad for this weeks pic of the week, which comes from this past weekend's UWA show, where I was slated to defend my title against Suzy Zucco. Things didn't go quite as planned, though, as you'll see next week.
Expecting to see more from the NECW show? There's plenty of action up at my new Action Gallery!

Week 195
This week the picture comes to you again, courtesy of Ed, who made the journey from Long Island to Massachusetts to take in last weekend's NECW show. You may notice I don't look all that happy in this picture, but that's because the ring announcer took too long to say my name. Last time, he said the wrong name altogehter, so I'm getting a little tired of having to correct him all the time!

Week 194
Same match, different photographer. This week, the pic of the week comes courtesy of Kevin, who shot this picture of me right after getting kicked in the back by Hayley Skye (that's her arm and leg you can see peeking around past Nikki Roxx's boot (who was standing on the apron).

Week 193
A big thanks to Ed for again providing the picture of the week. This week, Sarah Sullivan (the eventual winner of this 8 woman elimination match) has taken advantage of the damage done by Hayley Skye by wrenching on my arm as Ariel looks on.

Week 192
Well, as many of you know, today (Sept 6) is my birthday, so I hope I have a good time today. However, I wasn't having a very good time when this picture was taken. It more action from NECW's Birthday Bash. Here, Hayley Skye has hit a sidewalk slam on me, that knocked the wind right out of me, much to the apparent delight of the fan behind her!
And, where are my manners?! I big shout out to Ed for taking and sending me these Birthday Bash pictures!

Week 191
This week brings action from the NECW Birthday Bash. Here I'm in the ring with Ariel. I was trying to see if she was ok, but for some reason the referee thought I was choking her, and made me back up. Party pooper!

Week 190
...I managed to break out of the body scissors, then took matters into my own hands with a bodyslam on Synndy, and followeed that up with a bronco buster on the Strangler.

Week 189
Last week you saw me knocked out of the ring, and none too happy about it, well, things went from bad to worse once I got back in the ring. First, "Strangler" Steve King picked me up for an atomic drop as Synndy looked on, then she capitalized on it by slapping on this body scissors. Things weren't looking too good right then, but...

Week 188
Last week I showed you my new outfit, this week to the in-ring action! Apparently, my opponent, Synndy doesn't appreciate the value of a new outfit, she knocked me out of the ring in the opening minutes of the contest. Now, for some reason, the crowd seemed to think that was funny, so I had to set them straight.

Week 187
OK, here I am back in the ring, getting ready for last weekends tag match featuring me and my long time tag partner Devestating Derek (that's his boot in the side of the picture) against "Strangler" Steve King and his partner, Synndy. What do you think of my new outfit I got to match my belt?!
Also, I've heard that the new PWI "Women of Wrestling" magazine is out, and it features yours truly. I haven't seen it in the stores here yet, but if you come across it, you might want to check it out!

Week 186
You've seen me in the ring for the past few weeks, so here's a shot of me away from it. This was taken one free weekend I had when I got to check out Yankee Stadium, for the first time ever. They lost, and I got rained on, but it was still fun and now I can say I've gone!

Week 185
Here you see me trying out a move that I'm sure you've all seen Gail Kim to on TV. This was pre-show (just after last week's pic was taken), so I thought I'd try it out. Unfortunatly, using this particular fellow (his name is Gordy) as a practice dummy backfired on me, because I ended up having to wrestle him later that night! I tried using the move in our match, but the preview of it gave him time to come up with a counter. He spun around so fast and so many times neither one of use knew which way was up! If anyone has pics from the match, I've love to see them, just e-mail me at and let me know.

Week 184
Here I am just hanging out in the ring before the last UWA show.

Week 183
After kicking out of my massive bodyslam, the Strangler decided he had had enough of me (plus he seemed to have somehow fallen out of the ring onto Devestating Derek's fist), so he didn't even get back into the ring to finish the match, so I won by countout. Of course, as you can see, he was quick to remind me that the title doesn't change hands on a countout.
For anyone looking for Violet Flame merchandise, you can check out and click on the the merchandise button for a selection of t-shirts, mouse pads and miscellaneous. Depending on the response, they may not be available long, so if you're interested, then check it out soon!

Week 182

After the kiss you saw last week, I was so enraged, that I was able to dig down deep, and pick up "Strangler" Steve King for a big bodyslam! Unfortunately I was still so mad afterwards, that I attempted to pin the Strangler my standing on his chest. Not an effective way to pin the men's champ, who happens to outweigh me by about 100lbs.

Week 182

Last week, you got to see me almost pin the strangler, Steve King, but in this weeks photo things aren't looking as good for me. First, the strangler grabs me by my hair, and cocks back his fist to punch me, but then decides to plant a big sloppy disgusting kiss on me, much to my dismay, and much to the apparent disgust of Devestating Derek. I can still feel those slimy lips on mine...YUCK!!

Week 181
This week (finally!), championship action from my match against UWA champ, Steve King. I knew I couldn't outmuscle the champ, he outweighs me by about 100 lbs, so I tried to catch him off guard with a schoolboy right from the get go. It almost worked too...

Week 180
Last week I brought you action from the recentUWA battle royal to determine the number one contender for the UWA heavyweight title. This week, the conclusion, much to the apparent shock of my good friend and sometimes tag partner, Devestating Derek...I won! This of course, meant that I had to face "Strangler" Steve King later in the evening for his title...action from that match next week!

Picture of the WeekWeek 179
This week it's action from the recently completed UWA show! I was in the bunkhouse battle royal to determine the top contender to "Strangler" Steve King's UWA championship. Early on, Kid Trance and Gordy tried to get me out, but I held on, and they only managed to get me to the ring apron...

Week 176
Lest you think from last weeks picture that Tiger Fang was in control for our whole match, here's a little more action from our match. I'm on top here, but if you look closely to the right of the picture, you'll see that scoundrel Suzy Zucco interjecting herself into the proceedings!
Also, the high bidder on the ring backed out, so if anyone is interested, it's back up on e-bay. For more info Click here.

Week 175
This week, as promised, action from my match with Tiger Fang!

Week 174

Last week I was telling you how the last UWA show didn't go as planned, and how I had a big surprise...well, the surprise was that this man, Tiger Fang, a Kowalski graduate and martial arts expert showed up to put a challenge out to Devestating Derek. Now, of course, Derek was already scheduled for a tag match that evening, so naturally it fell to me to accept the challenge...and accept I did! Action photos coming soon!

Week 173

The show this past weekend didn't quite go as planned. I thought I was gonna have the night off since Voula and Holly are still running scared and since I defeated Suzy Zucco last month, so I came out with my friends, JD Love (off the photo)and Devastating Derek (on the right) to celebrate their shot at the tag titles given to them by Clayton Endicott III (on the left). However, we were in for a surprise...
(more next week)

Week 172
I've had a few people ask me what the outcome of my match with Suzy Zucco was, so this picture should answer your question!
Actually, I do have an ulterior motive in using this as the picture of the week, and that is that the ring that I'm standing in is currently for sale on e-bay. There are a couple more pictures of it there (including one of me in action!) and a little bit about it's history, because before it was the UWA ring it was owned by none other than Killer Kowalski himself, and used as a training ring to train his biggest students, including Triple H, Chyna, A-train, and of course myself ; ) For those interested, or who might know someone interested, you can take a look at it if you Click here!

Week 171
A lot of you have noticed that my track record for updating every week hasn't been that good lately, and I apoligize for that, but must admt that it will probably be spotty for a little while, for a few reasons. First, my digital camera broke, so I'm back to film and developing and scanning, which slows me down a lot, and secondly becuase I'm back in school, which limits my time to work on the site and also limits the time I have to take bookings and photos. So, I will update when I have pictures to share and bookings to talk about, but it may not be weekly.
That said, here's an oldy from my first days in the wrestling business. I think it was taken back before I'd even had my first match. That's me (on the right) along with former rival Ramblin' Rose.

Week 170
I got a lot of e-mail about last weeks picture of the week, so here's some more action from the last UWA show. So, lest you that the match was completely onesided, here's a picture of a pin attempt on my by Suzy. Luckily for me, she made a few mistakes...I was close to the ropes, and she didn't hook my legs, so the match continued, but it was close there for a second!

Week 169
Well this past Saturdays UWA show didn't go quite as planned. I guess last show was a bit too much for the Canadians, Voula and Holly, becuase they didn't show up. I thought I was gonna end up with a night off, but then my very own tag team partner, Suzy "Beady Eyes" Zucco challenged me to a title match. I wasn't prepared for a singles match, but I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so here you see me dishing out some pain, applying a figure four to little Suzy!

Week 168
Just got word this past week that a fellow diva has gotten a developmental contract with the WWE! She was "Melody Littledeer" for the CRUSH taping we did last february, where this picture was taken. She doesn't look at that happy in this picture, but I'll bet she was grinning from ear to ear when she got her contract. For more information on her, check out her website at!

Week 166
This picture was taken earlier this year at the OSPW show. It's me and manager Chris Halen, who has just launched his new website. Check it out here!

Picture of the Week
Week 165
Here's a picture from before my last match with Voula for the UWA. I'm ready for action here, too bad I don't have any from the match. If anyone out there does, please e-mail me, or if anyone's gonna be coming to any upcoming shows please feel free to take along your camera!
Hope all my American friends and fans had a great Thanksgiving!

Week 164
Well, it's been a rough car (Ford Escort) died after a pretty good 8 year run, so I ended up stranded at work one day, then had to buy a new car. I went to the dealership thinking I'd get another Escort, but ended up with this Mustang instead! I'm excited about the car, if not about the car payments. :)

Picture of the Week
Picture of the Week
Week 162
Hope all you out there had a spooky, safe Halloween! Here's a pic of me in my costume.

Week 161
I heard yesterday about the death of Road Warrior Hawk, and so I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite Road Warrior bits of merchandise, and send my thoughts out to his family. The Road Warriors had a tremendous influence on wrestling, my generation of wrestlers, and me in particular. One of the moments in wrestling I will always remember was when the Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes were WCW (or was it NWA) six-man champions and the Road Warriors turned on Dusty, spiking him in the eye. It was a viscous attack and that's what made the Road Warriors so great and so memorable. He will be missed. For more, you can check out his obituary on Slam Wrestling.
I also send my thoughts out to the Hart family with the loss of patriarch Stu. He's certainly been a huge influence on the wrestling world as well, although on me personally through his sons and through his training of current stars like Chris Benoit than through his own wrestling. There is an article up at with Penny Banner's rememberances that's worth taking a look at.

Week 160
This is a picture taken over the summer when I was in Boston visiting my old stomping ground, and my old teacher! So, I of course took the opportunity to plant a big wet kiss on Walter, it's not everyday that I get to kiss a legend, after all!
For those of you in the Syracuse area, don't forget my big title defense coming up this Friday. Check out for more details.

Week 159
Take a look at the new UWA champ! I am now the holder of the newly created UWA ladies title, having defeated Voula last friday. She somehow managed to get a rematch though, just becuase my feet were on the ropes when I pinned her, so I have my first title defense on Oct 17, at Halloween Hell!

Week 158
Ok, I know I've been taking about nothing but the OSPW show lately, but that's only because I had such a good time there, and got to meet some girls I never crossed paths with before, like Malia Hosaka! Yep, this is the first time we've met in person, but hopefully not the last!

Week 157
This week it's some action from the OSPW show. In this picture Allie Spirit has the upper hand, but I got my licks in too. To see more action from our match check out my new Action Gallery!

Week 156
This past Saturday marked the first OSPW show. Here's a pic from the show courtesy of my good friend Mark who came down from Canada to watch the show. Anyway, here I am reminding Allie Spirit that the OSPW fans were there to see wrestling, not dancing. She apparently took exception to that remark, and saw fit to challenge me to a match! Well, she certainly proved she could do more than dance! I came out with a W in the Win/Loss column this time, but it was a hard fought victory. I'll have action pics from the match up very soon, so don't forget to check back.

Week 155
One of the things I like to do when I'm not busy wrestling on the weekends is to travel to wrestling themed here I am outside of WWE Niagara Falls in Ontario. Behind me is the store, and the handprints of Trish Stratus!

Week 153
I got so many e-mails about last weeks picture that I thought I'd show you a little more action from the match. This time I'm going for a pin on Voula as my tag partners, J.D. "Huggy Pug" Love, and Devestating Derek look on. The referee's counting here, but one second later he somehow got it into his skull that my leg was actually choking the poor Canadian and made me get up. I don't know what he was thinking, but UWA officials were so impressed by her performance that they have signed her to come down for our Super Summer Sizzler on August 24!
If you look carefully though, you'll see the camera man getting all the action for the UWA television show which airs on Time Warner cable station 98 here in Syracuse, so if you're in the area, check it out, and if not, you can head on over to website to get all the news, including bios on me and of course my tag partners, JD and Derek!

Week 152
This week I'm in the ring with a newcomer to the sport, Voula, who comes from Ontario, Canada and was down in Syracuse 2 weekends ago, making her US debut for the UWA. Here she is just seconds away from receiving a welcome to the ring from me in the form of a sidewalk slam!

Week 151
My latest project with Dark Night Films, the Chameleon Killer, is ready to order! This is picture from the film of me and Matt Spease, who plays Mitch in the movie. The video is now available, and the DVD will be ready within the week, so head on over to check it out!

Week 149
The Fourth of July is already over a week past, but here's a picture from my holiday weekend. Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like a swim! I'll be putting more pictures like this up at my fan club soon, so if you're a member, you might want to check it out, and if you're not, what are you waiting for?

Week 148
There's a new WWE ladies champion as of last Monday's RAW, and her name is Gail Kim. Here's a picture of Gail (under the mask) and I on the canadian weather channel when she was wrestling as "La Felina" for the AWF.
Congratulations Gail!

Week 146
Another picture from NECW (can you tell I've been in New England a lot lately?) This time, it's from the June 14th show in Hamden, CT. That's me standing next to NECW promoter Sheldon Goldberg and international woman's superstar Sumie Sakai. Does this mean a match between me and Sumie is in the works? I can only hope!

Week 145
Here's a picture from Zone Fest. This is me and the current NECW champion, Maverick Wild, who retained his championship this weekend in a grueling match against "the Golden Greek" Alex Arion.

Week 143

This week it's 3 for the price of 1!
This is action from the latest Atlas Wrestling show, where I managed Trinity H. Campbell and Sienna Blaze against Amanda Storm and Miss Courtney. In the first picture, I was merely checking on Miss Courtney as she landed close to the ropes after a big move by Sienna Blaze. Then, Amanda somehow got it in her head that I was choking Courtney. She started running around, ranting and raving, and threatening to put her hands on me. I tried to explain that I was only trying to help, but she wasn't having it. She always did have something against me...Anyway, Trinity H. Campbell then courageously threw herself in the way to save me with a greco-roman eye poke to Storm. That's the advantage to being a manager, I guess. Sometimes you get to have someone else take care of your light work.
So, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Week 141
This is from the Atlas Championship Wrestling show this past weekend, where I managed Trinity H. Campbell and Sienna Blaze in their tag match. I lost to Trinity the last time I was there, but I couldn't resist joining her this time in her fight against Amanda Storm.

Also, has been updated with lots of actions photos! Check out pictures 5, 34, 42, and 53 to see Annabelle the Cannibal in action!

Week 140
Sorry this one is a bit late, I just got back from Arkansas, where I was shooting my part for "Chameleon Killer" from Dark Night Films. Here's a sneak preview of me in my role as Patricia "Trish" Richards. For more pictures from the shoot, check out my fan club, and keep up to date on the progress of the movie at

Week 138
Yet another picture from the CRUSH taping. This time it's me and the (literally) larger than life NYX! Find out more about her, including reading her column at her home league, APWF.
Also, a big thanks to all of you who responded to picture of the week 133 and voted for me over at I won the poll by an overwhelming 72%!

Week 137
Last week, I showed you all a picture with some WOW girls from the CRUSH taping, this week, it's another picture from CRUSH, but this time it's a GLOW girl, Hollywood! She's still wrestling, and still looking good after all these years, and this picture proves it!

Week 136
A bevy of battling beauties! Here's a picture from the CRUSH taping in February showing me along with several of the former WOW competitors. How many can you name?

And, since I'm celebrating Easter this coming weekend with my family for the first time in 9 years, I probably won't update again until afterwards, so to all those that celebrate it, Happy Easter!

Week 133
Do you think I'm sexy?
Then Click here to vote for me as sexiest female in a Dark Night Films production!

Week 132
Here is a picture of me, as Annabelle the Cannibal, and Melanie Little Deer at the CRUSH taping. Melanie, aka Kyra is a Southern California diva trained by Jesse Hernandez, and featured on the new website SoCalWOW. Stop on over there to keep up with all your favorites, especially those in the Socal area!

Week 131
This week I bring you action from Canada's AWF. This match pitted myself and Danny Dynamic against Phoenix and Kevin Grace. Phoenix and Grace were victorious when a masked wrestler known as Mayhem distracted Danny, but they haven't seen the last of us. For more photos from the show, entitled "No Love Lost", including pictures from this match, click here.

Week 130 (finally).
I'm sure alot of you have heard about the recent CRUSH show that took place in Minnesota.'s a picture of me making my entrance as Annabelle the Cannibal! I had a great time at the show, renewed some friendships and make some new ones too, and I think it could be a great opportunity, so, I'm hoping for many more CRUSH shows!

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