- June 17, 2003: Smackdown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon announced that an 8-man tournament would be held to crown a new United States Champion. Prior to the finals, Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno and Matt Hardy while Eddie Guerrero defeated the Ultimo Dragon and Billy Gunn.

Vengeance 03 (Smackdown!)
Denver, CO
Pepsi Arena
July 27, 2003
- WWE U.S. Championship Tournament Finals: Eddie Guerrero pinned Chris Benoit at 22:12 with the Frog Splash after Rhyno interfered, hit the Gore on Benoit, and then spat on him as referee Mike Chioda was knocked out

No Mercy 03 (Smackdown!)
Baltimore, MD
1st Mariner Arena
October 19, 2003
- The Big Show pinned WWE US Champion & WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Eddie Guerrero to win the title with the chokeslam at 11:26; Guerrero wrestled the bout with his back heavily taped up after Show hit a chokeslam on him onto his own low rider days before; after the bout, Chavo Guerrero Jr. came out to console Eddie on the loss

WrestleMania XX
New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden
March 14, 2004
- John Cena pinned WWE US Champion the Big Show to win the title at 9:13 with the FU after hitting the champion with a pair of brass knuckles

- July 6, 2004: The title was stripped from Cena by Smackdown! General Manager Kurt Angle after Cena inadvertantly struck Angle during a title defense against Booker T in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Weeks earlier, Angle stated that if Cena ever touched him again then he would vacate the championship.

Cincinnati, OH
US Bank Arena
July 27, 2004
- Booker T won an 8-man elimination match to win the vacant WWE US Championship; order of elimination: Billy Gunn pinned Charlie Haas at 3:05 with the Fameasser; Luther Reigns pinned Rene Dupree with a neckbreaker at 8:22; Kenzo Suzuki was disqualified at 11:00 after hitting John Cena with the title belt; Cena pinned Gunn at 19:12 with the FU; Cena pinned Reigns at 20:58 with the FU; Booker T pinned Cena at 23:11 after Cena sustained the Five Star Frog Splash from Rob Van Dam; Booker pinned RVD at 23:21 with the scissors kick

No Mercy 04
East Rutherford, NJ
Continental Airlines Arena
October 3, 2004
- WWE US Championship Best of 5 Series: John Cena pinned WWE US Champion Booker T with the FU at 10:22; Cena - 3, Booker - 2; due to Cena winning the series, he won the US title; after the bout, Cena autographed a New Jersey Nets jersey and threw it into the crowd

Boston, MA
October 5, 2004
- Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned WWE US Champion John Cena to win the title at 16:25 after hitting Cena with his own steel chain (Carlito's TV debut)

Dayton, OH
November 16, 2004
- John Cena pinned WWE US Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool (w/ Jesus) to win the title with the FU at the 24-second mark after spitting apple in Carlito's face; prior to the bout, Cena laid out Jesus before assaulting Carlito around ringside and smashing the champion's heavily-taped shoulder with a steel chair; after the bout, Jesus attacked Cena from behind and punched him in the kidneys with his own steel chain; moments later, Tazz, referees, and medics attended to Cena in the ring and he was later taken backstage on a stretcher

Albany, NY
Pepsi Arena
March 1, 2005
- Orlando Jordan pinned WWE US Champion John Cena to win the title at 15:25

Summer Slam 05
Washington DC
MCI Center
August 21, 2005
- Chris Benoit defeated WWE US Champion Orlando Jordan via submission with the Crippler Crossface to win the title at the 25-second mark

Reno, NV
Lawlor Events Center
October 18, 2005
- Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned WWE US Champion Chris Benoit to win the title at 15:36 with the scissors kick after Sharmell hit a low blow on Benoit from behind

- The title was held up November 22, 2005 following a match between Booker T and Chris Benoit during a Smackdown! taping in Sheffield, England. The finish of the contest saw both men's shoulders counted to the mat following a superplex from the champion and a cradle from Benoit. Smackdown! GM Teddy Long announced that a Best of 7 Series would take place with the winner crowned as the new US Champion. Randy Orton was used as a substitute for Booker beginning with Match 5 after Booker was deemed unable to compete due to injury.

Philadelphia, PA
Wachovia Center
January 10, 2006
- Match 7 in the Best of 7 Series: Randy Orton (sub. for Booker T) pinned Chris Benoit at 28:07 after Booker T, who came ringside moments earlier with Sharmell, hit Benoit with the title belt as Orton was caught in the Crippler Crossface; before Booker & Sharmell came out, Orlando Jordan attempted to interfere but was knocked off the apron by Orton; Booker & Sharmell were at ringside early in the contest but were sent backstage at the 4-minute mark after Benoit convinced referee Nick Patrick Booker had interfered; after the bout, Orton signalled to Booker that he owed him; due to pre-match stipulations, Booker won the US Championship

No Way Out 06
Baltimore, MD
1st Mariner Arena
February 19, 2006
- Chris Benoit defeated WWE US Champion Booker T (w/ Sharmell) via submission with the Crippler Crossface to win the title at 18:11 after the challenger accidentally knocked Sharmell off the apron to the floor; prior to the match, Booker said he was too injured to compete and wanted to forfeit the title to Benoit, prompting Teddy Long to come out; moments later, Booker attacked the challenger from behind after Sharmell twice slapped Benoit across the face; after the bout, Benoit was congratulated backstage by Rey Mysterio Jr., Teddy Long, Matt Hardy, Tatanka, Bobby Lashley, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sho Funaki, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Pat Patterson, Super Crazy, Psychosis, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Vickie Guerrero, with Benoit then giving Mysterio a pep talk for his match scheduled next

WrestleMania 22
Chicago, IL
AllState Arena
April 2, 2006
- John Bradshaw Layfield (w/ Jillian Hall) pinned WWE US Champion Chris Benoit to win the title at 9:47 by rolling through while caught in the Crippler Crossface and grabbing the ropes for leverage

Bakersfield, CA
Rabobank Arena
May 23, 2006
- Bobby Lashley pinned WWE US Champion John Bradshaw Layfield to win the title in an impromptu match at 1:22 with a spear after avoiding the Clothesline from Hell; prior to the bout, JBL cut an in-ring promo challenging World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. to a rematch from Judgment Day to prove Mysterio beating him was an upset; moments later, Mysterio appeared, bragged about the win, and said he didn't see JBL facing all challengers as he himself has done; after JBL said he would take on anyone, Mysterio brought out Lashly as JBL's opponent

Minneapolis, MN
Target Center
July 11, 2006
- Finlay pinned WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley to win the title at 10:04 after Finlay's midget appeared from under the ring and slid a second shillelagh into the ring after Lashley stole Finlay's shillelagh away and threw it near the entrance way

Reading, PA
Sovereign Center
August 29, 2006
- Ken Kennedy defeated Bobby Lashley and WWE US Champion Finlay to win the title at 18:04 by pinning Lashley with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage as Lashley had Finlay covered following the spear and running powerslam

Jacksonville, FL
Veterans Memorial Arena
October 10, 2006
- Chris Benoit (mystery opponent) defeated WWE US Champion Ken Kennedy via submission with the Crippler Crossface to win the title at 16:51 after Kennedy became distracted by the Undertaker at the entrance stage; prior to the bout, Kennedy cut an in-ring promo saying Teddy Long agreed that if he beat his unnamed opponent, a person Long claimed Kennedy had never defeated, he would allow Kennedy to jump to Raw

Judgment Day 07
St. Louis, MO
Scottrade Center
May 20, 2007
- MVP defeated WWE US Champion Chris Benoit in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 14:28 to win the title, 2 falls to none; fall #1: MVP pinned Benoit at 8:32 with the Playmaker after Benoit's injured leg went out as he attempted an electric chair; fall #2: MVP pinned Benoit with an inside cradle after kicking Benoit's bad leg; there was a 60-second rest period between falls

Backlash 08
Baltimore, MD
1st Mariner Arena
April 27, 2008
- Matt Hardy pinned WWE US Champion MVP to win the title at 11:25 with the Twist of Fate after avoiding the boot to the face while in the corner

Great American Bash 08
Long Island, NY
Nassau Coliseum
July 20, 2008
- Shelton Benjamin pinned WWE US Champion Matt Hardy to win the title at 9:35 with the Paydirt after raising his knee to block a moonsault and hitting Hardy in the face

Corpus Christi, TX
American Bank Center
March 17, 2009
Smackdown! - 3/20/09
- MVP pinned WWE US Champion Shelton Benjamin to win the title at 5:20 with the Playmaker after reversing the Paydirt into a Hot Shot