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Casting The Magick Circle

We cast the magick cirle before we cast most magickal spells or before a ritual. Here is my favorate way of casting a magick circle.

Casting the Circle.

Walk to the north of the room. Relax and take a deep breath. Hold out your index finger from your most dominate hand. Walk in a clockwise direction and imagine a beautiful hedge springing up as your finger glides through the air say: -

I conjure thee, o great circle of power, So that you will be for me a boundary Between the world of men and the mighty spirits, A meeting place of perfect love, trust, peace and joy Containing the power I rise within thee. I call upon the guardians of the North, the East, the South and the West To aid me in this consecration. In the name of the Lord and the Lady Thus I do conjure thee, o great circle of power!

Now move to the North quarter. In the North quarter say: -

As above so below the circle is sealed!

You have just created a magick Circle. You have just affirmed that the circle is like a huge bubble reaching above your head and below your feet. Try not to walk in and out of the circle because every time you do you weaken the energies that the circle contains. If you must leave the circle then, you must “cut a door”. By this you use your hands to part the circle like you would a pair of curtains. Then you must close the door again when you have left it and then re-cut and close it when you want to re-enter the circle.

2. Release the circle.

Now go to the West quarter of your circle. Using your index finger from your dominant hand walk anticlockwise drawing the energy back into your finger. When you reach west again pound on the floor and say: -

This circle is open, but never broken.

So mote it be! We are the people, we are the power, And we are the change! Merry meet and merry part, Until we merry meet again!

Taken from Silver RavenWolfs Teen Witch. Its a must buy!