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May be last banner night for nAo

News Flash!

Thursday Night Reality Matches

Eric Johnson versus Dan Anderson

Both of these "jobbers" are newbies for UWF fighting for their jobs, only hired to accomodate Trevor Raves 36 man Battle Royal Tournament. SO it was a hard fought match, both men trying to prove themselves. Eric Johnson started out on top with skillfully timed kicks and acurate Karate moves, on the larger Dan Anderson. There were alot of miscues as both men just seemed happy to be in the ring. Eric Johnson pulled a move from Scorpions book, (Mortal Combat) with the flying jumpkick. Anderson tried his best to overpower Johnson , btu in the end it was Eric, with a Tonga Death Grip to win.

Results: Submission, Eric Johnson- 6:29 ref. Tim White

Matt King versus Just-In-Sane

This was a hardcore match, the committee tryign to get a feel for whether or not King could use a weapon. He could not. Insane started off with a gavel in the ring and when King finally got it out of Insanes hands, he threw it into the audience, for some stupid reason. Insane let us know how insane he actually was by injuring four fans with a steel stair case, hucking the bad boy into the crowd. Insane put King through two tables, one inside the ring, the other the announcers table outside the ring, where he got the 3 count.

Results, Pinfall, Jus-In-Sane 5:10 ref Tim White

Fruit Loops and Bobo the Clown versus Christianus and John Gnam

John Gnam filling in for the injured Jear Bear this week. Fruit Loops and Chirstianus started this match off and they would finish it as well. Fruit Loops dominated the eraly parts of the match with unexpected and sparatic moves, but Christianus was able to turn the tables with a Tilt-a-Whirl back breaker and started controling the tempo and wearign down the clown, but the fight between John Gnam and Bobo, outside flowed into the match and allowed Fruit Loops to perform a bulldog on Christianus outside the ring for the win

Results: pinfall, CCP 7:34 ref Tim White

The Hatred versus Defcon 5

The Hatred made his UWF debut tonight in a singles match versus Veteran Defcon 5. The Hatred hates normal matches so he was angry, and when The Hatred is angry, he gets all pissy, and when he gets...oh nevermind. The Hatred cmae out of the gated swinging in a matter of speeking, punchign the lights out of Defcon 5 and making Defcon attempt to win in the same manner. The Hatred hates when people do that though and it got him all upset, and pissy like, and so he went on to win easily against Defcon, winning with his finisher "The Bleeding Agony". an impressive start for the former TCW's not so brightest superstar.

Results: Pinfall, The Hatred. Time: 3:52 ref Tim White

The Reil Deal versus Jester Phelode

Purple everywhere. Is it me or did The Reil Deal get REALLY gay? last pun ever i promise. This was a streetfight, and Jester was deadset on injuring someone. and that someone was The Reil Deal whom got hit with everythign from Bowling balls to Sledge hammers to Weights, even a stop sign. It seemed that The Reil Deal hit the ref more than Jester. Pat Brooks proved just how annoying he could be by running into the match, to interfere with Jester. Jester dealt with him and moved on and was able to get the win with his special move (yet to be named). unfortunately for Jester. Both Pat Brooks and The Reil Deal were not hurt.

Results: Pinfall, Jester Phelode, Match Length 6:26 ref Tim White

Simon Payne versus Aggressive Dan (Hell In A Cell) for the Lightweight belt.

This mathc was All Simon Payne in the ring and All Aggressive Dan outside the ring. which makes me wonder why Aggressive Dan wanted a Hell IN a cell match anyway. (oh yeah Simon payne won with a Dq outside the ring a couple of weeks ago). Payne could not counter the Clothesline on top of the cage and almost lost, if it weren't for his in ring aerial attacks, he might not have his belt anymore. Aggressive Dan urging Payne outside the ring got a suicide dive from payne that made the crowd go wild. He proved why he still has the belt with this third defense by electrifying the crowd yet again. Winning with the "Simon Payne Flip".

Results: Pinfall, Simon Payne, Match Length 9:46 ref Tim White

100 A.M. versus Spud Killer for the Hardcore Championship

Both of these men had gotten here to this match by injuring other wrestlers, so the anticipation was high. 100 A.M. is a favorite to win the 36 man match next Thursday and both of these men will square off against each other there as well in the first match. That said Trevor Raves came out with Mobs and the two of htem dominated this match, putting through a table, Spud Killer, and beating him with a chair for a while, but Spudkiller was resilient coming back with several offensive attacks, but his weapons aim was off quite a bit from killing to many potatoes apparently. Just when the tables looked like they might turn in his direction with a steel pipe, Raves hit him in the back of the head with a 2x4 and Mobs delivered his Dominator for the win.

Results: Pinfall, 100 A.M., Match Length 8:44 ref Tim White

Trevor Raves wanted to test out the jobbers in a last match while he had the belt kind of thing. so it was him versus all the jobbers, in an effort to prove themselves. If they could beat Raves he would give them a job poermanently. so he took on maxwell J Otis, The Suffering, Dan Anderson, Eric Johnson, and Matt King.

Raves beat them all, but Otis stuck out by defeating two other wrestlers, and Anderson defeated two other wrestlers as well, but Committee member Sexual Chocolate was mostly impressed with Maxwell J.Otis Performance.

Results: Submission, Trevor Raves. Match Length 13:53 ref Tim White

Main Event

VoorTrekker versus Phil The Kid Orzack for eth Intercontinental belt

Close Match, Phil wasn't is normal self seeming desperate for a belt and intent and focused on winning. But Voortreeker and his punching techniques prevailed in the end of a very close match.

Results, Pinfall VoorTrekker. 5:18 Time White Ref.