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With just a winked of an eye

Everything has to fall in its place

I thought it was real unfortunately, not!

Everyday Im here doing the usual things

Looking at the window

Waiting for the time of your comeback

Hope you will!

I dream of you every night

Dream that could possibly fill my emptiness

The emptiness of being with someone I love

Perhaps yes! Were not really meant to be one

But with all this memories: memories were just memories

And we have no power to turn back time

But remember this; when you think youre down

And no one seems to care for you

Reminisce those times when were together

Somehow I know it will ease your pain

Unfortunately not mine

For the moment that your gone

Everything turn to darkness

Though its impossible I used to daydream

Dreaming  that someday well do have time to talk

For the moment of your last breath

No words come out from my mouth

Instead just a tears in my eyes

No movements from my body

But just a beat in my heart

No single word has entered my ears

But you words of goodbye

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