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News Flash!!!

Big Money Hustler, formerly Hardcroe Hutton, has recaptured the hardcore Championship, after 100 Angry Mobs relinquished it

Simon Payne while defending the Cruiser weight belt last Thursday against Mavin Carn suffered a torn ligament in his ankle and will be out for several weeks.

Solitaire and Eric Nash have gone from Tag partners, to bitter enemies in just under a month, as Solitai etapped out to The Kidd this last week, causing Eric Nash to lose his chance at the IC Title. Nash yelled at Solitaire after the match last Thursday and Solitaire spit in Nashes face.

Mike Geig hoping to enlist UWF talents to the cause of The Nation, will get his chance next Thursday when he squares off against John Gnam, Dan Anderson and Maxwell J. Otis. Anyone pinned by Geig in this match is officially recruited into the US ARMY!!

Cash Money Marvelous is making a strong showing away from his former boss Trevor Raves, but still faces large hurdles as his enemies come out of the woodworks.

Next Weeks Matches for Thursday night Reality are:

Thunder versus Jester Phelode

Jeremy Parfitt versus The Reil Deal

Cash Money Marvelous versus Dognut and The Virus in a Table Match.

Just-In-Sane versus The Anti-Hero

Mike Geig versus Maxwell J. Otis versus Mr. Anderson versus John Gnam, in a Reality Rumble

Eric Nash versus Solitaire (Streetfight)

Trevor Raves versus Defcon 5 (for Women's Choice Belt)

VoorTrekker versus The Kidd w/managers in a non-title match.