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Frost Giant Spell

I think this one gets the most workouts in my home. The spell is easy and anyone can do it without much effort. Whether you want to stop gossip, cool an argument, stop harassment, or banish a problem, the Frost Giants are always willing to help you.

Moon Phase: Any time

Day: Any day

Planet: Saturn or Pluto

Supplies: A piece of paper; a pen; a baggie; your freezer

Write the name of the person who is bothering you on a piece of paper.

Put a vertical line on the paper (this is the rune Isa).

Fold the paper into a small squareand put the paper in the baggie.

Seal the baggie.

Open the freezer door, and say:

Chill out!

Throw the paper in the freezer and shut the door. Say:

Frost Giants, please sit on (say the person's name) so they won't bother me anymore.

One warning: we've found that if you take the baggies out of the freezer, they'll start again. Best to keep them in there for a while. This spell never hurts anyone.

This spell was taken from Silver RavenWolfs 'Teen Witch Book. This Book is a Must Buy!