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- February 1997: During the WWF's European tour, an 8-man tournament was held to crown the first ever European Champion. Prior to the finals, Owen Hart defeated Flash Funk and Bret Hart while Davey Boy Smith defeated Mankind and Vader.

Berlin, Germany
Februrary 26, 1997
Monday Night Raw - 3/3/97:
- WWF European Title Tournament Finals: WWF Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart with a roll over out of a victory roll at 22:43

One Night Only
Birmingham, England
NEC Arena
September 20, 1997
- Shawn Michaels defeated WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith to win the title at 22:53 when the referee stopped the match as the challenger had a figure-4 applied, with an illegal assist from Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Rick Rude, and Chyna; several minutes prior to the finish, the Bulldog injured his ankle while attempting the powerslam outside the ring and suffered the superkick and Pedigree on the floor; after the match, Bret and Owen Hart made the save for the Bulldog and Diana Smith against Michaels, Helmsley, Rude, and Chyna; the Bulldog's wife, mother, and sister - who was being treated for cancer at the time - all sat ringside for the bout

Lowell, MA
Memorial Auditorium
December 11, 1997
Raw is War - 12/22/97:
- Triple H pinned WWF World & European Champion Shawn Michaels to win the European title at 1:17 when Michaels laid down as the challenger ran the ropes and hit a faux splash for the pin; after the bout, Michaels pretended to cry over the loss; the match was to have occured at the start of the second hour of the broadcast but Owen Hart attacked Triple H in the aisle, with Sgt. Slaughter coming out to send Hart backstage; the match was made by Commissioner Slaughter in order to destroy DX from the inside; after the bout, Slaughter came to the ring and ordered that Triple H would face Owen the following week

Davis, CA
Recreation Hall
January 20, 1998
Raw is War - 1/26/98:
- Owen Hart defeated TAFKA Goludust (sub. for WWF European Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley); Goldust came to the ring dressed as the champion while Luna Vachon was dressed as Chyna; after the bout, Shawn Michaels and Triple H appeared on the Titantron, proud of getting out of the title defense, until Commissioner Slaughter came out and ruled that Hart's victory over Triple H's stand-in would constitute the title changing hands

Phoenix, AZ
America West Arena
March 16, 1998
Raw is War:
- Triple H defeated WWF European Champion Owen Hart to win the title in an impromptu match when the referee stopped the bout; Owen was wearing an air casket on his ankle, following an injury sustained two weeks prior on Raw, and had been doing color commentary before he was goaded into the match by Helmsley

Binghamton, NY
July 14, 1998
Raw is War - 7/20/98:
- D-Lo Brown (w/ the Rock) pinned WWF European Champion Triple H to win the title after the Rock interfered and executed the Rock Bottom on the champion

Sacramento, CA
Arco Arena
September 15, 1998
Raw is War - 9/21/98:
- X-Pac pinned WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown to win the title

East Lansing, MI
Breslin Arena
September 29, 1998
Raw is War - 10/5/98:
- D-Lo Brown (w/ Mark Henry) pinned WWF European Champion X-Pac (w/ Chyna) with the Frog Splash to win the title after Henry rammed the champion back-first into the ringpost

Judgment Day 98
Chicago, IL
Rosemont Horizon
October 18, 1998
- X-Pac (w/ Chyna) pinned WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown to win the title at 14:36 by hitting the X-Factor as D-Lo came off the top, despite interference late in the match from Mark Henry

Birmingham, AL
Jefferson County Civic Center
February 15, 1999
Raw is War:
- Kane & Shane McMahon (w/ Chyna) defeated Triple H & WWF European Champion X-Pac when Shane pinned X-Pac after hitting him with the title belt; due to prematch stipulations, Shane won the European title

- March 30, 1999: During an in-ring segment on Sunday Night Heat, Shane McMahon officially retired the European championship.

- June 1999: After sporadic title defenses over the course of several months, Shane McMahon handed the title over to Mideon.

Fully Loaded 99
Buffalo, NY
Marine Midland Arena
July 25, 1999
- D-Lo Brown pinned WWF European Champion Mideon to win the title with the Lo Down at 7:11

Summer Slam 99
Minneapolis, MN
Target Center
August 22, 1999
- Jeff Jarrett pinned WWF IC & European Champion D-Lo Brown (w/ Debra) to win both championships at 7:30 when Mark Henry came out, as Jarrett argued with Debra, stole the challenger's guitar, and broke it over D-Lo's back; prior to the bout, Jarrett ordered Debra backstage but moments later she returned as D-Lo's corner woman; after the contest, it was revealed there was no tension between Jarrett and Debra

- August 23, 1999: As thanks for helping him win both championships the night before, Jeff Jarrett handed the European title to Mark Henry

Unforgiven 99
Charlotte, NC
September 26, 1999
- D-Lo Brown pinned WWF European Champion Mark Henry with a powerbomb out of the corner and the Lo-Down to win the title at 9:11; prior to the bout, the champion was escorted by two women but asked them to leave and start the car because he would be there shortly; moments later, prior to D-Los entrance, Henry said he was refusing the match but said he might be up for it the next night on Raw which then prompted D-Lo to come out; Tom Prichard was the substitute referee for the bout

Springfield, MA
October 26, 1999
- Davey Boy Smith (w/ the Mean Street Posse) pinned WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown to win the title with the running powerslam after Pete Gas prevented the champion from hitting the frog splash

Armageddon 99
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
National Car Rental Center
December 12, 1999
- Val Venis defeated WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith and D-Lo Brown to win the title at 8:19 by pinning Smith after hitting the Money Shot on both men as D-Lo covered Smith following the Lo Down; the Mean Street Posse escorted the champion to the ring but were sent backstage before the match by referee Teddy Long

Austin, TX
February 8, 2000
Kurt Angle pinned WWF European Champion Val Venis to win the title with the Angle Slam

WrestleMania 2000
Anaheim, CA
Arrowhead Pond
April 2, 2000
- Chris Jericho defeated WWF IC Champion Chris Benoit and WWF European Champion Kurt Angle to win the European title at 5:52 by pinning Benoit with the Lionsault after Angle rolled out of the way of Benoit's diving headbutt

Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center
April 3, 2000
Raw is War:
Eddie Guerrero pinned WWF European Champion Chris Jericho (w/ Chyna) to win the title after Chyna interfered and gave the champion a DDT

Fully Loaded 00
Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena
July 23, 2000
- Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) pinned WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chyna) at 8:10 with a flying elbowsmash to win the title after Terri hit a low blow on the champion outside the ring; Chyna ran Terri backstage early in the bout but she returned in the final moments of the match

Fayetteville, NC
August 29, 2000
- Al Snow defeated WWF European Champion Perry Saturn via submission with a Dragon sleeper to win the title

Detroit, MI
Joe Louis Arena
October 16, 2000
Raw is War:
- William Regal defeated WWF European Champion Al Snow via submission with the Regal Stretch to win the title after blocking a moonsault from the champion

Rebellion 00
Sheffield, England
Sheffield Arena
December 2, 2000
- Crash Holly (w/ Molly Holly) pinned WWF European Champion William Regal to win the title at 4:59 after Molly interfered and hit a missile dropkick on the champion as the referee was speaking with the ring announcer; Regal originally won the match at 4:43 after a face-first throw but Molly showed the referee that Crash's foot was on the bottom rope during the cover so the bout was ordered to continue; prior to the bout, Regal cut a heel interview backstage as well as an in-ring promo in which he said he was proud to represent England as a national hero since they really didn't have anyone else; after the bout, Regal assaulted both Crash and Molly from behind and stole the title belt

East Rutherford, NJ
Continental Airlines Arena
December 4, 2000
Raw is War:
- William Regal defeated WWF European Champion Crash Holly (w/ Molly Holly) to win the title via submission with the Regal Stretch; after the bout, Regal applied the hold on Molly until Hardcore Holly made the save

Lafayette, LA
January 22, 2001
Raw is War:
Test pinned WWF European Champion William Regal to win the title following the boot to the face and elbow off the top

WrestleMania X-7
Houston, TX
April 1, 2001
- Eddie Guerrero (w/ Perry Saturn) pinned WWF European Champion Test to win the title after hitting him with the belt as the champion and referee were distracted by Dean Malenko

Denver, CO
April 24, 2001
- Matt Hardy (w/ Lita & Jeff Hardy) pinned WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (w/ Perry Saturn & Terri) to win the title with the Twist of Fate after a top rope hurricanrana from Lita

Grand Rapids, MI
Van Andel Arena
August 27, 2001
Raw is War:
- The Hurricane pinned WWF European Champion Matt Hardy (w/ Lita) with the Nightmare on Helms Street to win the title after Ivory came ringside, hit Lita in the back of the knee with a crowbar, and hit the champion in the face with the same weapon

Kansas City, MO
October 22, 2001
Raw is War:
- Bradshaw pinned WWF European Champion the Hurricane with the Clothesline from Hell to win the title at 3:08

Cincinnati, OH
Firstar Center
October 30, 2001
- Christian pinned WWF European Champion Bradshaw to win the title after hitting him with the title belt (the bout was never televised, rather stills of the match were shown on TV to explain the title change)

Norfolk, VA
January 29, 2002
- Diamond Dallas Page pinned WWF European Champion Christian to win the title at 4:03 by reversing the Unprettier into the Diamond Cutter; after the bout, DDP went into the crowd to celebrate

Ottawa, Ontario
Corel Centre
March 19, 2002
- William Regal defeated WWF European Champion Diamond Dallas Page to win the title at 3:54 via KO by applying the Regal Stretch after hitting the champion with a pair of brass knuckles as DDP was distracted by Christian at ringside

Phoenix, AZ
America West Arena
April 8, 2002
- Spike Dudley pinned WWF European Champion William Regal to win the title after about 3 seconds by hitting him with brass knuckles that Regal had hidden in the turnbuckle pad

Hartford, CT
Civic Center
May 6, 2002
- William Regal defeated WWE European Champion Spike Dudley via submission with a half crab at the 37-second mark to win the title; Spike competed with a severely sprained ankle, sustained two days earlier at Insurrextion, and could barely walk to the ring; after the match, Regal attacked Spike in the aisle as he was being helped backstage by the referee, threw him back into the ring, and reapplied the submission hold until D-Lo Brown made the save

Philadelphia, PA
First Union Center
July 8, 2002
- Jeff Hardy pinned WWE European Champion William Regal to win the title following the Swanton at 4:23 after dropkicking the champion into the corner

July 22, 2002: The title was phased out after Hardy lost a unification ladder match against WWE IC Champion Rob Van Dam in Grand Rapids, MI