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Lucifer's Commentary


Hey guys, it is Lucifer Grim here with my latest commentary.

First off, I would like to explain myself for what happened Friday night in Hazleton. First, lets get to the highlights. That night, I fought Moondog Wenzel for my Hardcore Title match.

Well, this was a great match with a lot of foreign objects use, and some stiff ass chair shots. At the end, Judas Young, Rick Meyers, and Tommy Fierro jumped me. To add to insult to injury, they held me as that little tramp, Kara, speared me. It then took all of them to cover me, and make me lose my Hardcore Title.

Highlights from this match include:
-Both Wenzel's and my chair shots
-Wenzel's huge power slam
-Wenzel hanging me
-Kara's spear onto me

Afa Jr. cut a promo on how he didn't have a partner. I accepted to help him out, and be his partner for a tag match. It would be Afa and I vs. Judas Young and Rich Meyers. Afa Jr. cut Rick down on the microphone before the match. Junior started out in the match. Him and I double teamed moves including the Head Shrinker's Face Buster. Even though I don't like him, you have to give Judas Young his dues - he hit some nice high spots. Just as Afa went for a cover, I came in and hit him with the Idolizer. I beat the crap out of ISPW, too. It wasn't anything personal to Junior, but I had to take him on in a steel cage the next night.

Highlights from this match include:
-Afa and I had some good tag teaming.
-Judas Young had a ton of awesome high spots.
-Afa Jr. and I did an awesome Head Shrinker Face Buster

On Saturday night, it was Afa and I in the steel cage. He started off with some fast stiff shots with the chain and chair. I also hit some stiff shots. I beat the crap out of Junior with a lot of high impact moves like a Razor's Edge off the top rope, a pump handle slam power bomb, and the Idolizer. I even tried to choke out the little puke when he fell from the top of the the cage. He hit an awesome Rock Bottom from the top rope, and then a nice leg drop from there. The ending came when I went to the top of the cage and Junior caught me and gave me a Ric Flair bump off the top. He brought a table and laid me on it, and went to the top of the cage. He hit me with a Five Star Frog Flash for the pin.

-Afa Jr. and I beat each other with weapons
-Afa Jr. hit the Rock Bottom from the top rope and the leg drop from the top rope, too.
-I hit a nice pump handle slam power bomb and a Splash Mountain from the top.
-Plus a nice Idolizer

Well, that is it for now, so I will talk to you soon.
Lucifer Grim

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