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Lucifer's message for Gary

Hello everyone sorry it was so long for me to get but I was in a state of morning.

Gary Albright left the world doing the thing he loved the most wrestling, he left this world a winner. Gary was a freind of mine we talked all the time on the 'net it was cool because we talked about fantasy football which he loved all fantasy sports. And it was great honor for pops (Afa) to let me work him in his first match for World Extreme Wrestling. He was pro through and though.

Well my condolences go out to Afa Sr and Afa Jr, Lynn, Little Lynn, Samu, Matty Loydd, Monica, and the rest of the family.

Gary "Airplex" Albright you gave me the best and most memorable match. I will never forget u bra rest-in-peace

William Owens aka Lucifer Grim

My family and I would first like to Thank all our Hazleton fans & all my students, and WXW for sticking by me & my family throug hout this whole ordeal , I love you all and Im so glad Gary went to heaven from our place and I saw with my own eyes how each and everyone of you felt the pain that my family and I were going through the night Gary left us all. You kids are always there for me and my wife, Lynn and I love you all so very much.

I want to thank Tommy Fierro, Judas Young, Ryan Wing, Salvadore Bellomo, Doink the Clown ( Ray Appolo ), Also would like to thank some wrestlers that came hundreds and thousand of miles to be part of my son in law's memorial. My family would like to thank : Bruce Swayce, Kamala, Paul Bear, and some of Gary's friends Tim Roth, Robb Stroke, Bill Lewis and Jim Skow that went to school with Gary in Nebraska, my friend and brother Eddie Vetrano & Eddie Jr. and many more. We would also like to thank : Chris Jericho Y2J, Sabu, Godfather, Doctor Death Steve William, Johnny Smith, Mrs. Baba. Rob Van Damm, my nephew The Rock, plus many more that gave their support to us.

Also my brother Sika and his family, my sisters, my sons Samu, La Smooth & Afa Jr, My daughters Bernadette, Leilani & Tovale, my nephews, Rakishi, and all of my family who were able to be here.

Major thanks to Gillberg (Duane Gill) who cancelled other events to make our show last night. I would also like to give a special thank you to Kathy " Kattra" who took charge of everything for me while I was in Florida. Also, To Steve, Chris, Pernell and all of my kids who watch over me so well, I love you all.

It will take time for all of us to put this pain behind us and pick up our lifes. For me it is especially hard because I have to watch over my beautiful daughter, Monica while she deals with her loss.

God bless all of you ... Pops Afa " The Wild samoan "

GARY ' AIR ' ALBRIGHT 1963 - 2000


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